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22 Interesting Facts About Norway

 22 Interesting Facts About Norway

  1. The name “Norway” means “path to the North”.
  2. Norway along with Sweden and Denmark make up Scandinavia.
  3. The Jostedalsbreen, in Norway, is the largest glacier in Northern Europe.
  4. Norway has over 20,000 km of coastline.
  5. Gas prices are among the highest in the world, even though Norway is one of the biggest exporters of oil in the world.
  6. The Laerdal road tunnel is the world’s longest road tunnel at 24.5 km (15 miles)

    22 Interesting Facts About Norway

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  7. Norway also has the world’s deepest underwater tunnel at 287 meters deep.
  8. Norway is one of the wealthiest countries in the world.
  9. It is also the most peaceful country, according to the Global Peace Index.
  10. The official Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square in London has come from Oslo for over the last fifty years.
  11. The cheese slicer was invented in Norway.
  12. Norway is the 6th largest country in Europe, but only ranks 28th as far as population.

    22 Interesting Facts About Norway

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  13. You can only buy alcohol from stores called Vinmonopolet. There are only one or two in each city, and none in the countryside towns.
  14. If caught driving under the influence, there is an automatic 30 days in jail, lose your license for a year, and pay fines up to 10% of your annual income!
  15. Binge drinking on the weekends is a well-established tradition. Just don’t drive home!
  16. Food stores cannot be open on Sundays. If you need groceries then, you have to get them at the local gas station, which are allowed to sell food on Sundays.
  17. Food prices are so high in Norway that many people travel to Sweden to buy their groceries.
  18. The Grandiosa frozen pizza is the unofficial national food dish.22 Interesting Facts About Norway
  19. Norway is the birthplace of modern skiing. The word “ski” is Norwegian for “piece of wood”.
  20. There are about 450,000 lakes in Norway, 200 or so that are 4 square miles or more in size.
  21. There are as many Norwegian descendants living in the US as there are Norwegians living in Norway, especially the states of North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin.
  22. If you own a TV in Norway, you have to pay an annual fee of $300 USD.

    22 Interesting Facts About Norway

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3 Responses to 22 Interesting Facts About Norway

  1. Soletraveller January 25, 2014 at 08:09 #


    You can actually buy alcohol in the supermarkets as well, but only up to 4,5%. So beer and cider mostly. :-)


    Soletraveller recently posted…RIDEMy Profile

  2. Norskamerikaner March 27, 2014 at 04:06 #

    #13 is not correct. Cities have quite a few Vinmonopolet stores. Trondheim, for example, has 6.
    #16 is also incorrect. In order for any establishment to be open on Sundays or holidays, they must obtain a special license. Most restaurants are open, as are movie theaters, and some museums (during tourist season). Stores that are open on Sundays have a maximum square footage allowance; many stores have a small section blocked off that is only open on Sundays, offering nearly an entire store in 1/8 of the space! It is quite impressive really ;-)
    Another fun fact regarding alcohol: Vinmonopolet has limited hours, and only Monday-Sat. Any alcohol purchased at a grocery store has to be done so during mandated hours. There is no sale of alcohol after 20.00 (8pm) on weekdays, and none after 18.00 (6pm) on Saturdays. It is also illegal to have “sales” on alcohol…so we don’t have happy-hour priced drinks over here ;-)

  3. Marius March 27, 2014 at 12:49 #

    You can also go grocery shopping on Sundays, but there are strict laws regarding the size of these shops.

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