Road Trip To Tirana


road trip to tirana

Athens was ok, but after all the touristy monuments and ruins were out of the way, there wasn’t much to stick around for. So I hit the road north towards Albania.

My road trip to Tirana was as beautiful as it was surprising. I had done exactly zero research or planning for Albania, so had no expectations. I didn’t realize there would be so many beautiful mountains and coasts. I was pleasantly surprised. All you really hear about The Balkans back home, is war related and devastating. Now that I’ve seen it, I would encourage any and all travelers to visit!




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road trip to tirana

I stayed at a little and cozy hostel in the center of Tirana. I was very happy to¬†find food so good and cheap. I was eating like a king for two euro or less. Wandering around the city, it seemed like everything was in ruin, but still colorful; not grey and depressing like in Soviet-block places. I really didn’t want to leave Albania! Next stop, Kosovo!
road trip to tirana




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