The Life of Justin Carmack

Traveling the world in search for the greatest scuba diving locations on Earth, and over-all living my dreams. My job is to show the world what its like to explore under the waves, the last true untouched frontier.


In 2010 I got PADI certified in Mozambique, and it changed my life forever. Right then I realized that besides traveling the world, scuba diving was my true passion. Eventually I came up with the goal to document and explore the 100 best dive sites on Earth, and show them to the world.

I put together what I believe is the 100 very best scuba diving locations, no matter how remote, and made it my mission to show each one to the world. Follow me around the world, from Borneo to Tonga to Colombia, and make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch out for my next video!



Who is Justin Carmack

I am Justin and in 2010 I quit university and hit the road. The plan was actually to take one semester off, but after two months in Africa, I knew I could not return to that classroom. Then I got PADI certified in Mozambique, and the rest is history. That was 6 years ago, and I still have never returned home. I have been to 88 countries on 6 continents, and am loving life scuba diving the world!

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