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“Come my friend, your chariot awaits.” Starting at the famous Blue Hole, and riding off to Abu Galum

Last week I got to cross number 88 of my list of the top 100 dive sites in the world: Abu Galum in the South Sinai of Egypt. When I signed up for the dive the day before, I didn’t get any details, I didn’t care. I just wanted to dive one of the premier sites in Egypt. 11992399_986907187997588_2101303705_n 11992597_986907164664257_1158865118_n

The next morning I got a surprise though. Instead of heading to the boat docks, we headed north to the famous Blue Hole. When we arrived, there was 6 camels and a Bedouin guide waiting for us.

“You’re kidding me, we are taking camels to the dive site?” I asked. Apparently camel is the only way to get to Abu Galum, except by boat, and the group I was with wanted the full Egyptian camel safari experience. Ok screw it, it might be fun for my last dives in Egypt.


Whoa camel, left left! This came to my mind 100 times.


He says “get off me you fat bastard, and take your tanks with you”


Some times it was too steep for them, so we got off and walked. My nuts rejoiced

My friends, I’m not going to lie: I’m a big boy and an hour and a half ride on a camel on rough and scary terrain (sometimes on cliff edges right over the waves) was not as fun as it seems. It took me a little while to get comfortable and realize I wasn’t going to (probably) fall off, so I couldn’t always enjoy the amazing views along the coastline. 11997210_986907157997591_1833347093_n


we finally arrived. This was a fun ride, but I was never so happy to arrive somewhere ever


The views WERE amazing though. Powder soft sand dunes running right into clear blue waters. Not a living soul in site. When ever my camel stopped complaining, it was a very peaceful journey. Although I don’t think I’ll be able to have kids ever again…t wasn’t exactly gentle on  the nether regions… I’ll get back to you on that.


We all decided to hitch a ride on a boat on the way back, so the Bedouin kids took off on our camels

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We were all glad to arrive and set up out gear. After a short tea break, we headed down the shore a little to do our first dive. Believe me, after a 1.5 hour camel ride through the desert with no water in HOT Egypt, we were so relieved to hit that sea.

As soon as my head was underwater and my camera on and mask cleared, all worries went away. Once again I was in MY world. MY element. No nagging moms/girlfriends. No deadlines. No trips to plan or flights to book or social media obligations. Just me and a million of my closest buddies: Squids, nemos, turtles, puffers, scorpion fish, lion fish and all the rest. This could be ANY dive, and I’d be happy, but this one happened to be one of the best, and my camera batteries was going to get drained to the last volt.


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