Inspiring Traveler Interview: Flip From FlipNomad

Beijing, China

Flip from is a great guy. He’s let me write guest posts for his blog, and he’s always up to answer questions about Southeast Asia. I am happy to have been able to ask him a few questions about his travels.


-First off, tell us about yourself.

A: Hi, thanks for the opportunity to be featured in You can call me Flip, I’m the blogger behind I’m originally from Manila but left my home last March 2011 and have been traveling around Asia since then.


–So it’s safe to say that one of your passions is traveling? The main reason for this website is to motivate people to travel and also to let them know that you don’t have to be rich to do so. How do you manage to go so many places? 


A: Yes, one of my passions is traveling. I was able to travel for a long time and to various places because of various things:


  1. Travel on a Budget: I don’t stay on hotels and usually stays in guesthouses/hostels to save money on accommodation.
  2. Travel to “non-expensive” Places: A lot of countries in Asia are not that expensive to travel to. I’m also fond of going to small towns and usually they are cheaper than cities.
  3. Plan ahead my trips: I only buy flight tickets that are on sale and if I’m not flying I usually travel overland and use local transportation (buses and trains) and they’re definitely cheaper than VIP buses that are marketed towards foreign tourists.
  4. Eat Local Food: I also eat a lot of street food which is way cheaper than going to restaurants. Buying fresh produce from the markets like fruits also helps me stay healthy without spending too much money.
  5. Travel Slow:  Since I’m managing multiple websites while traveling, I also learned how to travel slower. I often stay in some places for weeks and sometimes a few months. If I intend to stay for a few months, I rent an apartment so I could have a kitchen. IMHO, renting apartments is more cost effective (not to mention more comfortable)than staying in hostels. 

–I’m planning on visiting The Philippines this year, but when people talk about SE Asia, you usually hear about them visiting Thailand and its neighbors… Do you think Philippines is being over looked? It seems to have just as much to offer.


A: The Philippines is definitely overlooked by most foreign visitors who go to Southeast Asia. Not because it doesn’t have anything to offer but rather because of the negative publicity that it garnered in the past. The Philippines has so much to offer especially to those who love to go to the islands, beaches and beautiful mountains. The country has more than seven thousand islands that you could explore. If you want to check out some of those sights, I suggest you check out the photo ebook that I made in collaboration with other Filipino bloggers. You can check it out here.

 El Nido

–So, everyone is probably wondering by now, where all have you been? You probably can’t name all the countries, but do you know how many there are?

A: I have only been to a few countries (12) and often go back to explore the other towns that I haven’t been to in my past visits.

–So how DO you manage to run so many blogs? I can barely run one! 

A: I was struggling to manage one blog on my first year of blogging but on my second year I have decided to add a few more and see how I could handle it. Three websites became manageable because of scheduling so I added a few more this year.

I’m done with the initial setup of all the sites I have and the challenge now comes on updating them with articles which I find very hard to do especially when I’m traveling. So what I do now is I often stop for a few weeks or months in one place and write as much as I could and then schedule them for posting in advance and continue my travels. And then stop again to write and process pictures and schedule articles and then travel again and so on.


–Do you have a favorite country? and what is the most memorable thing you’ve done?

A: I have a lot of favorite countriesJ. For food nothing beats China and Thailand for me; for islands and beaches, definitely my home country, the Philippines; and for mind blowing landscape and amazing culture, India.


 Kibber (Himachal Pradesh, India)
Kibber (Himachal Pradesh, India)

–If you wanted to inspire someone to travel, what would you tell them? In other words, what advise or tips would you give someone who really wants to travel, but who doesn’t think its possible? 

A: If you really want to travel then you should go for it. It’s a great platform to have fun and learn tons of things. I used to think that it’s near impossible for a regular guy from a third world country like me to travel until I made it a reality for myself. And after making my long time dream come true (making travel as my lifestyle), I now have a strong conviction that I would be able to make my other plans happen.

And this applies not only to travel but also to your other passions in life. I always remind myself that I only have one shot in this thing called life and if I would keep on postponing my pursuits, I might wake up one morning with no time left to do the things I want to do in life.


–Do you have any travel plans in the immediate future? Or where is the number one place on your list?

A: I’m planning to go back to Nepal and India and probably add Myanmar to the list but I’m not sure yet when. No concrete travel plans as of now.


Again, thank you to Justin of for this opportunity. If you’d like to follow my adventures, visit my travel blog at and my food blog at You can also follow me in Twitter Google + and Facebook




  1. yeah the philippines is a lovely place! but as i think hotels tend to cost alot more than places like thailand, maybe thats why fewer people go there? i would love to go back one day!


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