interesting facts about Venezuela

10 Interesting Facts About Venezuela

Travel is the best history lesson you can have, but unfortunately I have not spent enough time in Venezuela! Here are 10 Interesting Facts About Venezuela, a fascinating South American country!

interesting facts about Venezuela

1. Slavery was abolished in Venezuela in 1854.

2. Venezuela was the largest oil exporter in the world in the early twentieth century.

3. Venezuela was one of the founding members of OPEC, along with Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.interesting facts about Venezuela

4. Venezuela is one of the oldest democracies in South America.

5. Venezuela gained independence from Spain in July 1811. It became an independent republic in the year 1821.

6. Capybara, the largest rodent of the world, is found inhabiting the grassy plains (llanos) of Venezuela.


7. The first European to find the coast of Venezuela was Christopher Columbus.

8. The term Venezuela literally means ‘Little Venice’. The country was so named by its explorers, who saw houses built on stilts in a lake here, reminding them of Venice.

9. Angel Falls in Venezuela is the tallest waterfall in the world

10.  Venezuela has more Miss Universes and more Miss Worlds than any other country

interesting facts about Venezuela


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10 thoughts on “10 Interesting Facts About Venezuela

  1. Paul FowleronReply

    Venezuela is a fascinating country. Such a shame so many people miss it because of the fears for safety.

    The Roraima trek is particularly good – wrote about it here: – really feels like stepping back in time and being a proper adventurer again, since it’s so off the beaten track.

    Viva Venezuela!

  2. Jonny BlaironReply

    I have to admit I’m one of the travellers that went there and hated it. It was around the time of the Black Market Crash and crime was high. I didn’t even get to the ice cream shop in Merida or the Salto Angel as I was disgusted by the crime there. Saw a cocaine and gun raid in downtown Caracas.

  3. Jack HoffmanonReply

    I wish there was more facts, but it is still nice.One you should add is that in Venezuela, you can’t flush toilet paper, you have to throw it out. True Nomads for life! 🙂

    1. Marcela LopezonReply

      I don’t understand about can’t flush toilet paper ,were you were? in the Mountains? or in the poorest place (barrios), because there are wash room in the houses and in the route.

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