interesting facts about romania

39 Interesting Facts That I Learned about Romania

39 Interesting Facts That I Learned about Romania
I was surprised to learn so many Romania facts during my few visits. I hadn’t heard a whole lot about Romania before visiting, but I learned a lot once I arrived. I’m sure glad I got to see this wonderful country, and I ended up staying almost two months! there are tons of interesting facts about Romania, and here are just a few I learned!

39 Interesting Facts about Romania!

1. The most famous novels, inspired by Romania, are “The Castle in the Carpathians” by Jules Verne, and “Dracula” by Bram Stoker.

2. Romania is the ninth largest wine producer in the world

3. Romania’s 10-bani note issued in 1917 is the smallest paper money ever printed (dimensions: 1.08 x 1.49 in).

4. The modern jet engine was invented by the Bucharest-born
inventor Henri Coanda in 1910.

5. Bucharest’s mass transit network is the fourth largest in Europe.

6. Soprano Alma Gluck – the first lyrical artist to sell one million records –
was born in Bucharest, Romania on May 11, 1884.

7. The city of Brasov is home to the largest Gothic church between Vienna, Austria and Istanbul, Turkey.

8. Peles Castle was the first European castle entirely lit by electrical current. The electricity was produced by the castle’s own plant.The castle’s central heating system, built in 1888, is still functional and in use today.

9. Europe’s second largest underground glacier, the Scarisoara glacier, is found underneath the Bihor Mountains in Romania. It has a volume of 75,000 cubic meters and has existed for more than 3,500 years.

10. The archetypal vampire Count Dracula, created by Bram Stoker, was inspired by the Romanian prince Vlad Tepes, also known as Vlad the Impaler because he was fond of impaling his enemies and standing them along the roads.

11. In 1889 the Romanian city of  Timisoara became the first in Europe to have electric street lighting.

interesting facts about romania

12. Timisoara was also the first European city to introduce horse-drawn trams, also in 1869.

13. The fountain pen was invented by Craiova-born Petrache Poenaru
in 1799-1875, and was patented in May 1827.

14. The tallest wooden church in the world, and the second tallest wooden structure in Europe, can be found in Sapanta Peri, Maramures of northwestern Romania. It has a 23 foot tall cross that weighs 1,000 lbs, on top of the 257 foot tall church.

15. The American mini-series “Hatfields & McCoys” starring Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton was filmed in Romania.

16. The scientist who discovered insulin was Nicolae Paulescu, a Romanian, who originally called it pancreine. Although two Canadian scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1923 for their study of insulin, Paulescu’s pioneering work in the field of diabetic medicine was duly accredited.

17. The movie Cold Mountain was filmed on location in Romania.

18. The Danube to Black Sea canal in southeast Romania, is world’s third longest man-made navigation route, after the Suez and the Panama Canals.

19. The earliest homo sapiens fossils, up to now, were discovered in 2002 in southwestern Romania, in the Cave of Bones. The fossil’s age is estimated at 37,800 to 42,000 years old.

20. The Unitarian Church was founded in Transylvania, Romania, where Francis David was born in 1510 .

interesting facts about romania

21. Present-day Constanta has been associated with the legend of Jason and the Argonauts, who embarked on a long voyage from Greece to Kolchis, Georgia on the Black Sea coast in search of the Golden Fleece.

22. The Carpathian Mountains are home to one of the largest virgin
forests in Europe. 400 unique species of mammals, including the Carpathian chamois, call the Carpathian Mountains home. 60% of European brown bear population lives in the Carpathian Mountains.

23. The Romanian language is 1,700 years old.

24. The Black Church in Brosov, has the largest organ in Europe, with 4000 tubes. It also has the largest bell in Romania, weighing 41,000 lbs (6.3 tons).

25. Bucharest is  known for being home to thousands of stray dogs. Annually, there is an estimated number of 9,000 people being bitten by these abandoned dogs. When I was there, the government was trying to kill some of the stray dogs, causing the dog protests by many dog lovers. I call them the dog-poop riots, because there is poop everywhere.

romania facts

Bigăr Romania by Eugen Marculescu

26. The Danube River flows 1,788 miles from its springs in Germany’s Black Forest to the Black Sea. Just before reaching the sea it forms the second largest and best preserved of Europe’s deltas: 2,200 square miles of rivers, canals, marshes, tree-fringed lakes and reed islands.

