Five Things to do on Scotland’s Isle of Skye


Fun Fact: Animal known as Scotland’s symbol is the unicorn.

Here is a guest post from my buddy David from Wandering Expat, who just returned from The Isle of Skye. He talked so highly about it, that I just had to get him to write it all down.


Sailing into the Maw

Had a recent falling out with civilization? Want to get away….Really, really away? It doesn’t get much better than going to the isle of Skye to ponder a bit on nature and Scottish history. It’s lightly populated and you can’t go over a single knoll on the island without running into something from pre-history, bronze age, or WW2  Plus all this history is situated in a land strange and beautiful enough to be worthy of a fantasy epic.6th century

After spending 3 1/2 months on this beautiful island and seeing most everything there is to see there, I’ve come up with this list of five must dos on Skye.

5) Fairy Glen= a bizarre geological anomaly. Properly named Fairy Glen as it is a miniature Scotland complete with tiny lochs and even a mini castle turret. Climb to the top of this turret and overlook a field of pagan symbols.

4) Duntulum Castle= an old forgotten castle perched precariously at the edge of a 200 meter high cliff overlooking the sea. Legend has it that a man who tried to betray the Lord of this castle was imprisoned in it’s cimg0019subterranean dungeon and only saltwater and salty pork. It is repeated that to this day the screams of the dying man can be heard on certain nights from from within the dungeon. You can still see this dungeon and a secret room hidden amongst the castle ruins.

3) Stay in the Bothy and Rubha Hunish= too cheap for even a hostel? Hike to the northernmost point on Skye at Rubha Hunish and there is a shelter which overlooks the waterway known as ‘The Minch’. Here during the summer you can spot whales and, for those brave enough, hike down the cliffs to reach the tip of Hunish.

2) Hike the Quirang= Epic and dramatic to say the least. Hike starting above the rang and take the circuit back coming below the cliffs. Some of the most beautiful and astounding views you’ll ever see. Be careful of high winds as it has been known to blow hikers to their deaths.


1) Callanish Standing Stones= Take the ferry to the Outer Hebrides and from there hitchhike to the Callanish Stones. Mysterious and ancient these monoliths will leave an impression upon your existence. This is a real back of beyond adventure which takes you to what feels like the edge of the earth to see an ancient mystery.Callanish Standing Stones.

that’s the list. Now I should mention that all these attractions are FREE TO SEE. So no excuse. Get your boots on and get there already.

= The Wandering Expat


Loch Dunvegan




Loch Snoesdal

Loch Snoesdal




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9 thoughts on “Five Things to do on Scotland’s Isle of Skye

  1. @Earth2earthaonReply

    I’m doing an Isle of Skye tour in a couple weeks! Thank you for this post – made me even more excited to go!!

    Did you go to the Fairy Pools?

  2. Alison ChinoonReply

    This is awesome!! We’re moving to Aberdeen this fall so I’m bookmarking this for a trip to do when we get over there!

  3. Bell | Wanderlust MarriageonReply

    Great tips… we’re living in Ireland and itching to make it to Scotland, the Isle of Skye looks gorgeous!

  4. Tiana KaionReply

    So amazing! I just arrived to the Isle of Skye and have four more nights to explore it. Thanks for the tips, I’m off on a hike now…

  5. JulieonReply

    Looks beautiful! My best friend went there last year and said it was breathtaking. Thanks for sharing such gorgeous pictures.

  6. No Roads and No HorizonsonReply

    I loved hiking the Quiraing. I went when there was snow and it was terrifying at times. So worth it though. Isle of Skye was amazing, though I didn’t see everything you mentioned here. I’d love to go again.

  7. VirgileaonReply

    Was Quiraing a hike a novice could do? How in shape must you be? I am going in July and would like to do this but am not sure If I could make the hike. Thanks, Jill

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