As some of you might have heard from my Tweetings, I have just finalized my round the world itinerary, and I head out next week! I’m pretty excited to say that I have partnered with Star Alliance to promote their new set itineraries, as well as their super sweet RTW flight booking system. I’m also partnering with Marriott hotel, who I will stay with on most of the destinations.

I am flying to 13 different locations around the world, all of which I chose, and some of which I will be able to do some great diving in. A few of the locations are even on my list of top 100 dive locations, so hopefully I will be able to cross them off my list! Not all stops are scuba diving destinations though, but they were places I’ve never been and wanted to explore for a few day. Some of the places, like Toronto and Tokyo were mandatory layovers in between destinations, so I just decided to extend the stop for a few days and check out the cities.

Here is the destinations on my itinerary and what I hope to do and see in each spot. As you can see the whole itinerary is pretty scuba centric, as you’d expect from me!

First stop: Los Angeles

Besides a quick trip to Florida to dive the Keys, I have not been inside America in almost six years! I havn’t seen my family, friends, or a handy Walmart in too long. I have no idea what I will see in Los Angeles, but I do know one thing: it is a perfect place to start this huge trip. For the last 5.5 years, none of my family, friends, sponsors, readers, fans, haters have been able to send me anything. The ones who have tried, never arrived. Sponsors and brands that have wanted to work with me, have tried to send me things around the world, but they just never arrived. So for the last week I have been telling them that I am finally coming to the US, and that they could send everything to my parents house, as I will be visiting my mom. Already she has been getting packages by the droves from GoPro, Lems shoes, clothing companies, camera equipment, diving equipment, IPhone lenses, and much more. So I guess when I do my first Vlog update for you guys next week, maybe I’ll have a box opening ceremony. Anyways, it will finally be able to get new gear that I couldn’t get abroad, and almost all of it will come in handy for this trip!

Second stop: Honolulu

I have no idea what I am going to do in Honolulu, but I definitely didn’t want to pass it up. Tropical islands and white sandy beaches are my love-affair, and I was told Honolulu had some of the best. It will be a short stop to see what the city and beaches have to offer, and if I am lucky maybe ill throw in a dive or two.

Third stop: Tokyo

I literally only have a few days in Japan, but I have two things I really want to do in Tokyo. First I want to eat my favorite food in the world: sushi.You have no idea how much I love sushi. And second, I would like to visit the famous Shibuya crossing. I have seen this hectic crossing/intersection of central Tokyo in o many movies and pop culture, that I really want to check it out and maybe make a timelapse video there. Or something similar. We will see. Japan is also a whole new country to me, so I will be visiting my 81st country of the world.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul was not on the itinerary at first, but I’ve never been there and I wanted to check it out, since it’s only a couple hour flight from Tokyo. I have no idea whats going on here, but I look forward to exploring a new country!


My flight is into Manila of course, but from there I am not sure where I will go. My options are to either head to Puerto Galera to check out the diving there, or to Anilao for some macro critter diving, to El Nido where I have already been, but would love to again, or to somewhere else. Either way I have ten days in Philippines and am sure to hit up some sweet dive sites!


Singapore is another place that I had to have a layover, so even though I’ve been a few times, I figured I would stay a couple days and check out the sites. I remember it being a beautiful and very clean city, and can’t wait to check out Marina Bay and other iconic spots. It will also be good to relax, if I’m being honest. by this point in the trip I have taken a lot of flights, moved from a lot of hotel rooms, and traveled quite a lot in a short time. So getting some work done and editing videos will be nice.


Maldives really needs to introduction or explanation of why I am visiting. But I can also say that it is a new country for me and will be my 82nd country ever visited. I hope to get some dives in, but if I don’t, the video updates from there will be sure to have plenty of tropical islands and white beaches from paradise.


Diving the Blue Hole and the Azure window is also on my list of best diving locations, and I hope to be able to cross them off on this great little island nation on the Mediterranean.  On top of that, Malta is a new country for me, so will be number 83.


I felt like I should stop somewhere else in Europe on this trip, and I’ve never been to Ireland. so for my 84th country, I’ll be making a short visit to the Emerald Isle. In Ireland I am meeting another sponsor of mine, Declan Burke, who owns Anchor Dive lights and who supplies me with the awesome underwater video lighting that is essential to getting color and clarity in my videos. There is NO other way to get any color in your videos after 15+ meters depth besides having ultra bright lighting, and his are some of the best.  Declan has been trying to convince me that Ireland has some of the best diving in the world, and that I have made a massive error by not including it on my top 100 list. So he is taking me straight to his dive center and getting me in for some dives to prove it. I never thought I would be diving in Ireland, but I’ll be letting you know who good it is, and if I’ll be adding it to my list.


Believe it or not, I have never been to Canada. I have been to almost every country in North, Central and South America, but never my closest neighbor. So I have a few days to see what Toronto has to offer me. Marriott hotel is planning something special for me here, but I will keep that a secret for now! But I can’t wait to see what is in store for my 85th country visited.


In Aruba I am working with the tourism board, and getting in, you guessed it, more diving. I am told that Aruba is famous for its thousands of turtles, and that is f-ing awesome. I hope to run into turtles all hours of the day, and dream about them at night. What ever else the tourism board has in store for me, I don’t know, but they say its a beautiful island, and I’m going to find out.


This trip starts on Aug 4th, so not much time to plan anything. I’ll just wing it and I am sure have a good time. For this itinerary with Star Alliance, I will be doing weekly video updates and posting them here on the blog, so be sure to subscribe and see what I am up to. I will also be doing gear reviews of all my underwater camera gear, hotel reviews along the way, videos showcasing great diving and much more, so again be sure to subscribe if you are interested in what I am doing!

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