Twitter has been a strong influence when it come to fueling my wanderlust. My Tweet feed has a never ending lineup of interesting stories and amazing travel photos, keeping me online for much longer than I should. Here is a list of the top Twitter travel writers that I know of, starting with the ones with the most followers. I follow each and every one of these, and if you’re on Twitter, I advise you do too! So sign in to twitter, because there are a ton of great travel influencers to follower here!

Top Travel Tweeters of 2014


Travel Tweeters

@LonelyPlanet – 1.65m Followers.

Bio: Tweeting (& RT’ing) the best in travel. 1/Follow us 2/Tag your tweets with #lp 3/We read your posts 4/We re-tweet the best of them. Everywhere, all the time ·

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@adventuregirl 1.35m followers

Bio: Hi Everyone! I’m Stef Michaels- an avid lifestyles journalist, TV personality, adventurer. Founder of . Contributor to Yahoo! Travel


Travel Tweeters

@EarthPix – 1.3m followers

Bio: Amazing pictures of places, people, animals, and nature.


Travel Tweeters

@Planetepics – 754k followers

Bio: #peace l #travel l #green l #animals l #nature l #photography l #life l #earth. All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.


Travel Tweeters

@Vice – 728K followers & also @Vicenews – 163K followers

Bio: The Definitive Guide to Enlightening Information. Brooklyn, NY ·


Travel Tweeters

@FrugalTraveler – 406k followers

Bio: Roaming the world, the New York Times’ Frugal Traveler seeks out high style on a low budget (but doesn’t answer vague questions like Cambodia…any advice?)


Travel Tweeters

@luxury_Travel – 401K followers

Bio: Blogging on all things luxury travel at – please contact us via the blog


Travel Tweeters

@JoshuaGates – 212K followers

Bio: Always packed. Seldom home. Host of #ExpeditionUnknown on @TravelChannel, #DestinationTruth,#GHLive, & #Stranded on @Syfy. New adventures coming soon!


travel tweeters

@SmarterTravel – 205k followers

Bio: Discover your next vacation—and the one after that—with SmarterTravel. Our experts deliver fresh travel tips and destination features daily. Boston, MA ·


Travel Tweeters

@Huffposttravel – 181k followers

Bio: Explore the big, beautiful world with HuffPost Travel. Curated by@aulettabaum & @katelynnmullen Tips?


travel tweeter

@Traveldudes – 180k followers

Bio: Love to travel, to discover the world, to travel free & untroubled & still be informed like an insider! For Travelers, By Travelers! & founder of Traveldudes. Citizen of the world –


twitter travel

@Vagabondish – 180k followers

Bio: Offbeat world news and dubious travel advice, tips and how-to’s from travel geek @AliceNaser (^an) + founding editor/resident smartass @MikeRichard.


@earthXplorer – 155k followers

Bio: Multiple-award-winning world traveling adventure loving videographer • photographer • speaker, #GlassExplorer, <3 dogs, sharing & caring, I tweet a lot.


twitter travel

@HumansofNY – 136.6k followers

Bio: Creator of the blog and #1 NYT bestselling book, Humans of New York. I take pictures of people on the street and ask them questions.


twitter travel

@EverywhereTrip – 130k followers

Bio: SATW & NATJA Travel Photographer of the Year. I’ve been to over 105 countries and all 7 continents since 2007. A @gAdventures Wanderer in Residence. Nomadic ·


twitter travel

@DaveDTC – 130k followers

Bio: Dave’s Travel Corner – founded 1996. International travel & wine writer. Los Angeles updates. The Napa Wine Project. –

image (2)

@ThePlanetD – 88.7k followers

Bio: Award winning travel & photography bloggers. Adventure couple married 16 yrs. 80+ countries, 7 Continents & non stop fun! @Expedia Viewfinders & #AmexAmbassador.


travel tweeters

@nomadicmatt – 71k followers

Bio: Nomad, vagabond, and author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. Showing people travel can be inexpensive in hopes of inspiring them to explore their world. Around the World ·

photo 3 (2)

