Diving Photos From Tioman Island, Malaysia

Cuttlefish fighting Salang Bay

This epic guest post and underwater photo essay has been moved to my new site, a scuba diving magazine called Art of Scuba Diving. Check it out there, as it will be part of our epic Underwater Photo Series!


  1. I imagine watching a Cuttlefish gliding through the water must be quite the experience, been thinking about diving for a while now and your site is definitely helping in that department 😉

    • Cuttlefish are indeed amazing creatures. They are a bit like the British Harrier jet in that they can move in any direction in the three dimensions. As you approach they will take on the colouration of the background as you see it and can also change the outline of their body. But the most amazing behavior takes place in Salang Bay during February and March every year. They gather to mate and lay their eggs in the hard coral reefs. The males display, threaten and fight, as in the picture above, while the females approach the reef to lay. This goes on for about three weeks and must be a huge expenditure of energy for them. To watch, and photograph this event from just a few feet away is an awesome experience! GET WET SOON!!

  2. Those little nudibranchs are some of the best critters to see underwater. Everyone wants to see sharks when scuba diving – but the small things are just as great too. We scuba dived at the Similan Islands, Thailand, several years ago – but haven’t gone to Malaysia. Looks like we should :-).

    • I just love nudis too! They are so varied and colourful they amaze on every dive. For sure everyone wants to see sharks – me included but once you get into the little stuff it is endlessly fascinating. Photographers love ’em too – it really helps that they move so slowly – if at all!! It is a question of exploring all the different aspects of diving. While we do get sharks around Tioman island, the selection of nudis is amazing – even after twelve years of diving there I still find ones I have never seen before and get very jealous when my friends see one that I have missed.

    • Well thank you Lindsay! I got into photography as a teen ager. I gave it up as a hobby in my twenties because I had a stack of images that no one ever looked at. That was before the digital revolution. The internet and all the new methods of viewing and sharing images has inspired me back into the game. So feedback is really important to maintaining the photographers motivation.

      Justin has invited me to submit more so I am really happy about that. He likes things location specific so I hope that he will use some of my shots from Bali – one of the best underwater photo locations on the planet. Check them out in a couple of months.

      You can see more of my photos on my web site at http://www.tioman-scuba.com I haven’t had time to get the gallery pages together yet but if you like me on Facebook at Scuba Guru you will be alerted when they get published. Thanks again…..

  3. I have this saying: If God wanted us to swim under water he would have given us gills. After reading the post and looking at the beautiful pictures. I wish I had gills.

  4. There are some absolutely stunning photos here, especially of the cuttlefish fighting. Brings back some great memories!

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  6. Hi Justin,

    My new webmaster bought this to my attention after he spotted your recent Tweet. He also pointed out that the link you put on your site to mine was a ‘no follow’ link. I don’t have the IT knowledge to judge, but I would be grateful if you could adjust this to a follow link.

    I still have that collection of imaged from Bali if you are still interested….

    Kind regards,


    • I will check it out and fix it if so. And ya I don’t have any photos from Bali yet, let me know if you are still interested. My email is nomad.justin@yahoo.com


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