facts about bulgaria

19 Things I Learned About Bulgaria

facts about bulgaria


The first time I traveled through Bulgaria, I knew it wasn’t enough. So I came back for round two. I love these kind of countries- ones ultimately over-looked by most of the world as a country of interest. In countries like Bulgaria, i feel like it’s more of the “wild west”, more free, fewer rules and regulations, and fewer tourists.

From a traveler’s standpoint though, it seems like a great shame that more people flock to the neighboring Turkey and Greece, where it is much more developed and expensive, when they can potentially find something just as amazing in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania…. Heck, all over the Balkans! When you are here, it’s a whole different feel.

You sort of have a slight apprehension going there in the first place: it having a name synonymous with all kinds of wars. And you definitely feel like you’re on the “other side” of Europe, as everything is in Cyrillic and not revolving around you, the tourist. That said, I think this made it all the more better for me! It’s an awesome place, and I’m glad it is how it is. It probably wont be this way forever, so I think you should see it now. Until then, here are things I learned about Bulgaria! 


1. Bulgaria brought the world the Cyrillic alphabet – which today is used in Russia and throughout the Balkans and other Slavic nations. It was invented by two monks during the First Bulgarian Empire

2. ancient Roman influence on Bulgaria is still evident in many of the cities,. You’ll find Roman baths in Varna, ruins in Sofia, and a mostly-in-tact Roman theater in Plovdiv

3. Bulgaria is apparently the birthplace of yoghurt, and the stuff is everywhere. Not only are there about 300 varieties in supermarkets, but there’s also yoghurt in many of Bulgaria’s signature dishes.

3. The roses grown in Bulgaria’s “Rose Valley” produce most (70-85%) of the world’s rose oil – a component in most perfumes.

facts about bulgaria

rose valley. source: wiki commons

4. On the first day of March each year, Bulgarians exchange red-and-white woven bracelets with each other. They wear these Martenitsi bracelets throughout the month, until they see a stork or a blooming tree. Then, the bracelets are tied to trees as a way of welcoming springtime. This is a holiday of sorts, called Baba Marta (“Grandmother March”), and celebrates the passing of winter.

5. Bulgaria has two major ranges – the Balkan Mountains and the Rhodope Mountains – and a few smaller ranges, including the Rila and Pirin mountains. Because of all these mountains, Bulgarian towns like Bansko have become very popular for winter sports. (and cheap!)

6. It has the world’s largest IMAX 3D cinema.

7. After the collapse of a Roman bridge in the 4th Century there was no crossing of the Danube between Romania and Bulgaria for 1,600 years.

8. Though small in area, Bulgaria ranks third in Europe in biodiversity, with a number of rare and endemic species. More than 700 brown bears, 1,000 wolves, golden jackal, wild cats, common otters, souslik and 37 species of reptiles can be found here

9. A must see when travelling to the country is The Rila Cross, which is one of the many unique things in Bulgaria. It’s a wooden cross with 140 microscopic scenes from the Bible featuring more than 1,500 figures; the largest of them is no bigger than a grain of rice.


facts about bulgaria

Rila mountain. Wiki Commons


10. A third of Bulgaria is forested. (hence the biodiversity)

11. For More Than 700 Years, Bulgaria Was Nearly Twice Its Current Size

12. Michael Palin upset Bulgarians by saying it is most famous for it’s gypsies

13. Mastika, a 47% proof spirit made with tree resin, is a popular drink. Average price of a lager is less than $1.

14. The country is one of the world’s biggest winemakers – 200,000 tonnes a year.


15. Bulgarians invented the first electronic computer, digital watch and car air bag.

16. Bulgaria’s most famous footballers are Hristo Stoichkov, now 45 – highest scorer at the 1994 World Cup – and Manchester United’s Dimitar Berbatov, 30.