@wdunlap – 65.8k followers

Bio: World Traveler-100 countries, Featured speaker, Award-winning travel photojournalist blogger sharing great #travel tips, bargains, & trends to Plan Your Escape®.


twitter travel

@LandLopers – 56.9k followers

Bio: Award winning travel blogger, writer and photographer specializing in luxury adventure travel. Ex-lobbyist turned social media strategist and general gadabout.


image (3)

@WanderingTradr – 59.1k followers

Bio: Travel the world for a living, entrepreneur and stock day trader. I’ve been to 80 countries, all 7 continents.


image (27)

@MalloryonTravel – 54k followers

Bio:  Engaging with the World in 140 or less: #Traveller #Adventurer #Explorer #Writer #Photographer Wannabe #Stormchaser #Coffeeaddict #Prolifictweeter #Goodguy erm.


photo 3 (1)

@BootsnAll – 48.6K followers

Bio: One-stop indie travel guide founded in 1998. <3 RTW travel Currently: PDX, STL & AKL ·


travel tweeter

@Laurel_Robbins – 44.1k followers

Bio: Hiker, co-founder @BigSisterSummit, award-winning travel blogger, cat-loving social media time optimizer, many hats, one Canadian in Germany. Munich, Germany.


travel tweeter

@Velvetescape – 42.5k followers

Bio: Founder/Publisher of the Velvet Escape luxury travel blog. iambassador. Inspired by Travel. Nature. People. Music. Sports. Architecture. Airplanes. Photography. Amsterdam ·


image (6)

@UMarket – 38k followers

Bio: Traveling the world for 7 years, more than 80 countries. Dan & Audrey aim to connect world through people, food & adventure. Still going…and still married.


photo 5 (2)

@TrueNomads – 36.6k followers

Bio: Pfftt, you know me… now I’m just tooting tweeting my own horn. If not, read about me. Follow me!


@EyeandPen – 36.6k followers

Bio: I’m Brandon Elijah Scott – Travel #writer, #photographer, whiskey snob and book zealot. I’m dedicated to inspiring growth and happiness through #InspiredTravel. Currently on a USA road trip ·



image (5)

@OffTrackPlanet – 34.3k followers

Bio: A Travel Guide for the Young, Sexy & Broke : . Tag your tweets with #heyOTP and we’ll RT the best ones! #ttot.


photo 5 (3)

@GoSeeWrite – 32.3k followers

Bio: Permanent traveler making travel videos around the world  Follow. Or don’t. It’s all cool by me.



@Legalnomads – 31.7k followers

Bio: Food-obsessed world traveler, soup expert & former lawyer from Montreal. Contributing editor at @longreads. Author of The Food Traveler’s Handbook.



@Gypsynester – 26.4k followers

Bio: David & Veronica are experiencing the collision of baby boomer with empty nester. We grabbed life by the horns, sold the nest and are Going Gypsy! Full Time Travelers Since 2008 ·



@Nomadicchick – 25.3k followers

Bio: Traveler & Writer – former corporate cog in the wheel who broke free in 2010 to roam the world. I dish out travel, creativity & stories for the restless soul. Currently in: Costa Rica ·



photo 3 (2)

@OttsWorlds – 23.8k followers

Bio: A corporate American runaway traveling the world; sharing my life, travel experiences, & benefits of career breaks!


photo 4

@LuxTravelBible – 23.6k followers

Bio: Luxury travel. Fans of over-the-top opulence & luxury we’re here for you – Hedonists, pleasure seekers & lovers of sheer indulgence. THE place for luxe-lovers.


photo 5 (1)

@MappingMegan – 23k followers

Bio: Discover the World; Discover Yourself. Mapping personal evolution through adventure travel. Traveling & blogging since 2007 inspiring travel and change!


travel tweeter

@the_HoliDaze – 23k followers

Bio: Some people eat, others try therapy. I #travel. 5yrs+ Cultural enthusiast. ǝʌıʇɔǝdsɹǝd ɹǝɥʇouɐ ɯoɹɟ sƃuıɥʇ ǝǝs oʇ ǝʌol ı . Tweets Eng & Indo #TTOT #Indonesia. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Lost in Indonesia ·

photo 1 (2)

