Stormy in Warsaw, with the Uprising monument behind him

Stormy in Old Town  Warsaw

Fun Fact: Warsaw is sometimes called the Phoenix city because it was totally destroyed by Nazis in WW2, and then rebuilt. This means that Warsaw’s Old Town, isn’t actually so old.


We just started yet another Euro road trip, Ron and I. We started in Tallinn, Estonia where we met, where we caught our one and only bus of this trip (we hope), that took us all the way to Warsaw, Poland, stopping in Riga, Latvia and Vilnius, Lithuania on the way. we plan on hitchhiking the rest of out journey, now that we are out of the freezing Baltic’s, and staying with friends or Couchsurfers when we can.

How to spend a day in Warsaw, Poland

Old Town square

Our first stop was Warsaw, where we stayed with our two lovely friends that we had met in Tallinn. The perks of staying with a local is that they know just where to go. So, here is How to Spend a Day in Warsaw.

The first thing that comes to mind when in Warsaw, is Old town. Walking around the Old Town is so much fun. I think our friend/guide probably got tired of stopping so that we could take our 4000th photo. I usually don’t get moved by architecture, but the old stone and brick buildings with wildly elaborate carved entrances and gates, with Gothic statues on every building, had a different effect.


There are high hills where you can take pictures of the far out landscape below, and there’s even a high observation tower where you can pay to take photos of Old Town from above.

Eventually you walk enough that you run out of Old town and into the newer parts. There are massive churches on every corner, it seems. The Gothic feel and the amazing architecture of each of these churches or cathedrals is stunning. when I asked Karolina what was with all the obviously very expensive churches, she said that it was less about religion and more about not being allowed these grand cathedrals during the Soviet era. She said they started to rise as soon as the soviets fell, and so were more like monuments.
There are little eateries on every corner that all smelled awesome. I was beginning to think that Kababs were a Poland dish but I was quickly corrected on that point. I guess there are just a lot of Turkish restaurateurs around. we did try the very Polish Panini’s and Perogis though, and they were delish. You could spend all day trying the different little restaurants if you were so inclined. 106_2547

On foot, we checked out museums, monuments, the presidential palace (the president was home too) and even watched the changing of the guard at the monument for the unknown soldier. Basically, we walked our legs off, seen a ton of cool stuff, and had a great time. I even wanted to make our way back through old town, but we were freezing, so took a tram back to the apartment.





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