17. Bulgaria Has The 2nd Most Mineral Springs In Europe, just behind Iceland.

18. Plovdi is Europe’s Oldest Inhabited City, even older than Athens

19. Bulgarians shake their heads to mean yes and nod for no. Not kidding.

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110 thoughts on “19 Things I Learned About Bulgaria

    1. CozetteonReply

      i fell in love with bulgaria and its people almost a year and a half ago, and have been back 5 times since….one of the greatest places on earth <3

  1. ClunyonReply

    I’m going there at Christmas and can’t wait! My son lives there and just got back from Plovdi. Thanks for the wonderful info!

  2. RadmilaonReply

    Bulgaria is the mother country of Prof. Georgi Lozanov, PhD, who invented a teaching method, called suggestopaedia in the 1960’s. Later UNESCO observers who stayed in Bulgaria announced the method “The best teaching method in the world”, that should be spread around the world immediately”, but the communist regime became suspicious and quickly stopped access to it and stopped the experiment in Bulgaria. Professor Lozanov was captured under home arrest. Fortunately, suggestopaedia is gaining popularity now!

    1. SibilaonReply

      I wonder if that was the experiments they did to me and handful of kids in my school between 1986-1992 1-8th grade… They pulled us out of class every once in a while if I remember correctly once or twice a semester and took us to the teachers lounge and made us do IQ tests without explanation or scores. I still remember the flash cards and the most prominent that I think of every time I think about school was a wooden table with a chair that was both color and black and white. The chair was missing a leg I pointed it out without anyone asking or explaining what I needed to do I think I got a positive feedback or that others didn’t find the anomaly because I still feel a sence of pride and can remember sitting on my left hand and touching the card with my index finger. The memories are so vivid that I remember the room we were in the long table covere in red long cloth, the picture to the right of the door behind me, and a female middle age woman with big glasses. Really not sure if my parents knew about it although I am certain I told them after the times it happened.

      We had kinder-garden and school for gifted kids. My mom had told me stories about me qualifying for the kinder-garden but the enrolling clerk gave her a tip that she shouldn’t enroll me because most of the kids were government leader’s kids and didn’t really have to go through testing to get in.

  3. NikolaonReply

    Just so you don’t think it’s completely untrue, the man who invented the first electronic computer John Atanasoff (with his assistant), was an American, but his father was a Bulgarian, so he is of Bulgarian descent. Also honestly we shake our heads how we feel like, depends on the person. 😀

    1. Doug CollicottonReply

      I spoke with my translator while there and she said that more people are nodding like the English. Also the shake for Yes is more of a twitch type of movement in my opinion. People think the head shake is the face moving from side to side but I’ve seen that it is more like the top of the head moving to one side and back.

      1. venimusonReply

        Those kinds of head gestures are actually Turkish. Because many centuries Bulgaria was part of the Osman Empire it became common among Bulgarians, but the movement of the head differs from the English. For “yes” the head is leaning sideways to the shoulders and the face is always looking ahead, you move the tip of the head. While for English “no” you actually rotate your head and the face and the tip of the head is not moving. For the other gesture there is difference too. For “no” the head is moved once, similar to the English gesture for arrogance or contempt. It is single movement bottom to top. Actually if you move the head from top to bottom it may mean “yes” or “agree” or “I understand” similar to the gesture for “worship” and “respect”.

        Basically the gestures are quite different to the English ones so you should not be confused.

    2. IvonaonReply

      The “yes” head gesture is not exactly a shake; it’s more of a brief, slow head movement right-to-left. The “no” head gesture is a quick upward head movement.

      1. PlamenaonReply

        I know I reply a little late but this comment is a little bit misleading. The “yes” is not a slow movement, it’s as quick as the “no”.

