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Kimmy and Drew are the couple behind the blog, who can teach us all something about going after our dreams. They have basically decided to quit the American dream and go after their own. Their blog covers their journey to do just that: Getting out of debt, planning for long term travel, and making living their dreams a reality. They are doing what it takes to get out from under anything that is holding them down, so they can hit the road. I got the chance to ask Kimmy some questions, and she had some inspiring answers for me!

-Your blog has really struck the right nerve with me since I discovered it, because I can relate to the feelings you guys have and the process you are going through. I will always recommend your blog to people who have it in their heads that they are unsatisfied with the “American Dream”, and living the way society deems appropriate, and would love to chase they’re dreams instead.


Thanks. I never think that anyone besides our friends and family reads it, since we are just getting started. Of course, we hope to build a large audience in the future.

My first question is, for those who need that extra little push, what advice would you give them to get them started living their dream?


Whatever it is, just do it! I know, it sounds so cliché. But, it really is that easy. We are the ones who hold ourselves back from our dreams.

In general, we are programmed to survive. When we try to break-away from that norm, it’s scary. We tell ourselves we can’t do it. Others tell us we can’t do it. Everyone agrees that we will be safer and more comfortable if we just stay right where we are.

We buy things we don’t need, while holding on to things we don’t even want anymore because some day we might find a use for it or it has sentimental value. We buy new things, but don’t get rid of the old. Instead we put our old stuff into storage and pay to store it while also paying interest on the new things we just bought only to end up with more debt and more things we simply don’t need. But, we sure do want them. It’s like we mount all of these items on our backs, refuse to give them up and weigh ourselves down throughout our lives with them.

Inspiring Travelers


You have to take that first step towards whatever your dream is. Don’t listen to the negative inside your head or from others. Make a plan to go after your goal and do whatever you need to do to make that plan happen. No one, except yourself, can really hold you back.

Do you get any flack from your family and friends about your plans? I’m sure getting out of debt is encouraged by all, but what about the hitting the road part?


Everyone has been really positive about us getting out of debt. They understand where we are coming from with that. My uncle sent us a book about getting out of debt and has emailed all kinds of helpful information. Friends have sent us a lot of helpful information, too. We didn’t even realize how much supportive information was out there until we shared with others that we were working towards getting out of debt. We’ve even had friends who said that we motivated them to take a look at their finances and are now working towards getting out of debt, too. That part has been awesome!

As far as hitting the road, so far, so good. We’ve been telling people slowly. First we talked to a few close friends about it and then my mom and daughter. After that, we shared the information with friends at our joint birthday party. We made this big announcement and it was a ton of fun. Everyone’s been really supportive and positive about the whole thing. Many have expressed being sad that we will be leaving, but they are happy for us at the same time.

However, we haven’t told everyone we need to tell. Most of those we haven’t told are those who are typically negative about the things we want to do with our live or tell us we can’t do something. We’ve talked about telling them and know we need to, but want to wait a little longer to enjoy our parade before they try to rain on it. Not that what they will say will change anything. We aren’t going to give up our dreams to make others feel better. We just want to put off the negativity that come from those people a little longer.

So what’s your ultimate goal? You get out of debt and anything else that is holding you down, and then you just hit the road? Or are you making a set plan, itineraries and goals? How long do you want to be gone?


Yes, first we get out of debt. We’ve cut down going out all of the time and only buy things we really need. Everything else goes towards paying off our debt. We are also in the process of going through everything to start selling as much as possible through Craigslist, eBay, Etsy and garage sales. Everything we make from those sales will go towards paying off our debt, as well as anything we make from side jobs. Once we get our debt paid off we will put all of that money into savings and try to build as big of a hit the road fund as possible. Then our house goes on the market.

Deciding to sell our house was huge for us. We bought it three years
ago, restored it back to it’s original mid-century modern charm and absolutely love it. It was hard to decide to let it go. Then we realized it could hold us back from going, cause us undue stress while we are trying to travel and would be crushed it we rented it out only to come back to find it trashed. We also realized that we had no idea where our journey was going to take us after we traveled and didn’t want anything forcing us to go back somewhere.

We don’t have a huge amount of our trip planned. We know when we first leave we will be going on a 3 month road trip of the US to see all of those places we’ve always wanted to see and never have. We also want to visit friends before we leave the country. After that, we are leaving the US via the Hawaiian Islands. We love it there and have always wanted to be able to stay there for an extended amount of time.  We plan on volunteering our way through the islands to finally give us that opportunity.

After that, the world is our oyster. We have a long list of places we want to see. We know we will either go to Fiji, New Zealand or Australia after Hawaii. We want to be gone as long as it takes to see all of the places on our list. we expect it to take years. We plan on moving slow and making money when we can. We are lucky to have friends who are connecting us with their friends and family for places to stay and work while we travel.

One reason your blog really intrigues me is because it truly starts your story from the beginning. Now you are going through (and sharing) the build-up of your big adventure, talking about what you have to go through to get it done, and the sacrifices you make along the way to ensure you are able to live your dreams. Then later on, I’m sure we will see the stories and excitement and surprises and discoveries that come with being a brand new traveler. Later on down the road you will be a seasoned traveler giving great travel tips. So it’s the whole package. I guess that wasn’t really  a question, but had you thought of it in this way?


HA! Yes, I have. It didn’t start out that way, though. I made three goals for us. Get out of debt. Save to be able travel the world. Go see the world. I needed to make a plan to reach those goals. I thought creating a website would be good for us to document everything, help hold us accountable and possibly help others in the process. As I started it, I realized how quickly it was going to evolve into so much more than just paying off our debt.We can’t wait to get to the part of our journey where we get to share our travels with everyone!

Well, you guys are an inspiration. One last Hypothetical question: If you could travel with anyone, living, dead or fictional, who would it be?


That’s always such a hard question. The first person that popped into my mind was Marilyn Monroe. Silly, I know and what a hot mess. I actually think she would be horrible to travel with. When I asked Drew he first said, Jim Morrison, which I knew was going to be his answer. Then he changed his mind because Jim was also a hot mess. I guess famous people who’s work you enjoy always pop into your mind first. We couldn’t think of anyone that we would really want to travel with beside each other. Made to Travel the World

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