I really knew nothing about Luxembourg before I went, I just knew that it was near me on the map, and I wanted to go. I’m sure glad I did; I loved it! I was pleasantly surprised that there was plenty of things to do in Luxembourg, both inside and out of the capital (of the same name), that were interesting enough for a second visit!

So check out my list, and I will also mention my top picks of places to stay in Luxembourg City at the end! If you are wondering what to do in Luxembourg, ,this list covers it!

10 Thing to do in Luxembourg

10 things to do in Luxembourg

1. Palais Grand-Ducal in Luxembourg City was the original residence for the royal family, but is now just for formal receptions and the Grand Duke’s office. It is an amazing piece of architecture and place to visit, f wondering what  todo in Luxembourg.

2. Luxembourg City History Museum is a very well put together museum reflecting the history of Luxembourg, with a cool elevator that is like a small room that travels from floor to floor.

3. Café des Artistes is an old, nostalgic café built in 1968 in Old Town of Luxembourg City. Wonderful, cozy café to relax in with live music from an old piano to add to the ambiance. Great fun!


10 things to do in Luxembourg

4. Casemates du Bock is a rich, historical site with a narrow stair case and many passageways that offers great vies of the city.

5. Notre Dame Cathedral is the famous Jesuit cathedral built in the 17th century with amazing pillars and works of art. A definite must-see when in the country.

6. Passerelle Viaduc is a historic bridge that offers some picturesque views of the city. A walk that is well worth the effort, with places marked for the best photo opportunities.



7. Chateau de Vianden. Castles are a big part of Luxembourg, and the Chateau de Vianden in the city of Vianden is one of the most beautiful ones you will find. Having been restored, you have a chance to see old artifacts and how life was then.

8. Pettingen Castle in Mersch is one that has not been restored, and the ruins are well preserved. Inside the walls is a great place to relax and enjoy.

9. The Abbey of Echternach is an amazing, rebuilt church in the middle of the city that you must see. Also while in Echternach, be sure to sample some of the delicious local ice cream!

10. Mullerthal Trail in Mullerthal is a beautiful place to hike. There are lakes, waterfalls, awesome rock formations and amazing terrain. An easy hike that will be well worth the time. Another of the great things to do in Luxembourg.

where to stay in luxembourg ity

Last year I was traveling Germany, Netherlands and Belgium, and I kept seeing Luxembourg on the map right in the center. I thought nothing of the tiny country, since I had never heard anything about it. But one day I just decided to give it a try.

I am sure glad I finally decided to give Luxembourg a visit, since there where plenty of things to do and see. It turned out to be a very beautiful and high class country that I will love to see again. From gorgeous castles to green canyons and fields, Luxembourg was definitely worth a visit. In case you were wondering about where to stay in Luxembourg City, here I have put together a list of the very best hotels in town, that will be sure to make your visit even more special.

There you have it, the 10 best things to do in Luxembourg. One thing I should have mentioned is that Luxembourg is very elegant and posh, and it would be a shame if you didn’t treat yourself at least once to some of it’s luxury. A nice hotel with a beautiful view for example. The country itself it very small so you will probably just do day trips while actually staying in the capital, letting your hotel arrange the trips for you. So here are my top pic of

Where to stay in Luxembourg City

what to do in luxembourg

~Hotel Le Royal~

Only 450 metres from Place d’Armes, Le Royal is a 5 star luxury hotel in a wonderful area, that also features a wellness center and indoor pool, two restaurants and an outdoor terrace.  The spa and wellness facilities include a spa bath, sauna and solarium. There is also a beauty salon which offers a range of treatments including facials, manicures and massages. There are parks nearby and the hotel can even rent you a bike to explore the city on. When it comes to pampering and luxury, you probably wont get any better than this. To check it out or book a stay, click here!

~Hotel Le Place d’Armes~

Another great location, Hotel LE Place d’Armes is situated only 300 metres from Notre-Dame Catherdral. Feaetures such as an elegant art decor, free WIFI, a 24 hour reception, beautifully furnished rooms with cable TV and marbled floor bathrooms, make this a very nice place to stay during your visit. The train station is only 1.5k away, and you can either arange a pickup, or enjoy the nice views on the short walk. Either way you choose, Hotel Le Place d’Armes is a great place to stay. To book a room click here!

~Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal~

Experience luxury with a French twist in this 5-star hotel, ideally located near the centre of Luxembourg, within walking distance from embassies and major multinational companies. Guests benefit from free WiFi throughout the hotel.A bar and a restaurant is included, and a complimentary minibar is provided in all rooms. All are also fitted with a coffee machine and a selection of coffee. This place has all the luxuries to go with such a beautiful area of the world. To book a stay click here!

~Hotel Piemont~

How do you get a 7.5/10 with almost 400 reviews? Perfection. The Hotel Piemont provides a cosy base in the heart of Luxembourg for your relaxing holiday. Start the day with a wholesome breakfast in the bright breakfast room. The bar offers a great place to relax and have a chat, and maybe meet new people. Basically this is a luxury hotel in the center of a beautiful city, with all forms of transportation nearby for ease of movement, what more can one want? To check it out or book a room, click here!


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