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Israel is not a large country and it is definitely not the most visited by tourists from all around the world but it has so many interesting opportunities for people of various tastes. In most situations people will want to visit between April and October since this is the summer season. Rains are not a problem and it is really easy to find wonderful deals for locations like Tel Aviv or one of the various Mediterranean coastal regions. Even if these locations are a little humid, the sandy beaches are great for those that want to relax and cooling down while snorkeling is always a possibility.

Most tourists choose to visit Jerusalem, mainly because of the really large history of the city but Tel Aviv is definitely another option to take into account. Jerusalem has a colder weather and during summer sightseeing is really popular.

Interesting Outdoor Pursuits

Not everyone visits Israel in order to go on a Jerusalem tour. Some will be interested in the outdoor pursuits because they are really exciting. An area that we have to seriously consider is Galilee. Hiking is really great in Golan Heights and the Sea Of Galilee is one of the best options in the country for those that are interested in sailing. The Banias stream is perfect for swimming, kayaking and rafting.

If you really love fun in the sun you will want to go to Eilat, a seaside resort that is perfectly located on the shores of the beautiful Red Sea. You do have to deal with some pretty high temperatures but travel activities like snorkeling and scuba diving will make everything much easier to deal with. Many entertainment options are present and foodies will particularly appreciate the various eateries present.


If you want to enjoy your summer vacation in Israel even more than you normally would, make sure that you look at the major summer festivals and religious holidays. We can mention Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Rosh Hashana as great opportunities, all taking place during the last days of summer. If you want to visit during June, make sure that you look at visits in Tel Aviv to be a part of the Pride events. They are perfect for those that are interested in partying.

Hotels in Israel

When it comes to choosing a hotel Israel is definitely up to par with the standards that you might have, no matter how high they are at the moment. The luxurious amenities make people want to come back and some of the hotels are perfectly located in areas that are close to main attractions, like the boutique hotel Israel from Dan hotels chain. Always look at the deals that are available and be sure that you book ahead though because of the fact that some of the best hotels will be booked way in advance. When you arrange your tour, be sure that you do not forget about accommodations. Analyze what is offered and see if there is some sort of discount that is currently available based on a good online research.




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