27. The actor who first played the role of Tarzan was  Romanian born Johnny Weissmuller, who starred in Tarzan the Ape Man in 1932.

28. The statue of Dacian king Decebal, carved in the rocky bank of the Danube river, is the tallest rock sculpture in Europe (135 feet tall).

29. Romania is known for having one of the largest gypsy populations in Europe.

30. Romanian inventor Traian Vuia was the first European to build and fly a fully self-propelled, fixed-wing ‘automobile airplane in March 18, 1906.

31. The first ever first perfect 10 in the Olympic Games was given to Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci. She bagged the score after her performance in Montreal, Canada in 1976.

32. The name “Romania” comes from the Latin word “Romanus” which means “citizen of the Roman Empire.”

33. The Voronet Monastery in Moldavia is dubbed as the Romanian counterpart of the Sistine Chapel.

34. Three clay tablets, dated to around 5300 BC, discovered in the village of Tartaria in central Romania, have been the subject of considerable controversy among archaeologists, some of whom claim that the symbols represent the earliest known form of writing in the world.

35. The Romanian Palace of Parliament in Bucharest is the second largest building in the world, next only to the Pentagon in the United States.


36. In 2005, the Romanian currency, the leu, dropped four of its zeroes, such that what used to be 10,000 lei became printed as just 1 lei. They also started making them out of plastic instead of paper. Legend has it that the banks were advised that they should start using more plastic (credit cards) systems, and they took it literally and started making the Lei out of plastic.

37. Romania’s Astra Museum in Sibiu is the second-largest outdoor museum in the world. It features more than 300 buildings as well as watermills and windmills, gigantic presses for wine, fruit and oil, hydraulic forges and more. 

38. It also is Europe’s richest country in gold resources.


39. Ten U.S. cities have ‘sisters’ in Romania.
Here is the active list from the 2012 Membership Guide of Sister Cities International:

Baia MareHollywood, FL
BistritaColumbus, GA
BrasovCleveland, Ohio
BucharestAtlanta, GA
Cluj NapocaRockford IL
ContantaMobile, AL
MediasMineral Wells, TX
PitestiSpringfield, OH
SibiuColumbia, MO

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179 thoughts on “39 Interesting Facts That I Learned about Romania

  1. Christina GmyronReply

    This was a super interesting read — I was just in Romania for 2.5 weeks in November, and I have mixed feelings about it. I’d love to ask you some questions about it sometime 🙂

  2. LorionReply

    I am so happy to see this list on impressive things from my country here! There were some important people in my country, and we have reasons to be proud of:) I will share this post on my social media accounts as it definitely worth it!

    I hope you liked your visit in Romania.

    1. alexonReply

      actually it is that old. even if at some time in history officials did not use it and instead used latin, it was and still is the language that the people use (even if not in the same form as it is now – present English is not the same as it was 200 years ago, same with Romanian)

    2. DanonReply

      Acctually a lot of scientists, linguists, archaeologists, historians etc. are considering that 8,500 years ago, Romania was the heart of the old European civilization. The new archaeological discoveries from Tartaria, (Romania), showed up written plates older than the Sumerian ones. More and more researches and studies converged to the conclusion that the Europeans are originated in a single place, the lower Danube basin. Down there, at Schela and Cladova in Romania have been discovered proves of the first European agricultural activities which appear to be even older than 10,000 years. According to the researchers and scientists, the Latin comes from the old Romanian (or Thracian) and not vice versa. The so called “slave” words are in fact pure Romanian words. The so called vulgar Latin is in fact old Romanian, or Thracian language, according to the same sources… Search on google for this information…

    3. DecebalonReply

      Roland, your name sounds hungarian. When we were speaking romanian your people were still in Asia having sex with goats, so don’t be a little bitch, ok?

      1. RolandonReply

        This is a different Roland , also from Romania and actually this name is German. Nice try. And also you sick fuck,, we have some of the most beautiful women in the world so go fuck yourself.

