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Inspiring travelers

I found more inspiring travelers, and got to ask them some questions. Hannah & Adam, who run the travel blog Getting Stamped, fit the profile precisely  If you would like, you can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook, as they continue their travels around the world! 

First off, tell us about yourself.

We are Hannah and Adam an American couple who decided the normal life was just too normal for us, so we are packing our lives into backpacks to travel for the next 2+ years. We are both 29 year old college grads, we had good jobs, a house in a nice neighborhood, but something missing. We needed to have our big adventure, so we are leaving on a round the world trip.

So it’s safe to say that one of your passions is traveling? The main reason for this website is to motivate people to travel and also to let them know that you don’t have to be rich to do so. How do you manage to go so many places? Are you rich?

We are extremely passionate about traveling, and traveling on a budget. We are most defiantly not rich, but we did leave good paying jobs to travel. With a few years of some aggressive savings we were able to save enough to explore the world. We have gotten pretty creative with all of our methods of saving. The other key is traveling cheap, we will not be staying in 5 star resorts along our journey, but we will for sure see some of the most beautiful places on earth. Who needs a fancy room? You will be sleeping when you are there anyway!

Do you have an example of a time when you went on a trip with little money? If so, did it turn out ok? Are you glad you did it?

We always have a budget in mind before we get on the plane about how much we can/should spend, we usually come in within a few dollars. The cheaper you travel the more you can do it! Our friends and family always ask us how we can afford to travel as much as we do.
So, everyone is probably wondering by now, where all have you been? You probably can’t name all the countries, but do you know how many there are?

We have done a fair amount of traveling (at least for American standards) we have been to 12 countries to date. While on our RTW trip we will touch down in probably 35-40 countries over the next 2 years.

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So lets go back in time a little. your passion to travel had to have started somewhere. Where was the first place you went to? Were you scared?

The first place we went as a couple was to Negril, Jamaica. Since then we have been many places, and we always knew we would have a destination wedding, and when it came time we thought Negril would be the perfect place to start of life of travel together.

As for being scared, no not really, but we are for sure way different travelers than we are now! I look back at us then a laugh a little, we are both so much more adventurous and will to try things now.

Do you have a favorite country? and what is the most memorable thing you’ve done?

It’s tough to say favorite because every place we travel has something special we take from it, something that makes us feel connected to the country or the people. We really loved our trip to Barbados in the eastern Caribbean, so much so we actually look at a property there before we had the notion to take an RTW trip. I am excited to see what my answer will be two years from now at the end of our RTW trip.
If you wanted to inspire someone to travel, what would you tell them? In other words, what advise or tips would you give someone who really wants to travel, but who doesn’t think its possible? 

Find a few good travel blogs! If they don’t get you hooked on travel I don’t know what will. Blogs are what turned us on to long term travel and how to do things on a budget. The pictures and the stories you read in the blogs will have you buying plane tickets in no time!

Do you have any travel plans in the immediate future? Or where is the number one place on your list?

We have a huge trip in the works, a two year RTW trip that will include 6 continents and about 1/5 th of the worlds countries! Follow along as we are just starting to get stamped!


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  1. I try to coincide my schedule in Thailand earlier this year to meet up with Hannah and Adam but didn’t work out. Every time I look around they always seem to be in the land of smiles. Maybe later this year when I am back in the Kingdom.


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