@BonVoyageurs – 20.5k followers

Bio: Savvy world traveler and travel blogger. Former international business exec. Member National Press Club and IFWTWA @HBSAlumni @McGillAlumni. Global Wanderer ·


photo 1 (2)

@TravelFish – 20.1k followers

Bio: Founder of . Travel guide to Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand & Vietnam. Based in Bali. I tweet a lot.


travel tweeter

@TravelwitBender – 20.1k followers

Bio: Join us as we #travel worldwide with our 4 & 5 yr old looking for #family adventure! Sharing our photos & blog memories as we travel the world. #familytravel – Nomad ·


travel tweeter

@WondWand  – 19.8k followers

Bio: Freelance writer, travel blogger, chocolate lover (mmm, chocolate) and dance aficionada. Helping you plan your own wonderful getaway at



@michaelturtle – 19.3 followers

Bio: With everything on his back and all the time in the world… travel writer and beer lover. Best Australian Lifestyle Blog 2014.



@NomadicNotes -19.2k followers

Bio: Travel blogger, photographer, location independent entrepreneur. Full time digital nomad, working RTW since 2003.


travel tweeter

@HeckticTravels – 18.6k followers

Bio: No possessions. No plans. Just travel. We are a Canadian couple who sold everything in 2009 to travel the world. (Most tweets by Dalene.)Currently in: France ·


image (20)

@ExpertVagabond – 18k followers

Bio: Adventure travel & photography. Explore the world with me. Currently: SOUTH AFRICA.



image (17)

@LauraExplorerUK – 17.6k followers

Bio: Budget traveller, backpacker, blogger, Fanta addict. Lover of whiskey, penguins, thunder, peanut butter, music, baking & adrenaline. 


photo 1 (3)

@Suitcases2 – 17k followers

Bio: A Luxury Travel Blog; Tips, reviews, guides and stories to inspire travel. Created by nomadic couple, 2 years full time travel. #Housesitting & #Hotel Travel.


image (4)

@TravellingKing1 – 16.2k followers

Bio: Sam from Travelling King – where you can learn more about Travelling around #Thailand and #Australia – next stop #China #Singapore & #Philippines in October.


image (15)

@HoleintheDonut – 16.k followers

Bio: Ran away from corporate life to be a travel writer & photographer Connecting the world through storytelling.


image (23)

@Just1WayTicket – 15.8k followers

Bio: Travel Blogger | Screen Designer | Wannabe Photographer | Traveling as a lifestyle | I write about the things I love. Mostly.


image (21)

@ChristaTravels – 14.9k followers

Bio: This is what happens when you’re a #nerd who made a career of being a #travel writer. #LOTR #GameofThrones #Marvel @theHotelGuide @FaeMagazine @LegendariumNews.


photo 1

@BarefootNomads – 16.9k followers

Bio: Travel, tech, family and fun. Serious lovers of ice cream. Inspiration and fun, crazy stories from on the road. Traveling together since 2003.


photo 2 (2)

@NomadicSamuel – 16.7k followers

Bio: Professional travel blogger at  and YouTuber. Partner in crime with my lovely wife Audrey at @ThatBackpacker



@everywhereist – 15.2k followers

Bio: Traveler. Blogger. Freelancer. Snack-Enthusiast. Married to the awesome @randfish.


image (35)

@GreenGlobalTrvl – 14.7k  followers

Bio: Saving the planet one story at a time, we’re adventurers w/ a passion for ecotourism, conservation & culture.


photo 5 (4)

@WanderTheMap – 14.6k followers

Bio: Discovering Nature. Embracing Culture.


travel tweeter

@Agnesstramp – 13.8k followers

Bio: Vagabond, Photography Passionate, Adventure Blogger and Life Enthusiast Travelling the World for Less Than $25 a Day – Somewhere in the World ·

photo 5

@lakshmisharath – 13.7k followers

Bio: Media professional, traveller, travel writer,blogger. Quit 15 years of corporate life to travel. My life is a Tale of Two Cities -Madras & Bangalore.


image (8)

