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Photos to Help you Understand Finland

Writing an article titled “Photos to Help you Understand ___”, is really hard to do for some countries. But when it comes to completely unique, interesting and weird countries, Finland is at the top of the list. So here are a bunch of facts, funny info, and photos to help you understand the great country [...]

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Eternal Traveler Syndrome

“Today everything changes. I decided that I will stay in Africa, instead of taking my flight home and back to school. I’ll just take next semester off and, somehow, travel Africa. I’m a little worried because I only have $400, but the excitement outweighs that worry. I’ve never been happier than now, in fact I [...]

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holiday in Jamaica

Travelers That Will Inspire You

Everywhere I go, I love meeting people that travel more than me. They give me inspiration and motivation to keep on the road and see this world as much as possible. Someone once asked me who I looked up to, and that lead to this list of: Travelers That Will Inspire You: 1. Chris Guillebeau The [...]

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Dahab Egypt

Postcards: Sunset in Dahab, Egypt

This is a photo I’ve taken of  a sunset in Dahab, Egypt with Saudi Arabia in the background. Do you have a great pic that would make a awesome postcard, that you want to see here? Send it to [email protected], along with a short description, your name, and a link to your blog. Thanks!

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street art of tel aviv

Street Art of Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is an interesting melting pot of cultures, religions and customs. It is so interesting in many ways, but one thing that blew me away was all the cool street art. A lot of it has a real political feel, some of it makes no sense at all, but all of it is done [...]

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12 Superb Places To Visit In Romania

As one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe, Romania attracts millions of tourists each year with its scenic landscapes, unique culture and historically significant landmarks. Whether you’re looking for soaring mountains to climb, warm waters to bathe in, forests to explore or plains to run across, Romania has it all. Furthermore, since this [...]

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Postcards: Old Town Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

Here is a photo of the lovely Old Town of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria. Photo taken by Iulia Iuga from The Pink Moustache   Do you have a great pic that would make a awesome postcard, that you want to see here? Send it to [email protected], along with a short description, your name, and a link [...]

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Where’s Stormy? This Year in Photo bombs

2013 is almost up, and it makes me think back to my wonderful year. I realized that this year was dedicated almost exclusively to Europe. Since I flew from Malaysia to Turkey in February, my Euro trip began. On December 11 I fly to Israel to begin a new chapter, so I though I would [...]

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Czech Republic’s Sedlec Ossuary: Church of Bones

  Prague is a place loved by all. It’s frequented by tourists and backpackers alike, looking for cheap beer, amazing architect, beautiful woman, or fun nightlife. Or in my case, all of the above. What most don’t come to Prague for, or know about, is the near-by, crazy looking church called the Sedlec Ossuary. AKA, [...]

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