        What is slow is the head gesture for saying “OK” (which is different from yes ;)). The difference between yes and ok is not only in the speed but also the way you tilt your head. In resume:

        * No – a fast nod top-bottom
        * Yes – a fast HORIZONTAL left-right head shake
        * OK – a slow left-right head tilt: the left year going towards the left shoulder and vice verse

    3. KaloyanonReply

      another fact about my homecountry bulgaria: we saved more than 5000 jews from hitler in ww2 even though bulgaria and germany were allies

  4. ValentinonReply

    Well im from bulgaria and i thought we’re not the only one who shake their hades for yes and nod for no 😀 fuck were awkward 😀

  5. JustHonestonReply

    half of these is not true!
    For example they didnt brought Cyrillic alphabet ,Macedonians did.everyone knows that.
    Theydont have yogurth as well,Turks have “airan” which is yogurt,Macedonians too,all that Bulgarians have a is sweet yogurts which every country has.
    Plovdiv is third oldest city in Europe,Argos and Athens are thousands years earlier then Plovdiv.
    And definitely i dont what upset them about what Michael Palin said,because they know that’s so true.

    1. sesonReply

      What a surprise – yet another disgruntled Macedonian who doesn’t know what he is talking about. Instead of risking sounding like a total idiot, educate yourself please.

    2. Really?onReply

      Please do your research before commenting.
      Airan and Yogurt are not the same (also read about the bacteria that makes yogurt what it is and you’ll understand why Bulgaria is the birthplace).
      Bulgaria has only sweet flavoured? Please tell me how well you are informed about the variates and tastes of the Bulgaria’s yogurt market.
      And about the Cyrillic alphabet and your last sentence… in that case, you shouldn’t be upset when I mention that Macedonia is famous for its never-ending and various self-claims (that no one else recognizes as true) for inventions, achievements, famous peoples’ origins, etc. Do you honestly believe the whole world is wrong about the Cyrillic alphabet and no one bothered to confirm anything. Well why should they, it’s obvious we should thank Macedonia… is that what your propaganda thought you? I have even read articles which claim that Michael Jackson had Macedonian roots and he was 1/4 Macedonian. You just have to have it all, don’t you? And the cherry on top is the anty-greek propaganda that has been going on in Macedonia for quite some time. Thanks for that too!
      You know, just honest.

      PS People around the world know Bulgaria even for it’s gypsies, but very few know anything about Macedonia. Try harder with the false propaganda.

    3. Helly BellonReply

      Airan is not yogurt, it’s yogurt with water, and yes – it comes from Bulgaria! Its most important content is bacilicum bulgaricum, guess why it’s called this way. And it would be very diffuct to find a sweet yogurt on the market.
      I can argue a lot on others points too, but I think we both know they are not true.

    4. PeturonReply

      1. A very pleasant text. Thank you!
      2. There are some untrue or incorrect things:
      2.3. We call our yogurt “sour milk”, just like Scandians do. Still, we use it for cooking more than anyone else.
      2.3. Armenia rules over the the world rose market but second best is still good enough, especially when knowing that it is sold in more high-end brands like Guerlin, Mollinard, etc.
      2.6, 10 and 17. Not sure, obviously.
      2.15. Yes, the computer being a “Bulgarian” is a matter of life-and-death to many uneducated. Since knowing the first programmer is considered to be Ada Lovelace… Not to mention that Zurich, Manchester and so on keep their own first computers in museums. But yes, the inventor of the digital watch was Bulgarian, as well of one of those, invented the air bag.
      2.19. Actually, the Indians shake and nod just the way us, Bulgarians do. One of the theories is that it came from there through Bulgarians coming from Asia. Another theory is that it all has happened during the Ottoman rule when the people from the Southern regions were forcefully converted into Islam; so, in order to accept the new religion, they changed the way of shaking and nodding. Theories, theories…
      3. Two of the things we should be proud of are the inventor of the anti-baby pill – a crucial point in the XX c. history; and our Nobel-awarded Elias Canetti, who was awarded the prize in 1981 for his memoir tetralogy, the first novel of which is set in Bulgaria. Unfortunately, the pro-Russian communistic propaganda diminished his persona in Bulgaria for him living in the UK and writing in German, mainly.

      But thank you for the good words.

