Ko'ox Caribbean Paradise


The Ko’ox  Caribbean Hotel will always be in my head associated with being near an amazing beach, as well as being the place I stayed the week I went on my favorite dive ever, with sharks! So yes Ko’ox has a place in my heart forever.


I think if Ko’ox should be know for anything, it should be its perfect location. I have stayed at many a nice hotel such as this, but that were far from anything to do or see or eat. Ko’ox however, is only a few minutes from the world class beach, and in the hub of all the excitement. My friend and I made sure to try a new restaurant every time we ate, because there were so many amazing places nearby.

The rooms are nice as well. Maybe my favorite part though, was the freezing AC, after burning in the sun all day. And yes, they had great WIFI, hot water, and friendly people. They also have a nice pool on the second floor, for when we didn’t feel like getting burnt at the beach. Can’t ask for more than that!



So if you are headed do to Playa del Carmen in Mexico so hit some awesome beaches and diving, there is no reason why you shouldn’t stay at Ko’ox. I definitely recommend them, but you should check them out here. as well as on Facebook!


Justin Carmack

Justin Carmack

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