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18 Interesting Facts About Cuba

18 Interesting Facts About Cuba

The very interesting and recluse country of Cuba seems to be frozen in time, that time being the 50’s. It makes it an intriguing country to visit, along with being a beautiful one! Let us know in the comments below i f you know more Cuba facts!

Here are 18 Interesting Facts About Cuba!

1 Cuba is made up of the island of Cuba, Isla de la Juventud (Isle of Youth) and many smaller islands.

2. Bacardi rum was originally manufactured in Cuba. However, the brand moved to Puerto Rico after Fidel Castro’s takeover.

3. Cuba actually possesses one of the best health care systems anywhere in the world! The typical life expectancy is equal to any other progressive nation.

4. Ernest Hemingway wrote “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and  “the Old Man and the Sea” while he lived in Cuba.

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5. Cuba has one of the lowest birth rates in all of the Western Hemisphere.

6. The worlds’ smallest hummingbird and smallest frog are found in Cuba.

7. The Manjuari is a fish not found anywhere else in the world.

8. There are no animals or plants in Cuba that are poisonous or lethal to humans.

9. Cuba is the 17th largest island in the world.

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10. The Vinales Valley, including Havana City, Cienfuegos and Trinidad, is a World Heritage Site.

11. Christmas did not become an official holiday in Cuba until 1997

12. Cuba is the most populated country in all of the Caribbean, with more than 11 million residents.

13. The favorite sport is baseball.

14. Approximately 22% of the country is protected natural areas.

15. Cuba is famous worldwide for its cigars.

16. Pico Real del Turquino is the highest peak in Cuba.

17. Very few people are allowed internet access, and violators are given a 5 year prison sentence.

18. There are so many doctors in Cuba that they are often sent to other countries that have a shortage.

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27 thoughts on “18 Interesting Facts About Cuba

    1. davidonReply

      Just back from Cuba. Plenty of Internet. Locals have email, but not web at home. They all have cell phone, and private restaurants and stores abound.

      There is a massive toilet seat shortage.

      Someone needs to update these fun facts.

      1. ElizabethonReply

        Dear David,

        I work for a traveler Ali Alsaloom (you can check our Duroob2 show on youtube).
        I am searching for reliable info regarding new destinations, including Cuba. Please get in touch 🙂

  1. MarshaonReply

    Great, love reading up on the facts of a place I’ve never been to yet – I think Cuba would be a great vacation even with little internet access! 🙂

    1. jennieonReply

      my favorite place to visit and i think that its great that there isn’t any internet as it lets you just relax.

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    Euforia en Cuba por el anuncio de Raul Castro y EEUU
    de poner fin a tantos años de pobreza cubana

  3. Maria VilcentonReply

    Cuba has one of the highest literacy rates in the world at 99.8 percent. To know more interesting facts about places go at ohfact.com

  4. BrianonReply

    Just back from Cuba for 1st time.
    Internet is more available but still very slow in some places.
    Time warp for cars and seeing all the 50’s classics was great.
    Cuban hotels do need to take lessons from others to improve quality and temperature of what served.

  5. StopwatchonReply

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  6. John F MahalakonReply

    We are going to 5 major cities in December. Looking forward to the cars, the beaches, beautiful buildings, but most of all the people!

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