      P.S. The miserable, pitiful Macedonian… with his claim about Cyril and Methodi being Macedonians (which had been a merely geographical term, not a stately one until 1947 when our then communistic dictator gave it away to TIto, ordered by Stalin)…

    5. KastemaonReply

      Gonna have to politely disagree with you on a couple of points. I’m not trying to start an argument, I’m merely suggesting you do some research.

      1. The Cyrillic alphabet is based on the Glagolic alphabet, created by by the monks Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius, in the 860s. The Cyrilic Alphabet was created in Preslav in the First Bulgarian Empire under the commission of Boris I of Bulgaria when Christianity was made the official state religion in 864. Cyrillic, on the other hand, may have been a creation of Cyril’s students, at the Preslav Literary School in the 890s as a more suitable script for church books, though retaining the original Bulgarian symbols in Glagolitic. (source: Wikipedia)

      Macedonia doesn’t seem to have had any part in creating or developing the Cyrillic alphabet.

      2. Ayran is not yogurt. It’s a drink made of yogurt, water and salt. As far as yogurt itself, it’s origin is unknown. That said, you should look up what ”Lactobacillus-Bulgaricus” is. (spoiler: it’s an important bacterium found in a particular country’s yogurt.)

      3. Plovdiv is actually the 4th oldest city in Europe, the first three being Argos, Athens and Mycenae. It’s still in the top 5, so that’s pretty cool.

      Good day 🙂

    6. SebastianonReply

      Hahaha, non-sense! We all know macedonians think they invented everything in the world don’t we ?(If you search around the Inet you are going to laugh your ass off) About the yogurt… Bulgarian yougurt is special because of the ” Lactobacillus bulgaricus” thing that only exist naturally in Bulgaria. Your argument is invalid. The only thing I don’t agree with in this article is about the IMAX cinema. The world’s largest IMAX screen is in Sidney if I remember correctly.
      P.S. Most of the macedonians look really similar to the gypsies in Bulgaria. (skin color, way of living, etc.)

    7. JustKindonReply

      Dear JustHonest,

      I am really sorry to hear that you think so about Bulgaria. As a Bulgarian I am not upset about Palin’s words, because, honestly, they aren’t true and I can’t be upset about something that isn’t true. What’s more, no one of the people I know from all over the world has ever told me my country was famous because of its gypsies. And I have heard a lot of stories, not all of them nice. However, Bulgaria is a small country and most of the people know a little bit about it. This can apply to each small country and it is nothing but a result of bad politics.
      (Besides, the problem with the gypsies is a problem of many countries, as far as I am aware. Unfortunately.And it is such because some people like to think they are better than other people.And this is an honest mistake.)

      About the yogurt. I honestly don’t care where does it come from, because I love it. But I would like to ask you: if there is chocolate in the Ukraine and Russia (for instance), does it mean it comes from there? Jogurt is common all around Balkans. That doesn’t mean the bacteria doesn’t come from Bulgaria. Although you are right, there is something Turkish there – the word “jogurt” is Turkish. In Bulgaria it is cold “sour” milk. Because originally it is sour, not sweet, as you think it is.

      About the alphabet. Please, be so kind to check your information. There was no Macedonia in the 9 century, when the alphabet was invented.

      As for Plovdiv, the information is not correct and this is the only thing you were right about.

      I honestly wish you all the best. And once again, when you are posting comments about things you don’t know, please, make sure what is and what is not true. 🙂

    8. BorislavonReply

      They are true!
      The two monks that brought Cyrillic alphabet are from bulgarian origin living in Odrin speaking bulgarian making the alphabet based on the bulgarian dialect in Odrin.
      Yes, we have yogurth – and we have another thing which we call “bitter milk”. It is a fermented milk product. The bacteria used to make “bitter milk”is lactobacillus bulgaricus. Bulgaricus. “Airan” is a totally different thing! It is milk mixed with wather…

      PLOVDIV’s history spans 6,000 years, with traces of a Neolithic settlement dating to roughly 4000 BC,[4] ranking it among the world’s oldest cities. Plovdiv was known in the West for most of its recorded history by the Greek name Philippopolis, which was introduced in 340 BC.[5] Plovdiv was originally a Thracian city before later becoming a Greek and a major Roman one.
      ATHENS is one of the world’s oldest cities, with its recorded history spanning around 3,400 years.