@GlobetrotterGrls – 13.6k followers

Bio: Nomadic since 2010. Writing about Independent Travel to inform & inspire others to travel! Authors of Housesitting book:  Tweets by Dani.


image (16)

@RunawayJane – 13.6k followers

Bio: Jane Meighan – Travel blogger/writer from Scotland. Currently learning Spanish &Turkish. Studying for an OUdegree in International Studies. Also at @inhercase.


image (34)

@DangerousBiz – 13.5k followers

Bio: Traveler. Writer. Adventure-seeker. I’m just a small-town Ohio girl trying to see the world.
image (25)

@FrankaboutCro – 13.4k followers

Bio: Frank & Vera. A Canadian-Croatian couple. Travel, food & wine lovers. Blogging about #Croatia at


image (14)

@WanderlustersUK – 13.3k followers

Bio: An #AdventureTravel Writer & Photographer who #Live4Adventure. Digital Nomads, they are#ScubaDiving, #Housesitting &#RoadTripping their way around the world.



@WanderingEarl – 13.2k followers

Bio: Traveling the world non-stop since 1999…with a slight addiction to wearing sarongs.


image (11)

@AsWeSawIt – 13k followers

Bio: Globetrotters & travel gurus never far from a camera, wine bottle and forks. We blog to show you how to enjoy the world yourself.  Eat. See. Travel.


photo 5dghhgdh

@FourJandals – 12.6k followers

Bio: New Zealand’s leading travel bloggers have been wearing out their jandals (Kiwi slang for flip-flops) on their #travel adventures around the world. Currently in Europe ·

photo (2)

@Lat34Travel  – 12,5k followers

Bio: The best darn travel blog out there. Inspiration to get you off your butt and see the world. Traveled to 70 countries on 6 continents. TRAVEL LIKE YOU MEAN IT!

photo 4

@Sihpromatum – 12.5k followers

Bio: 24yr old #Canadian,100 countries,5 continents,Co-founder #TRLT,#AUTHOR of #travel #memoir. Sihpromatum-I Grew my Boobs in China.


travel tweeter

@GoatsOnTheRoad – 12.1k followers

Bio: For Adventurous & Off-The-Beaten-Path Travellers. A nomadic couple encouraging a sustainable, free lifestyle. Location independent & showing how you can be too! Where Are We?: Grenada ·


image (22)

@YoungAdventures – 11.8k followers

Bio: An American in New Zealand. Digital Storyteller. Hurricane. Adventuress. It’s all on my blog. Watch my TED talk


image (13)

@TheAussieNomad – 11.4k followers

Bio: Award winning Australian Travel Blogger looking to make travel easy for all with budget help, visa advice and travel tips.


image (32)

@WanderngEds – 10.8k followers

Bio: We’re a travel library for people curious about the world! Love food, deep culture, and meeting new friends.


image (24)

@Lozula – 10.7k followers

Bio: Photographer, Traveller, Writer. In other words, career avoider. Professional photography at:   Blog at: 


image (26)

@TrishaVelarmino – 10.6k followers

Bio: She quit her ‘prestigious’ job in fashion and lived the life she’d imagined. Are We There Yet? {Currently in South America}. 


photo dfdfd4 (1)

@OurFavAdventure  – 10.1k followers

Bio: Shouldn’t LIFE be Our Favorite Adventure!? We are Kathleen and Brock, living intentionally, traveling indefinitely, lovers of hiking, cooking, and bike touring. Sedona, AZ ·


photo 5

@TheTravelCamel – 9.7k followers

Bio: Passionately discovering the world, especially destinations many consider dangerous. 30+ years adventurer, 20+ years speaker, 10+ years blogger. Founder #TRLT. Dubai, UAE.


travel tweeters

@TravelBohemian  – 9.6k followers

Bio: Exit Rat Race. Enter Adventure. Join the #adventure of our #family of 5 as we #travel the world following our dreams and becoming global citizens! Hawaii ·