        1. CosminonReply

          In Germany most beautifull women? wow you call those big things women? then i am not surprised you’re still looking for Yeti to give him Miss Germany Award … Only another “pure arian believer” …

      2. VinceonReply

        You are idiot! The Romanian nation IN 1800 USED CYRILLIC FONTS, do you know?? What kind of “old romanian language” do you speak about? Which is the oldest romanian manuscript?? It is the “Neacșu’s letter”, which was written in 1521. And which is the oldest hungarian manuscript?? It is the “Establishing charter of the abbey of Tihany” which was written in 1055!
        Just 466 years earlier than the Neacsu’s letter!
        Now go and learn more, and think about what you said idiot!

        1. CornelonReply

          You’re not that smart yourself if you think the first document written in a language indicates the birth year of that language.

          You also have to consider other aspects.

          Think of present day Romanians: most of them speak a foreign language (mostly English).
          Think of early 20th century Romanians: Speaking a foreign language (French mostly) even to each other was considered a sign of high intellect.

          Before that, Slavonic was a standard for written documents.

          1. Vinceon

            :)) :)) :))
            Don’t try to tell me how smart are romanians :))
            If they are so smart, why they don’t have any nobel Prize winner who is Romanian, and why they don’t have lots of inventors, why they don’t have famous scientist?? Because they are so smart? :)) The majority of the nation don’t know the history of their village or city, not the history of the country. There are a lot of people who don’t know what happened in 1 December 1918! So don’t tell me how smart are romanians. Hungarians have really really famous inventors, like the C Vitamin, the telephonic center, the Rubik Cube, the ball pen, the computer, the Excel, Word, PowerPoint, the 3.5″ Floppy Disk, Holography, article accelerator, transformer, dynamo, BASIC computer language, the fridge, etc.
            And the Hungarian nation have 10 Nobel Price winners!
            And Romania have one of the worst education in Europe.
            SO I say you again, don’t try to tell me that Romanians are so smart, because this is not true!

            By the way, yes, it is matters which is the oldest manuscript, because this is another thing which support the idea of intelligence!
            And the accepted historical theory is that the romanian language has formed in the V. Century, but the hungarian language in the II. Century before Jesus!

        2. CornelonReply

          I wrote “Speaking a foreign language […] was considered a sign of high intellect” (the fact that was considered, doesn’t mean it was).
          I never wrote anything about the “smartness” of a nation.

          Since you enumerated number of inventions, some of which were not really hungarian (maybe at most remotely connected to some Hungarian), take a look at this:

          My point is: Every nation has intelligent and honorable people.
          Every nation also has it’s low (I spent 3 hours in Budapest, enough time to get mugged and scared shitless by a Hungarian Gipsy).

          If the Hungarian Language was formed in the 2nd Century B.C (may very well be), doesn’t contradict with “Decebal” said in a very retarded way: When the Romanian language started to form (5th Century A.D., according to yourself), Hungarians were in the Urals

          1. Vinceon

            In the first hand, this was another speaking tone. Now I liked it!
            In the other hand, please point a fact, Gipsys are Gipsys. They are not hungarian, romanian or other kind of Gipsys, they are just Gipsys.
            Second thing, yes, what you say is true, that speaking a foreign language was considered a sign of high intellect. But I don’t know why do you thing that in Hungary doesn’t have high intellect, speaking foreign language.
            Third thing, yes, in the 5th Century After Jesus Hungarians were in the Urals, but Romanians are not in Transylvania too. The first fact is that in the 5th Century we can’t speak about countries, or kingdoms, in that period here in Transylvania it was just nomad nations, like Huns, Gepids, Gots, Vizigots, Avars, so a lot of nations. In the 5th Century this territory was under the control of Roman Empire. So I don’t know why Romanian Historians think that here was the Dacian Kingdom, or IDK. Because here was a territory with lots of nomad nations, and the territory was under the Romanian Empire. The FIRST Kingdom in Transylvania was the Hungarian Kingdom, created in 1000 and destroyed in 1920. This is a fact!

        3. CornelonReply

          Do you get comfort from believing a nation is better than another? If not, why won’t you understand that I never wrote/said anything about the Hungarian intellect?

          Maybe you understand English as good as you write it (not very good, and yes, I am a hypocrite because mine is not perfect).
          Why won’t you Google Translate part’s you don’t fully understand?

          Another thing: What you say about Romanian History proves how low is your knowledge of it even if you viciously attack it.