      I wont say anything abouth the gypsies.

      Have a nice day! : )

    9. GeorgionReply

      Lol… Poor Macedonian here who doesn’t know any real history.
      Anyway, I know it’s probably not your fault… They just teach Macedonians made up history at school.

    10. Aleksandar HulkaonReply

      Get your facts straight. The cyrillic is made by bulgarians, in an area which by that time was part of the Bulgarian Empire.
      Maybe you should know that the bacteria that causes Milk to turn into Yoghurt is called “Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus” and it is named like that after Bulgaria. Bulgaria is the only natural habitat of the bacteria. And btw Macedonians don’t have the pure yoghurt we have here. Also Airan is actually yoghurt mixed with water so it is less dense.

    11. HahahaonReply

      “they didnt brought Cyrillic alphabet ,Macedonians did” – This must be the funniest things I have ever read.

      “Theydont have yogurth as well….all that Bulgarians have a is sweet yogurts which every country has.” – This is the second funniest thing. You obviously don’t know anything about anything.

      “And definitely i dont what upset them about what Michael Palin said,because they know that’s so true.” – This is only because of ignorant people like you that think that the world is as big and as versatile as the size of THEIR knowledge about it. And believe me, according to that theory you must be living in a veeeery small world….

    12. Seriously?!onReply

      I cannot believe … please check before you speak! Everything that is written is true in fact it is great to see that there are still positive and interested indifferent cultures people in this world
      1. Cyrillic alphabet was developed in the First Bulgarian Empire during the 10th century AD at the Preslav Literary School and then borrowed by neighbouring countries.
      2. Yogurt is not Bulgarian but Bulgarian yogurt is the one that is famous with the Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus or the bacteria that exist only in Bulgaria and it is very salutary. The word yogurt is Turk. “Airan” means yogurt with water and in Turkey the propotion is 2:1 in Bulgaria 1:1.
      3. There are more and more researches that are claiming different things but Plovdiv is every time in the top five.
      4. As for Mr. Palin or you, we are not upset because we are used to listen foolish comments like this….

    13. skywalkeronReply

      fuck! another freaky macedonian!!! dude, calm down, we know you have invented it all!!! we know you own the moon etc…just calm down 😛

    14. VeselinaonReply

      Macedonia was a region in Bulgaria. For More Than 700 Years, Bulgaria Was Nearly Twice Its Current Size. They still speak broken Bulgarian there and Macedonians confess their Bulgarian roots. Airan is made from Bulgarian yogurt -it is half dose of yogurt+ half doze of water mixed to become drinkable – Some put salt in it also. If you decided to have something against Bulgaria, have it, but do not distort the facts, because I see that you are not as competent as you think you are.

    15. HatteronReply

      First of all.. about the yogurt: I don’t know if you’ve heard about the bacteria “Lactobacillus bulgaricus” but it’s used to make YOGURT. And that particular bacteria, as the name suggests, lives mainly in Bulgarian territory. So don’t tell me that we don’t have yogurt…
      Secondly.. Techically Cyril and Methodius were Byzantines because they were born Thessaloniki. HOWEVER they were from Bulgarian decent. So I’m sorry to burst your bubble but you really should check on your history…
      And last but not least: Nowadays Bulgaria is “famous” with the gypsies because the media is emphasizing on them. Nothing more, nothing less…

      PS: “Arian” is yogurt mixed with water and salt.. It’s a beverage, not pure yogurt…

    16. You a trollonReply

      Nope. Macedonia did not exist back then. Greek Macedonia is not today’s Macedonia. The bacteria needed to produce yoghurt is called Bacillus Bulgaricus, you tell me why…

      Plovdiv is older then Athens, but with many different names. Still older.
      And it’s not true that they are most famous for their gypsies, because most people don’t care about that.