@Sexyfuntraveler – 9.6k followers

Bio: Crazy Slovak girl who made traveling the reason of her life:) I live to travel, I travel to live! Also @wetravelworld and @fitwhentravel


travel tweeter

@Mytanfeet 9.1k followers

Bio: Couple in Costa Rica living up the life on the beach and exploring the world. Come and see what exciting adventures we have done today! Costa Rica ·


@gotravelyourway – 8.9k followers

Bio: Australia’s Blogger of the year 2014 finalist, hitchiked to Iran, @Newscomauhq contributor, Journalist… Next stop: Mogadischu – Read my blog.


photo 2 (2)

@HoneyTrek – 8.7k followers

Bio: Just back from a 675-day RTW honeymoon to 302 places across 33 countries & 6 continents!…and the honeymoon rolls on!!!


image (2)

@BeMyTravelMuse – 8.6k followers

Bio: I’m a 20-something girl who likes to pretend I’m deep and complex by writing about travel. Who’s with me?



@thatbackpacker – 8.8k followers

Bio: wants more stamps on her passport / owns too many suitcases / makes YouTube travel videos around the world with


photo 4 (3)

@ActPlanetTravel – 8.8k followers

Bio: I’m a world travel blogger on a mission to backpack every country in the world!


image (31)

@GordyandPaula – 8.6k followers

Bio: A little left of mainstream travel. Houseboats, tatami mats, cave houses, over water bungalows – we travel “our” way. It’s all about serendipity.



@NomadicTexan – 8.6k followers

Bio: Writer, Blogger, Foodie & Overall Travel Geek!!! #NomadicTexan.


travel tweeter

@BABackpacker – 8.2k followers

Bio: On my 2nd trip RTW with no return date home. I blog/tweet to document my adventures/thoughts. Oh & yeah I love Kelly Clarkson, Egypt, Travel & Street Art.


image (30)

@What_Boundaries – 6.7k followers

House-Sitting Our Way Round The World! 2 Long Term Travelers Who Love Seeing The World & Writing About It!


travel tweeter

@Unbravegirl – 6.7k followers

Bio: Writer, teacher, traveler, cookie enthusiast, scaredy cat. Now coming at you from the Mitten State.


photo 1 (1)

@TheTravelFool – 6.6k followers

Bio: History buff, Lover of Beer,Cigars, Tequila and Whiskey. Freelance writer and traveler off the tourist path.


travel tweeter

@CaptainandClark – 6.2k followers

Bio: A couple with severe wanderlust. Met on Kilimanjaro, engaged at the Taj Mahal. @Expedia Viewfinders, @usatoday contributors & travel fanatics. Tweets by T. Small corners of the globe. ·


image (10)

@WorldBookTravel – 6k followers

Bio: Join one family who loves to travel the world, cruise & visit National Parks. Sharing kid-tested adventures & tips to save time, money & sanity along the way.


image (9)

@1Dad1Kid – 6k followers

Bio:  Single dad traveling the world with his son while unschooling & raising a global citizen. Author, blogger, writer, photog, scuba instructor.



@MarginalBounds – 6k followers

Bio: Exploring a life of full-time travel through online entrepreneurship, social media management and advertising, blogging, and sponsored press trips.


travel tweeter

@rolfpotts – 5.4k followers

Bio: Travel writer, essayist, author of Vagabonding, and Marco Polo Didn’t Go There. Yale lecturer, director of the Paris Writing Workshop. Itinerant Kansan.



@80worldjobs – 4.9k followers

Bio: Founder of . Corporate mischief maker. Frequent YouTuber. Traveler. Hack writer. #makeitright advocate.


travel tweeter

@TheRunawayGuide – 4.9k followers

Bio: Ran away from home at 16 and haven’t stopped. Travel is my life blood, Kerouac & Grylls my role models. On The Run ·


travel tweeter

@manonthelam – 4.8k followers

Bio: A cubicle escapee with an oddity addiction. Motto: Cover the earth before it covers you. Planet Earth ·


image (28)

@WeSaidGoTravel – 4.3k followers

Bio: We Said Go Travel is a Global Community of over 1000 writers, articles from every continent. Join in


Thats it for now! I’m sure I missed a bunch, so let me know in the comments below! Check out 2015!


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