          For your information, no Romanian Historian ever spoke about a “Dacian Kingdom” in the 5th century. There were only two Dacian Kingdoms in history: that led by Burebissta (1st century BC) and one by Decebalus (87-106 AD).
          After the Roman retreat, there is not much record on what happened, allowing so many to fill in the gap with made up stories.
          I’m sure your anger against Romanians comes from such stories, as I am sure my determination to prove we’re not that bad comes from others.

          1. Vinceon

            Sorry that I misunderstood what you said, I understand that you don’t said that a nation is better than another. I am happy to hear this. Thank you.
            By the way, half is true, but not only two Dacian Kingdoms were. The first Dacian King was Burebista, and the last was Decebalus. But from Burebista to Decebalus there was a lot more, like Deceneus (after Burebista), or Cotiso, but if you said, that after 106 BC the Romanian Kingdom was destroyed, you agreed that the Romanian Nation doesn’t have any connection with the Dacian Nation, so the Daco-Romanian Continuity is a bullshit. This is the only one thing which is not try in the Romanian History. The Daco-Romanian Continuity, the other parts that the Dacian Empire was in Transylvania too, or the Dacians were here before the Hungarians is true. But the Connection between the two nations (Romanian and Dacian) is absolutely false, without any supporting documents or confirm findings.

        4. CornelonReply

          After Burebista, the Dacian Kingdom split into smaller states. Deceneus was the ruler in just one of them.
          Some of the states were reunited by Decebalus. I know Romania’s Comunist propaganda wanted to picture him as a great King, but the fact is he lost every war against Rome.

          Emperor Traian conquered the Dacian Kingdom in 106 AD (didn’t destroy it) and started the Dacian “Romanization”.
          This was just a military conquer, economic relations started before 106 and continued probably long after the Aurelian Retreat.
          As I mentioned earlier, this nation is quick to adopt languages and cultures, specially from the nations they look up to (Now, we look up to the USA, we used to look up to France).
          With Romans being more civilized, with better technology that they were willing to share, I can see how Dacians would adopt their language in just few Hundred years, even outside the Romand Dacia.

          Dacian lands were under foreign occupation ever since, but all of them presented themselves as conquerors, not liberators as Romans did.
          That’s why the Romanian language is more related to Latin than Slavic or Hungarian or Turkish.

          I think i told you this before: there is no hard evidence supporting Dacian-Romanian continuity, but neither there is any strong evidence against it.

          Until such evidence, there is only common sense: why would a Romanian nation migrate to Transylvania ruled by Hungarians to be their slaves? Unless they were already here and the Hungarians came, claimed the land and allowed the natives to work the land as peasants/slaves.

          1. Vinceon

            Yes, this is right. There are no hard evidences which support or with against the Dacian-Romanian Continuity. So this can’t be a historical base. (But the bad thing is that now in Romania this is the historical base).
            I said previously, in Transylvania lived lots of migrant nations, nomad nations, gepids, avers, huns, slavic nations, romanians, etc. The big hungarian codex writer, Anonymous, in the Gesta Hungarorum agree that when Hungarians arrived to Transylvania they found here Romanians (he say that Hungarians found here shepherds of Romanians, and they were called Vlah), Romans, slavic nations and germans, and other nomad nations. So I don’t disagree that Romanians lived here before Hungarian arrived to Transylvania. But I disagree that they have historical right for Transylvania, because not just they lived here, and they don’t had any political form here. So the fact, that they have historical right for Transylvania is false, is nonsense. Why they have?
            I agree the fact what Lucian Boia said, that Romanians had right for Transylvania because they were the biggest population here in 1918, but they don’t have historical right for Transylvania. Yes, they lived here before the Hungarian hordes, but they were just a peasants nationality. So the historical right is nonsense.
            However they lived here, the first, indivisible, independent political form, was the Hungarian Kingdom, built by Stephen King of Hungary in 1000 and destroyed in 1920. This is a fact.
            Also I don’t said that Romanians doesn’t lived here before the Hungarian Hordes, but you need to understand that this doesn’t give them historical right!
            What I said now you can find in the “Gesta Hungarorum” (“The Deeds of the Hungarians)” by Annonymus, in the “De Administrando Imperio” (“On the Governance of the Empire”) by Constantine VII or in the “Gesta Hunnorum et Hungarorum” (“Deeds of the Huns and Hungarians”) by Simon of Kéza. All of this books submit what I said previously.