    17. A BulgarianonReply

      Dude, macedonians ARE bulgarians long time ago! Proof? Our languages are the same -_- You’re closer to us than any other country! Your brains are flushed away!!!!

    18. PaulaonReply

      Macedonian people are of Bulgarian descent. Macedonian belonged for centuries to Bulgaria. It was taken from Bulgaria.
      I really do not understand this hate to Bulgaria?!!!
      Be proud of your forefathers! Do not steal the one of others!

    19. VentsionReply

      Hah, just wonder where r u from mate? Macedonians invented the Cyrillic? Plovdiv is not that old? You are an archaeologist or what? Obviously you have a problem with Bulgaria and instead of reading the whole text you start spitting with stupid comments 😉 Enjoy your life and be happy!

    20. AlbenaonReply

      Dear, you’d better go back to school as so called – Macedonia is just a territory between 3 countries.. 😉 You can’t steel something that doesn’t belong to you…

    21. to be frankonReply

      Dear Secret Macedonian,

      Please do not embarass yourself writing foolish lies…the facts are facts.It is your natiional problem of education that you are being told lies to rise upyour national pride as recently appeared country. Only you believe in these made up statements. Stay real and positive and don’t envy your neighbours..

      Your European neighbour;)

    22. PetaronReply

      Well, this is not quite true. The “Airan” is made from yoghourt and watter. Yoghourt come with the founders of our country who came from East and settled here 1332 years ago. The turkish have nothing to do with this. Though they have with some other things.

      Also, Macedonia was and is, in some sense, still crying Bulgarian heritage, because it was part of Bulgaria since the beginning. And many people there are recognizing them as Bulgarians and are being put in jail because of that.

      As for the gypsies, unfortunately this is true, but not because they are so much, but because of prejudice.

      Otherwise Bulgaria is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, it brought and still brings a lot of precious things to the World, despite the Macedonian hate. 😉

      And for last, Athens is oldest than Plovdiv, established ~7000BC, and Plovdiv comes second with 6000BC.


    23. Just Another Bulgarian GuyonReply

      @JustHonest – Dear macedonian neighbour, I know it’s really hard for you to live in this rather neglected Bulgarian province called Macedonia, but really this is not the place to write your stupid comments about our country 🙂 First, please do some research, try to think a little(I don’t know if this is possible for you) and then post something meaningful. It’s a shame that you guys hate us so much when we gave you everything 🙂 And please don’t come to Bulgaria to get a local passport just because we’re in the EU and Macedonia will never be 🙂

    24. stanislavonReply

      just to clear something, there is a lot of people here stuck to the information that Cyrillic alphabet was created by Bulgarians, but not remembering why…. but first thing first :
      1. To the author of this article thanks for taking time to right something nice about Bulgaria this is already more than what some of those hardcore Bulgarians bloggers have done.
      2. About the alphabet: Boris the 1 st. recognized the need of Bulgarian own alphabet so he reached out to the two scholars brothers St. Cyril and St. Methodii ( they actually were of Greek descend) and they developed what is now known as glagolica and is loosely based on the Greek alphabet, now here is the moment were we should pay attention. St. Cyril and St. Methodii had disciples just to name a few Kliment, Naum Angelarii …Kliment create the alphabet you know and NAMED IT AFTER HIS THEACHER St.Cyril. thank you for the patience

    25. YouDontKnowAnythingonReply

      Are you kidding??? Macedonia was in Bulgaria and Macedonians are Bulgarians. Macedonia and Bulgaria are like Russia and Ukraine. Bulgarian brought Cyrilic alphabet. You don’t know anything about Bulgaria. I guess you are Macedonian if you think you are right. Airan is a Bulgarian drink made from cold milk and salt, and it is definitely Bulgarian. It is not true what Palin said and if you think it is true you are an idiot. Bulgaria is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
      P.S. there is a joke: Why Macedonia don’t have Voice of Macedonia?
      They are waiting for Bulgaria to find her voice to say it is Macedonian.

