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Where to Stay in Mostar

When it comes to figuring out where to stay in Mostar, I lucked out when I stumbled upon Hostel Nina. Not only is it super cheap, but it is in the best place in the city. The staff were awesome, and I would definitely recommend it to my friends. Here is a little more about it!

Bosnia & Herzegovina was the last stop of my trip through the Balkans this summer. I arrived to Mostar in the middle of the night after an excruciating 10 hour bus ride coming from Montenegro.

Where to Stay in Mostar

From the first moment I stepped foot on Herzegovina land I felt welcomed with open arms. I was booked in to stay at Hostel Nina and, ending up in the middle of nowhere so late in the night, Nina’s father was kind enough to give me a lift from the bus station.

Once at the hostel I was welcomed in the warmest way imaginable by Nina’s mother who also prepared a delicious breakfast the next morning, consisting of yummy omelette, local cheese, home baked bread and jams, not to mention the fresh figs picked from their own garden. You could tell this was a family business. They were all very dedicated to making all their guests feel at home, the quality of the service being flawless. A comfy bed in a comfy quiet room, good fast internet, information center and all spotless.

Where to Stay in Mostar

Balkan Best Hostels

But I found out later Hostel Nina is even more than a cozy place to get a good’s night sleep in Mostar. The hostel is part of a group of hostels located all throughout the Balkans, a network of professional hostelers offering full service to their guests.

They all grouped in this organization to support each other, exchange ideas and create a reputation revolving around the quality of their services. I said full service meaning accommodation, rides & tours, meals, entertainment and more. You can also get a membership with them and benefit from a certain discount in all their hostels. The network is called Best Balkan Hostels and you can find out more about them on their website.

Herzegovina Tour

Where to Stay in Mostar

I was mentioning the tours offered by the hostels. Another treat of my time spent in the Herzegovina region of the Federation was the tour offered by Hostel Nina as well. This was a full day tour, starting in the morning and finishing in late afternoon. We went with two cars, also being driven by members of the hostel family. The places we visited on the tour were points of historical interest, but also some beautiful spots for the ones passionate about nature.

Their website is a bit brief on the description of the tour and one might not pick up what a great experience this is. The stops we made on our trip were an old bunker built during the Cold War, in case of nuclear disaster, the Dervish Monastery of Blagaj, the old town of Pocitelj with its two fortresses and mosque, the Kravice waterfalls and ended with a stop at the Hill of Cross, a monument erected to honor the heroes of the recent war that happened there. The monument is strategically placed on the top of a hill offering a great view of the entire town of Mostar.

Where to Stay in Mostar

All in all, the experience I had staying in Mostar at Hostel Nina, taking their tour, was all great. You cannot get bored in this charming little town of Turkish influence, listed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites, where people who’ve been through so much are so open to share their memories, hopes and generosity with the ones passing by.

If you want to know more about Hostel Nina, or to book your stay, click here!


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