I take a lot of tours, especially in Europe, and each one is Unique. I’ve taken a private tour of the Vatican, graffiti tours in Portugal and Romania, and even holy tours in Israel. But maybe the most fun was my Fiat 500 tour of Rome. I recommend all the tours I’ve done, but this one is unique and a ton of fun. I doubt very seriously if there is a better way to see the city. This visit to Rome was very special, as it is where I met my beautiful girlfriend Claudia, and the fiat tour was just the topping on the cake. photo 3

My hotel, Retrome, whom I also highly recommend, set me up on this tour, and it went something like this: Since I was the only one, the owner of the tour, Rome 500 Experience, picked me up in the morning at the hotel, in a tiny, green, 1971 Fiat Berlina 500 F.

He would be my personal tour guide around Rome, taking me to places I never even heard about, where tourists don’t do. The tour it’s self was awesome and educational, but being in a classic car that everyone stared at, made it even more memorable. For a guide to Rome, click here!

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The whole time we were driving around the city, seeing cool sites, checking out view points, visiting little coffee shops, I kept thinking to myself how I can think of 10 people right off hand that would love this tour! I think that the best option they offer, is for groups. They have many Fiats in the fleet, and they let you drive your own! Everyone gets one, and you make a caravan of little Fiats and follow the guide around the city. Now that would be a memorable experience! Check out the Rome 500 Experience, for an amazing and affordable tour of Rome. I’d even love to do it again!

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