10 Awesome Things to do in Athens, Greece

Everyone hears Greece and automatically visions iconic islands and blue roof-tops on awesome beaches. I am here  to tell you that Athens is a whole other breed than the islands. There is still plenty of things to do in Athens though!

10 Things to do in Athens Greece

10 things to do in Athens

1. The Acropolis is the most ruins in Athens. It sits in the middle of Athens, and at the top is the most famous of all – Parthenon, a temple dedicated to goddess Athena. It all brings history lessons from school to life!

2. Acropolis Museum sits at the base of the Acropolis and is full of wonderful archaeological artifacts. A must-see if interested in the ancient history of Greece.

3. Hephaistion is also on the Acropolis, in the Agora ruins, and is an ancient Greek temple that is almost entirely preserved. Hephaistos, to whom this temple is dedicated, is the god of the forge.

10 Things to do in Athens Greece

4. Erechtheion is the second largest temple on the Acropolis. It has statues of six maidens as pillars that are amazing. Hard to imagine such beautiful and intricate things could have been carved so long ago.


5. Lycabettus Hill rises up right in the middle of Athens and gives you an amazing view of all of Athens. St George Chapel is also located here which is beautiful in its own right.

6. Filopappos Hill is opposite the Acropolis and is a wonderful place to walk among the pine trees. Once at the top you get an awesome view of the Acropolis and Lycabettus hill.

7. Plaka is a plaza at the base of Acropolis with a nice, fun atmosphere. A great place for some shopping, eating or just sitting and watching people.

8. Village Center is a great area where there is something for everyone. Great shops, bars, cafes and restaurants, and a large cinema complex are among the attractions here.

9. When you are tired of looking at all the ruins, head over to Lake Vouliagmeni. The little fish spas, where the fish eat your dead skin, are amazing, as well as the therapeutic volcanic bath and hot springs.

10. Voula Beach is also a nice sandy beach to spend the day relaxing at. Any of the local beaches you choose will be a real delight.

10 Things to do in Athens Greece


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8 thoughts on “10 Awesome Things to do in Athens, Greece

  1. JessicaonReply

    We were only in Athens for a day and a half, so we only scratched the surface on what we could do in the city. Thanks for the great list for when we return.

  2. Nomadic BoysonReply

    Agree- and also, it’s got a buzzing and exciting nightlife to soak in after drinking lots of retsinas in Plaka!

  3. BuskojaonReply

    Athens is a marvellous city to stop at as long as you can avoid teeming pickpockets and find Ellenika Astinomia (police)’s real help …

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