        5. CornelonReply

          Yes, there was no independent Romanian state that ruled over all Transyvania, but there were smaller states. One even being ruled by Gelu, a “Blachus” (Vlach – old name for Romanians) according to your “Gesta Hungarorum”.
          Other two states were lead by Glad and Menumorut (probably not Romanians themselves).

          Your argument that you need a unified independent state to for historical right over a land is weird, to say the least. By this logic, Italy shouldn’t exist because after the fall of the Roman Empire they were divided into small states until the 19th century.

          We agree that in 1918, the biggest ethnic group in Transylvania was that of Romanians, followed by Hungarians and Germans. No more Gepids, Avers, Huns or Slavic people. Gepids, Avers and Huns disappeared from history because they were here to rule and were probably decimated or assimilated by Hungarians.

          Romanian language has a strong Slavic influence, so it’s safe to assume that Slavic population merged with the Vlachs to form modern Romanians.
          So, in a way, you are right: Romanians are not Dacians, they’re Dacians, with Latin filling and Slavic icing.
          We weren’t interested in forming big empires, conquer surrounding nations and enslave them, we just wanted to work our land. Let others do politics and write their own version of the truth about us.

          1. Vinceon

            This is cool, but Gelu, Glad and Menumorut ruled between the IX-X Century. And this means, that they are not the first ruler on this territory. By the way, if we talk about who was here earlier, and who have historical right for this region, I again need to inform you that we have bigger historical right, because the Hun teams ruled Transylvania before Gelu, Glad and Menumorut. The first Hun teams arrived to Transylvania in the beginning of the 5th Century, AD. They had here in Transylvania the Center of the Hun Kingdom to. This was written in the book of Priscus, who was a 5th-century Roman diplomat and Greek historian and rhetorician, but also II. Theodosius and Herodotus talked about the Hun Kingdom, with the center in Transylvania.
            But Pope Leo I also write in the “Documenta Catholica Omnia” that “Attila, the Transylvanian Hun Arrived to Roma”.

            So if we want to say who was here earlier, again I won, because the Hun teams was here earlier.
            But my opinion is that this doesn’t matter, we can’t speak about historical right before the first kingdom, before the first empire, because in this years when the Hun teams arrived to Transylvania, but also in the rule of Gelu, Glad and Menumorut this territory was just a big nomad territory. But if you consider that the historical right becomes from the historical precedence, so who was here earlier, I need to inform you that our ancestors were earlier than the Dac ancestors.

            The second thing is that Glad and Menumorut have Turkish-Bulgarian root, and also Cuman according to Neagu Djuvara research, but also Gyula Kristó accept this. So they don’t have big relation with the Dacian nationality.

        6. AnonymusonReply

          As far as I know, cyrillic is based on greek, which is a few thousand years older than your Tihany. That’s because christianity was promoted through greek writing. No point in further arguing with a jobik ignorant.

        7. bogdanonReply

          dont wanna mess with you , but romanian have almost 2000 years of same language and decebal statues and manuscripts proved it , please… iam not from romania and i know that . fuck off , romania best informatics and mathematicians in the world , and best enginers.. so could you fuck off again

        8. GeorgeonReply

          Actually what Dan said is the truth. I know that the truth is hard to digest but is a fact 🙂 And do not forget u hungarian mongol or what ever are you which obviously you are not part from this continent… We entered twice with our armys in Budapest firs time to save fucking hungarian people second time you upset us so don’t try to be smart with us . And do not forget we also have Brâncuși,Vlaicu, Coandă, Kogălniceanu, Enescu, Vuia, Pasteur,Racoviță ( who was the first Explorer to reach south Pole) and words like Da, ceai, granița they are from the old Romanian language not from slav language, and we have Eminescu as well,

    4. iulianonReply

      Romanian language is older than roman empire. The latin language comes from dac language. The founders of Rome came from Turkey. In that time the tracks where living all around black sea.

        1. @VinceonReply

          I am sorry, but who the hell are you? Why are you doing propaganda for Hungary, a country that exist because of Mongolia? You say that the Romanians are idiots, but here is a good example. At the International Olympiad of Mathematics, we have already beated Hungary.

    5. LucaonReply

      Well, the common romanian language it’s about 1400-1500 years old, but it evolved in 4 dialects: the North-Danubian romanian (spoken today in Romania) and 3 others South-Danubian.