  6. NickonReply

    20. Bulgarian is the fourth language permitted to speak to God (after Greek, Hebrew and Latin). It happened in 9th century.
    21. During the XX century Bulgaria has never lost a battle and never won a war.
    22. There are no captured Bulgarian flags by any army in the world.
    23. Bulgaria has the richest folklore on the planet.

    1. PeturonReply


      Forget about neo-nazi patriotism. Bulgaria won the First Balkan War of 1912 but lost the Second Balkan War and the Great one (WWI). And apparently, lost the WWII by surrendering to Russians.
      No comment on 23 😉

    2. Someone told you that you're rightonReply

      You are one true Macedonian right ! Macedonia didn’t even exist as a country , it was Bulgarian province when the two brothers invented the Cyrillic . 🙂

  7. AlexonReply

    I love you man! Thank you for the great words about my country! You made my day : ) It’s always cool when someone stops judging the economy, the gypsies, the poverty and just looks at the beauty. Because that’s what makes life awesome! Keep travelling and never stop, I wish you luck! I will keep reading your posts ; )

  8. V.onReply

    1. The inventor of the first computer is Bulgarian, not American! Face it!
    2. There is a serious reason to shake our heads in different way!
    Don’t talk unprepared!

  9. MiglenaonReply

    Also, the world’s most ancient civilization was situated in Bulgaria, in the area of Varna city (it is on the Black see). This civilization had lived here long before the ones in Egipt and Mesopotamia. It had created the first scripts – aproximately 2000 years before the Sumerian language. In Varna is found the world’s most ancient golden treasure (created 4500 BC which is 2000 before the gold in Egypt) – replaca of it can be seen at Varna historical museum.

  10. AhmadonReply

    unfortunately, the bit about IMAX is not true… not even close… largest in the Balkans mayybe.. but not in the world. Otherwise cool post 🙂

      1. ReaderonReply

        The world’s largest IMAX 3D screen is in India. The largest regular IMAX screen is in Australia.


        Bulgaria doesn’t even come close. I wonder where that idea came from?

  11. PhiliponReply

    Of course, being Bulgarian makes very proud when reading this objective view on my own country! This is also one reason to be tourguide here in Bulgaria- one sees the positive things, and when looking at the negative ones he/she is much more optimistic!

  12. Doug CollicottonReply

    I LOVE Bulgaria! We adopted a son from there and are in process for one more. I hope to someday go back just for a vacation with the family and show them all these sites, and more.

  13. DishonestonReply

    That guy from FYROM (JustHonest) is tottaly is some sort of delusion. There is so much information about these facts on internet that I don’t need to argue at all.

    PS: We all know that Alexander The Great is from FYROM right? LOL

    1. AnnaonReply

      Macedonians are seriously brainwashed. They are Bulgarians and they speak Bulgarian with accent… they were just brainwashed to think they are a different nation, they speak different language. It was just a plan to divide Bulgaria and the people. Sorry dear neighbours but you are no different and you live in parrallel reality 🙂

  14. GerganaonReply

    Thank you! For the kind eye and kind words for my country. I wish you only such sun filled personalities as yourself on your path in life:)) ( and ignore the hate posts- you know they are not true)

  15. IvonaonReply

    Great article, thank you! I was born and raised in Bulgaria, and I love seeing people appreciate the country’s beauty and the things it has given the world.

  16. GeorgionReply

    Being a Bulgarian who has been a programmer since the 6th grade of school, I have to tell you that John Atanasoff didn’t invent the first computer. Before Atanasoff there were already other computers. Atanasoff invented a new type of computer that was not as effective as the others before and after it and it was in market for only about 5 years.The modern type of computer architecture has been invented by Von Neumann, who modified one of the earlier-than-Atanasoff computers.

    This is just the same type of communist propaganda that makes the “macedonians” think that they are actually a nation or a folk that existed before the communists made them up.

