So when picturing a nice diving holiday, things like colourful coral gardens, amazing drop offs or exhilarating cave diving comes to mind. Germany and – to top tings off – Cologne in the centre of the country are most probably not even considered. But it is actually possible to enjoy a trip to Germany and combine it with some quite spectacular dives. Here are some ideas, locations and venues to do exactly that.

First step: Finding a good dive centre in Cologne

Like in any destination around the globe you want a good and reliable diving centre which will provide you with gear, logistics and insider tips about the different dive site in the area. If you start searching the net, you will surly stumble over several diving directories, which will give you a choice of diving centres in the place you are planning to visit. Two of the most renowned and professional diving centres in Cologne are without a doubt “Underwater No. 1” and “Blue Marlin”. Both have dive shop in the city centre and can hook you up with organised dive trips to the lakes of the region. The guys from “Blue Marlin” also have a station directly by the Fuehlinger lake, which is situated only a short drive away. Both diving centres offer diving classes (PADI 5-Star Diving Centres) from Open Water up to Dive Master and – which might come in handy – specialties like “Dry Suite Diver”. Why? Because German lakes are anything but suited for your run down and comfortably fitting 5-mm wetsuit! To enjoy a dive here, you should at least slip into a 7-mm semi dry or a dry suit. Your regulator has to be suited for cold water dives, to keep things a safe as possible. If you don’t have this kind of equipment, you can easily rent it from the dive centres.

Dive sites around Cologne …

… are actually plenty! If you have not put your head under water for some time, you might want to check out some indoor diving first. Again, the dive centre of your choice can surly take you along for some training of fresh up dives in the pool. But if you like it a “bit” more spectacular, here is an amazing indoor dive centre which is not too far away: The “Monte Mare” in Reihnbach. This gigantic diving pool is filled with amazing things to discover. Up to 10 meters deep and with a constant water temperature of cosy 28° Celsius, you will find the ideal diving conditions to get back into this fantastic sport. Sauna, restaurant, dive shop and much more amenities make the Monte Mare a perfect day trip! Cologne is the biggest city of North Rhine-Westphalia. And this part of Germany if actually filled with lakes and dams. Like mentioned above, the Fuehlinger See is quite enchanting with lots of live and a quite good visibility. The Kaerma lake is close to the Monet Mare and ideal to make your first sweet water dives. Just check with your local dive buddies and they will surly take you to the best dives sites in the area.

Après Dive – a night out in Cologne

If you are a single diver and wants to enjoy a night out with a stunningly beautiful lady, just pick up the phone! Cologne is home to one of the most renowned escort service in Europe which will hook you up with charming companions. The cities night life is breath taking! Cool clubs, rural bars, fancy lounges and great food with even greater beer! So how does a diving holiday in Cologne sound now? Not too far-fetched?

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