What is the Best Thing about Traveling?


I always ask my readers and fellow travelers what the best things about traveling is, and here are some of their answer! Personally,  I think any one of these answers is good enough reason to travel!


Justin from True Nomads has been to 65 countries.

-Freedom is almost a cliche, so I’ll say something else. I think one of the best things about traveling is that everyday is new and exciting. It’s like when you are a little kid and your family moves into a new house- you have to explore every corner of that new place and it’s exciting new surroundings, and until you’ve seen it all, it is the best thing in the world. Traveling the world is like that, but it never gets old, you can never see it all, and everyday is a new adventure. If a place gets old, I’m free to find the next exciting place.

Ron from Guatemala has been to 35 countries.

– For me the best thing about travelling is the people you meet along the way;  some of them I will never forget. Travelling is for me finding yourself, is to realize that your wonderland, your happy place is inside your head, so wherever you go, you’ll be in your wonderland.



Joel from US has traveled 8 countries.

-Freedom to go anywhere and do anything is what it’s all about

Silvia from Italy has traveled to 12 countries.

-The best thing about travelling is to see how people are ready and willing to help you and in which different ways they do it. this makes me strongly believe that the world is such a great place

Alonso from Brazil has traveled 15 countries.
-Good experiences and meeting people

Rob from New Zealand has traveled 14 countries.
-The best thing about travelling is all the amazing people you meet along the way!

Matt from Perth has traveled 26 countries.
-The best thing about travelling for me was meeting so many amazing and friendly people. Just the way that you don’t need confidence to talk to people everyone is friendly and always helpful. And the stories that you share to help with where you head to next.

Eldina from Bosnia has traveled 11 countries.
-The best thing about traveling is that u get to know different kind of people and most of the time, those same people will make your journey memorable 🙂

Pat from Canada has travelled 8 countries.
-The people are great, but I really love checking out the different cultures and seeing how other people do things.

Kelso from Australia travel to 38 odd countries
-The biggest thing is getting to know the local culture. This can only be done by knowing a ‘local’… you get the best food, bars, places and people. Easiest way is to ‘jump’ – go somewhere you would not normally go and talk to someone random

Miguel from Argentina has traveled to 33 countries.
-The best thing about traveling is that you never stop discovering, and this covers all, landscapes, people, experieces which allows us to get to know better the world we live in

Jain from Spain has traveled 40 countries
-The friends you make when you’re travelling, that are more than the ones that society makes grow up with, go to school togethrer, because basically, you choose them

Pedro from Costa Rica has been to 40 countries
-To see, to fell, to touch, to smell. and to finish, we are so different but at the same time so similar, so stranger but still brothes, so extraordinary but at the end of the day, so ordinary

Wim from Belgium been to 23 countries.
-The best thing about traveling… I’d say a combination of freedom, exploring, going with the flow, meeting people, the unexpected, the physical movement itself, etc. Do you want 1 answer for that?

Tomi from Finland has travels 35 countries.zagreb

Katy from UK has travled to 32 countries-
-People and freedom

Smaranda from Romania
-People. and i kinda don’t like the second question..it doesn’t mean much:)

Simona from Lithuania has been to 40 countries.
-The best thing about traveling, hm. I would say the sense of freedom and also learning new things about others and yourself, just kinda without noticing, and meeting inspiring people.

Jotas from Spain has traveled to 40ish countries.
-The best are the friend you make along the way, which are more than the ones society forces you to grow up with, share school.

Mikael from Finland has traveled to  27 countries.
-In very short; freedom and people

Andre from Portugal has been to 32 countries.
-The way in between

Jeanette from California has been to  37 countries.

-A chance for get some culture out of my extensive sex-capades around the world.





  1. I’ve been to 12 countries. My favorite thing about traveling is the food. Oh man do I love the food. Not just because I like to eat but because I grew up in a small town with chain restaurants and not much else. To see these other cultures take the same ingredients I’m familiar with and create something that sings to me in ways I’ve never experienced is amazing. It’s like hearing a new sound or seeing a new color for the first time.

  2. I am planning a 30-day visit to Europe (Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Venice, Munich, Amsterdam, Brussels) on a begudt during March of this year, therefore would like to stay in backpacker hostels. I shall be with a group of 5 persons. Everybody of the group intends to make it as cheap as possible. Now, should we book our stay in backpacker in advance before coming to each city or I can get vacant rooms on arrival?

  3. I’d have to add to the list of best things about travel: Tasting, Smelling, Touching, Seeing and Hearing… first hand.

  4. Off the top of my head I’m really not sure exactly how many countries I’ve been to – 20ish I think.
    What is the best thing about travelling? Around every new corner there is a new experience, from amazing countryside to a beautiful monument or building, awesome food, brilliant people and all sorts of surprises.

  5. The best part of travel has to be the freedom and not being anchored down by the weight of possessions and a job. Choosing when you want to wake up, what you want to do and having no set path or stress. I really can’t wait to leave.

  6. I’ve never left the U.S. but I know the best part of traveling is smelling the new aromas and meeting new people around you. It let’s you see and broaden your vision of cultures and food. It also gives me time for a little break from my carrier and family. I like bringing back stories and adventures to my kids because it expands their want to explore the world.

  7. Great set of interviews mate – especially this one with all the quotes. May I suggest your next interview be with Stephen of Monk Bought Lunch. He just had a nice quote in a BBC travel article. Last time I saw him we were playing ping pong in the streets of Bishkek.


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