Malaysia is a country somewhat hidden from the eyes of an average traveler. However, it doesn’t mean you won’t make amazing discoveries while there. The combination of amazing rainforests, modern and colonial architecture, and incredible cultural diversity makes it a truly unique destination. Here’s a list of 7 things to do in Malaysia, let’s go!

Things To Do in Malaysia

See the capital from all sides

things to do in malaysia

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Wherever you go in Kuala Lumpur you just won’t hide from its main “postcard” look – Petronas Towers skyscraper: 88 floors are seen from everywhere. The new business center is all built up using the latest technologies and design trends. If you’re after the real Asia you won’t have to look too far – the Chinatown is close. Here you may find not only Chinese, but also people from many other countries, especially Indians. So explosive mixture of Asian street food vendors, bars, and colorful crowds is buzzing here 24/7.

Party all night long in the clubs of Kuala Lumpur

things to do in malaysia

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The nightlife of Kuala Lumpur can’t be compared to what one might experience in Thailand, but fans of the night partying are unlikely to get lost: all the discos and clubs are located on two streets – Ramla and Chongkat Bukit. Have fun!

Take photos of the Putrajaya skyline

things to do in malaysia

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Malaysian authorities have decided to deal with overcrowding and congestion of the capital city in the most reasonable and unusual way. All administrative agencies and state-owned enterprises were moved 25 km from Kuala Lumpur to the new-built city of Putrajaya. In recent years it has become a destination for every lover of the latest architectural solutions in high-tech style, and most importantly, for the extraordinary illumination of the city at night.

Visit the shocking festival

Things to do malaysia

Hindu festival of Thaipusam is celebrated every year in late January – early February. Best place to witness it is Kuala Lumpur, which has a large diaspora of Tamils. The holiday has something to do with the god of war, so many elements of the show are bloody and brutal. For example, the gifts that people carry to the sacred Batu Caves, are hooked directly to their bodies with iron hooks (ouch!).

See the many wonders of Langkawi

The number of attractions on the 104 islands of the archipelago of Langkawi (Langkawi) is incredible. Waterfalls, thermal lakes, colored sand beaches, nature reserve with wild animals – it’s just part of the natural heritage of the islands. And don’t forget about the gorgeous mountain cable car with an ethereal scenic route, and Asia’s largest oceanarium. 🙂

Hike through the wild jungle

things to do malaysia

Many towns and villages in Malaysia offer walking tours through the jungle. You can choose a light walk, combine hiking and white water rafting, or spend a few days in harsh field conditions sleeping in the woods.

Relax on the island of Borneo

things to do malaysia

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The coast of Borneo is one of the best places for a beach relaxation in Malaysia. By the way, white sand and calm warm water are not the only attractions on the island. Many tourists visit local orangutans sanctuaries or the Turtle Island, located near Borneo. You can spend a few days in the jungle and even climb Mount Kinabalu (4093 m). Sounds like a great holiday!


These are only some things to do in Malaysia, with many other amazing stuff waiting for you, namely, visiting the mysterious island of Pulau Besar, enjoying the colonial town of Malacca, diving in Sipadan, and more!

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