I travel a lot, and people always ask me how I can get through all of these place, when I only speak English. Nearly every country in Europe has it’s own language!

I always tell them that in or before each country, I try to learn the basic phases to get me by. Yes, you can go virtually anywhere on just English, but how fun is that?

Below I have compiled the basics of what I’ve learned. I think the word “toilet” is nearly universal, so we can skip that one, and get to the really important stuff. Here’s how to say “Cheers!” in some of the European countries I’ve been to. That should get you by and ensure you make good friends.

Austria-    Prosit

Bosnia–    Zivjeli

Bulgaria–    Na zdrave (to your health)

Croatia–    Zivjeli

Czech Rep–    Na zdraví (to your health)

Denmark, Sweden, Norway-    skaal / Skål
Bunden i vejret eller resten i håret (Bottoms up or the rest in your hair.)

Netherlands– (Flemish)- Proost. Proost, Geluk, or Gezondheid (to your health)

Uk– Cheers, cherio, Here’s mud in your eye

Estonian– terviseks (to your health) it’s pronounced tervy-sex. Which gets turned into dirty-sex, if you’re me and think you’re funny.

Finnish. Kippis. Maljanne

France–    A votre sante
(À votre) santé (to your health) À la votre (response “And to yours”)

Ireland, Gaelic–    Sláinte (to your health)

German- Prost

Greece-     Eis Igian

Hungary-    Kedves egeszsegere (to your health)

Italy    – Cin cin (formal) Salute (informal)

Latvian–    Uz veselibu

Macedonian–    Na zdravje! (to your health).  -OK, a lot of East Europe sounds like this..

Poland– Na zdrowie. Vivat
Na zdrowie (to your health) -see what I mean!?

Portuguese–    Saude (to your health)

Romanian–    Noroc (“Good luck”)

Russian. Na zdorovje. Spasibo- thank you

Serbia–    Zivio Ziveli -pronounced ‘zjee-ve-lee’, meaning ‘Let’s live long!’

Ukraine– ‘Budmo!’. This means “shall we live forever”


That should do for now, and please, when you’re drinking a Saku in Estonia, say the cheers my way, and then tell me about it! Do you know how to say cheers in another country that I didn’t mention? Leave it in the comments!



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