  17. GretaonReply

    thank you for writing such nice things about my motherland! it’s nice to be reminded that we have lots to be proud of and grateful for in our heritage! hope you’ll visit again 🙂

    1. MilenaonReply

      Hehe, here it is in Macedonian from wikipedia, basically its said that the Cylilic script was developed in the First Bulgarian Empire during the 9th century AD at the Preslav Literary School:

      Впрочем современата кирилица е составена од нивните ученици Свети Климент Охридски и Свети Наум Охридски, од Охрид, тогаш во Царство Бугарија, кои ја преобразиле и поедноставиле тогашната глаголица и новата видоизменета азбука во чест на Свети Кирил го добила името кирилица. Таа е составена од 38 букви.

  18. ParsonsonReply

    Prekrasno, sega pone dano da mi poviarvat xorata, kato tuk ve4e ot 40g. im kazvam 4e Rusia pi6e na na6ata Azbuka. Gurzite praviat pari s na6eto mliako . Za # 15 izob6to da ne govorim. <3 !

  19. Tim WonReply

    I think I can add one significant fact although it may need some verification. Apparently in World War 2, although allied to Germany, Bulgaria is the only member of that alliance to NOT send any Jews to camps and as far as I am aware did not persecute any Jews. If this in fact true and I have good reason to believe it is true, then that should elevate Bulgaria to the ranks of Really Good Countries.

  20. GerionReply

    I like your summary about Bulgaria. I find it positive and written with sympathy, something which is not usual when foreigners speak about my country. Thank you for that! Wish you much luck and happiness in 2014. 🙂

  21. Sherrie BeaveronReply

    I visited Sofia in July this year for the Deaflympics. It was the second time Sofia hosted a Deaflympics – first one being in 1993, then 20 years later the recent one. As I was so absorbed into the element of the said event, I did not get a chance to explore more of the city, and Bulgaria itself. That said, I would definitely come back to see more of this beautiful country.

  22. IvanonReply

    Am from Bulgaria !
    Bulgaria pay to this monks who create the alhpabet. This monks are greecks from Solun.
    About “Macedonia”!
    I met one girl in Germany, before several weeks. We were talking english and then she told that her mother is from Macedonia. I ask her, can you talk macedonian? She tell`s me , of course!!!!

    In this moment i start to talk Bulgarian, and she was dramaticly suprised:

    “Why i undestand you and why your language is funny?”

  23. B. MedarovonReply

    Overlooked? Hardly. Bulgaria has been a popular destination for Europeans for long time. It made the Lonely Planet top 10 destinations in 2011. It enjoys more visitors per capita a year than the UK and way more than Turkey for example since you mentioned “flocking” to Turkey.
    Just FYI.

  24. Sofia Food TouronReply

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  26. SilviaonReply

    This is something that is found in the last 10 years. Probably a lot of people in Bulgaria don’t know about it yet. The amphitheater of serdica.

  27. GEORGEonReply

    “Bulgaria brought the world the Cyrillic alphabet”


    What do you mean by saying that?

    The Cyrillic Aplhabet was invented by the Greek monk Κύριλος (Cyril in English) and his brother Μεθόδιος, no relation at all with bulgaria. Bulgaria was just one of many slavic nations that adopted the writting system the two brothers invented.

    Cyril and Methodius were misionairies that tried to spread christianity and the Byzantine culture, following orders given probably by the Byzantine Emperor itself. They were born in Thessaloniki a purely greek city at that time.


    1. wezardonReply

      Actually we hadn’t adopted it.It is more accurate to say that we SPREAD it to the others along whit our culture. [That can be proven]. Another thing is to say who are the Slavic nations? I mean Slavics is a word that is made in 19 century by the Russian monarch to unite a group of people who share a common Language and Culture. [It can be proven]. So what does that mean? Here goes in the drain another lie in history.

  28. leonaonReply

    it it true us Bulgarian shake ur head opposite when me and my cousin nina first came here we hough americans were crazy for shaking there heads that way!!!

  29. Time2TravelonReply

    Bulgaria is also in the leading places in most UNESCO sights on it’s territory. Just Italy and Turkey have more historical sights there.

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