Lessons I've learned from traveling the world

If you travel thee world, learning new things is inevitable  here are a few of some things that I’ve learned over the course of my travels. I’m sure there is infinite more things, but these things come to mind right away.

1.  Bring toilet paper when traveling in Asia, Africa or Latin America. And middle east. Hell, just bring it everywhere.

2. Squat toilets are the enemy. Or as I call them squatty-potties.

3.  Media is almost always wrong about other countries.

4.  Bringing a tent and camping at hostels in Africa saves money

5. Never take someones else’s word for how good or bad a place is. Decide for yourself

6. People leave shampoo in hostel showers, and it’s free-game

7. People always want to talk politics when you say you’re from the US

8. People don’t ask what you do, they ask where you’ve been and where you’re going

9. Working along the way allows you to keep on traveling, and it’s cheaper than flying home every time your broke

10. I love street food. Cheap and tasty

11. Never buy things at airports. Expensive

12. Traveling broadens your horizons and raises your standards for life

13. Getting travel out of your system doesn’t happen. Traveling just makes you want to travel more often.

14. You don’t have to be rich to travel the world 

15. Deferring your happiness is not a good idea. Don’t wait until you’re retired to live your life.

16. There’s no such thing as destiny or fate. Make your own fate and don’t leave your life in the hands of an imaginary thing.

17.  Possessions own you. Look at the reason you can’t travel: you have a house and car payment

18. Making new friends is easy and keeping in touch is important.

19. Some important skills will never be learned in school

20. Facebook is good but it shouldn’t be your whole life. moderation. Lessons I've learned from traveling the world

21. Travel is the best education in the world. Probably because I’m enjoying the learning process. It also seems like I’m learning only relevant things as well. I can’t tell you the 40th number of pi, but I can name every country on a map, most capitals, rivers and mountain ranges of the world. I couldn’t tell you what the Hadron Collider is, but I could quote currency exchange rates of a dozen or more countries, or say a simple greeting in a few different languages.

22.  Scuba diving is a healthy addiction

23. Visas that you have to pay for usually take up whole passport pages

24. Travel can be a lifestyle, not just a vacation

 25. Europe puts light switches on the outside of the room. You weird Europe

26. Guinea pigs aren’t always pets. Sometimes they are food. Pets can taste good.

27. It’s better to be sufficient at many things, than an expert at one

28. Taking over-night buses and trains saves on a night’s accommodation

29. Most people’s perception about a place is wrong. 


Justin Carmack

Justin Carmack

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