I dont stay in too many hotels or resorts that I feel are worth the trouble of writing about, but Amari is one that IS. I stayed only two days here, on my way from Kuala Lumpur to Chiang Mai, and the hotel alone made me want to stay a lot longer. Believe me, after months and months of constant travel, a new hotel every few days, packing all your things every few days and running to yet another airport to catch yet another flight to yet another country, being able to rest in a extremely nice 5 star hotel and be pampered is amazing.

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When I first walk in to a new hotel, anywhere in the world, I usually know right off what kind of place it will be. For Amari it was immediately apparent….. You just know that you are staying in luxury when 1: They greet you at the door with a cold drink of juice or champagne and 2: The elevator takes a long time to reach your floor. Both of things happened, and I started getting excited, like only a weary traveler can.


I also have a few other little things I judge a hotel with….Not that I’m picky, but there are just some things any nice hotel should have. Here is my list of requirements: 

AC or heat. This is a given, but you would be surprised how many hotels only have a fan, or tell you they have great AC, yet it doesn’t work. I will fall in love with a hotel if it freezes me at night. I just need it. 

A electrical socket NEXT to the bed. Somehow some places don’t think of this and I hate it. I work online, and on my phone, and it sucks when your phone or laptop is dead and the only way you can keep working is if you go sit by the plugin. Being able to work comfortably in bed rocks. 

Hot water. Yes, another given, but considering what countries I visit, its hit and miss, even if they say they have it. taking a cold shower blows. 

Good WIFI. Believe it or not I have been in 5 star resorts with shitty wifi, and I hate it. I’d even rather stay in a less nice hotel, if they have better wifi. This is just something most travelers will agree with. 

Free breakfast. This is always a big seller for me when looking for a place to stay. Amari had free breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks any time in their executive lounge. It was awesome. Yes they had sushi, and yes I ate too much of it. 

A pool, mini fridge and tv. These things arent requirements, and if I had to choose I’d pick the fridge because I love cold water, but if a place has all three, its awesome. 

As you might have guessed, Amari in Bangkok had all these requirements for a awesome hotel, and many more. I was impressed enough to share them with my readers, and definitely impressed enough to stay with them again, as well as any other locations they have. Definitely the luxury stay to try in Bangkok! 

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