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Justin Carmack


Hola, privet, terre, bonjour, kon’nichiwa and hello!

My name is Justin Carmack and I am a permanent nomad, living the life of true freedom. I run this blog from the road, as I try to complete my mission to SCUBA dive the top 100 dive sites in the world.


I’ve been on the road for over 4 years straight now, and have visited 71 countries on 6 continents so far. Besides travel, I discovered my other passion, diving, and am chasing that around the world as well! More important then seeing the world and ticking off countries, is living my dreams, being free and being happy. Nothing s more important.

Why go for the best 100 dive sites in the world? 

Two reasons. First, what SCUBA addict doesn’t see these lists and amazing underwater photos of great dive sites all over the globe, and not dream of diving them ALL? I do. Secondly, my dream is to transform this already popular travel blog, into a legitimate authority in the SCUBA world. So how does one become an expert/authority in diving around the world? He goes and does it, thats how! Once I finally complete this list, I think I can finally proclaim myself and my dive brand, an authority.

So who is Justin Carmack anyways?

In 2011 I left the USA for a University trip to South Africa. It changed the course of my life forever. I had never felt so happy and free, as I did on that trip, and near the end I knew I couldn’t go home. So I stayed. I watched my classmates fly away, leaving me in Africa alone. Not a shred of fear or regret entered my mind; only a huge sense of happiness. Adrenalin and excitement heavily smothered any fear I might have.

I had no money, and no ticket home, but I didn’t care. I made up my mind that from then on, I wouldn’t think about how difficult a thing was, I would just decide on what I WANTED to do first for now on, and then figure out HOW later. I soon found work at a hostel and dive shop in Mozambique, and quickly learned that I in fact COULD sustain myself on the road, and potentially travel forever.

It’s also in Mozambique where my second love was discovered: SCUBA diving. I got my PADI Open Water cert in Tofo, and knew I wanted to travel and dive forever.

So True Nomads was born, hoping that someday it would sustain my travels, but until then, give me a release to show the world my excitement of my new lifestyle.

That was 4.5 years ago, and has brought me to 71 countries on 6 continents, and endless experiences.

As I roamed the world, True Nomads grew

justin carmack

The good times of my travels have vastly out-weighed the bad, but there has still been a fair amount of tough times. My new way of thinking: leaping BEFORE I look, has gotten me in trouble many times. It’s all been a learning experience, but sometimes it was a school of hard knocks.

There were times where I thought I could die. Times where anyone would ask for help, yet I had no one to do so. There were a significant amount of those – what-the-hell-am-I-doing-this-for times. Situations where no person in his right mind should be in.

Being surrounded my machete-wielding drunks in the middle of nowhere in Malawi. Being robbed in Tanzania, Peru, Brazil, Croatia. Hitchhiking through Bosnia and Serbia and sleeping in fields and abandoned buildings. Having guns pointed in my face in Thailand and Australia. The list goes on. Things mom will never hear about.

I acquired a very healthy addiction. One I don’t plan on trying to get rid of.

justin carmack

Enter the diving-travel niche into True Nomads 

True nomads was growing quick, but during nearly a year in Egypt, doing nothing but blog and dive, I decided that diving needed to be my focus. It was/is my passion, and something I could bring to the world. So now I am combining my two passions, and traveling the globe to experience the worlds BEST dive sites, and write about and photograph each one!

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Random facts about me

  • My actual first experience SCUBA diving was in Lake Powell, Utah. I just followed along on my friends alternate and got my first taste of the deep.
  • When I was young I was a amateur trap shooter. I won many state and national competitions and thought about going pro.
  • I’m a certified PADI Divemaster with Deep and Nitrox specialties. (and more to come!)
  • When I was young I wanted to be either a Navy Seal, marine biologist, or photographer for Nat Geo.
  • I’ve been told I’m camera shy. I have 4 years worth of photos and probably 5 photos with myself in them.
  • Before university I worked in the oilfield drilling for gas in Colorado. I was almost killed in an explosion, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was making a lot of money and might have never quit to pursue my dream.
  • I once went on “walk about”. I got dropped off high in the mountains of Colorado, far from civilization, with nothing but a tent, some clothes, a blanket and some fishing gear. I was up there for a month and saw no one the whole time. I ate nothing but fish and water the whole time and lost 20 lbs.
  • I once hitchhiked around Europe, over 7000 kilometers, just for fun.
  • In Thailand I got a tattoo on my wrist that says ‘world traveler’.
  • I won many geography quiz nights, where the competitors had to identify world flags. I once got 196 out of 200, with 5 beers in me.
  • I once made someone mad in Egypt so they told the police I kidnapped him, just to get me thrown in jail for 2 days. Jail in Egypt sucks. The judge told me that in Egypt you are guilty until proven innocent, the opposite of the US.
  • I was robbed in Croatia once, and had to hitchhike to Romania to work with a friend. I had no money whatsoever, but I ran into a orange orchard. For 3 days I ate nothing but fresh oranges. It was awesome.
  • I tried hitchhiking in Malawi once, and was almost killed by a gang with machetes in the middle of nowhere, but I hopped into the back of a passing truck.
  • I almost drowned in Egypt when I was free-diving. I got tangled in the line at 10 meters and was rescued at the last minute, with maybe 3 seconds of air left.

 Why people follow True Nomads, and you should too:


Are you a love of one of the following? SCUBA diving, free diving, marine life, underwater photography or traveling to remote destinations? Well then you’ve come to the right place. Some bloggers set goals to set foot in every country, even if its just one foot for one second.

My goal is to document the world’s best diving, from sharks, pristine reefs, caves, macro marine, and more. These sites range from Egypt to Mexico to Borneo to Southern Africa!  So if that interests you at all, take a look around, and be sure

When you travel full time, people stop asking you what you do, and ask where you’ve been instead. Well, yesterday I was diving the Blue Hole in Egypt!