    6. GeorgeonReply

      Actually Roland, is older than that… the writting in latin is 1500 yeas old, but the language is older that 4000 years…Get your facts right… it is older that Sumer language. In the past our writing was fonetic, then we took over the latin alphabet.

  3. LizzieonReply

    Before I went to Romania earlier this year, I knew hardly anything about it. I came back a little bit wiser and this post has educated me further! I loved Romania and can’t wait to go back.

  4. IoanaonReply

    40. Nikola Tesla was istro-romanian. His father’s initial name was Drăghici, changed into “Teslea” ( nickname referring to the family profession – carpenters ). Tesla was good friends with Henri Coanda, the inventor of the modern jet engine .

  5. Nicole ColeonReply

    I absolutely love this country and all about it! They have such a vast and original culture! All roumanians I know are very nice people, honest, trusting and hardworking! Despite the big amount of gypsy people who are not roumanians by the way for those who don’t know. Love Romania x

    1. unQdanonReply

      Ana Aslan
      , MD was a Doctor of the National Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics in Romania. She was the first to seriously investigate the possibilities of procaine as a tool in the fight against aging. Dr Aslan recognised that procaine in a sense “attacks” the body’s cells by numbing them. The body counterattacks with the enzyme cholinesterase. Cholinesterase hydrolyses the procaine in about one hour (66`±14`). Dr Aslan speculated that the compound could be stabilised so that it would not numb the cells. The body would not then reject it and the regenerative effects would be extended

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  8. Ala Micu'onReply

    Hehe, no the plastic money is actually the outcome of a real past threat.
    Paper money were (and still are) quite easy to fake.
    Right after the transition in ’89-’90, during those still turbulent times, you could hear on a daily basis at the news about counterfeiting money. They tried changing papers, safety keys and designs but those had to happen very often to keep ahead of criminals, so this is what they had to do.

    To this day, the Romanian Leu is one of the hardest note to counterfeit, even compared to USD and EUR.

    1. ChrisonReply

      The plastic money is an Australian innovation and is being adopted by many countries around the world. It is far superior to paper currency.
      The legend given in the article is definitely not true.

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  10. ROMULUSonReply

    40. In 2 August 1969 R. Nixon it was the first time an American president visiting a country that belonged to the Warsaw Pact after second war.

  11. VinceonReply

    23. The Romanian language is 1,700 years old.
    This is not true! The Romanian language was formed in the VIII century, so it is just 1300 years old!

    Another thing: here I’m Transylvania a lot of things have built by Hungarians:
    1. The bran castle was built during the reign of Louis I of Hungary.

    2.the gothic church in Brasov (it is Catholic Church)

    3.Francis David was a Hungarian, Unitarian priest

    4. The Black Church was built by Hungarians

    1. AdrianonReply

      He said what he found in Romania. What he visit in Romania, not by who was built.
      You must be so proud of that..good for you.

    2. gazpefoconReply

      Actually they were built by saxons not by hungarians. But, this is a typical answer from a hungarian, who feel left out of every major descendents of Europe, a people with roots in far-east Asia and not in Europe like all of the rest.

    3. AlexonReply

      41. Romanians and hungarians are still arguing about who were the first in Transylvania.

      1. The bran castle was built during the reign of Louis I of Hungary, but it was built by the Saxons of Kronstadt (Braşov) on their own expense and labor force.

      23.The Romanian language is around 1,700 years old.(after the Roman Empire Roman conquest of Dacia). there is no reference about other civilisation living in the areal of present Romania in those times.

    4. TeoonReply

      You are quite wrong about the hungarians
      Romanian language comes from Latin (from 2.000 years ago) as Dacia (former region of Romania) was a Roman empire province. It is the same as with Italian language as Romanian and Italian are very related (almost 60% of the words have common roots). The rest are slavic or turkish influences.

      1. Bran castle was built during Louis I but it was built by the people of Brasov with their own money and effort so Hungary’s contribution was NIL

      2. The Black Church in Brasov is catholic but I don’t see what is the relation with hungarians, because a lot of romanians are also catholic and it was not built by hungarians, it was built by the germans living in Brasov (called saxons or sasi in Romanian)

      3. Francis David was indeed half hungarian half german but he has nothing to do with the Black Church which I said it was built by saxons (sasi)

      4. Very wrong – it was built by saxons (germans) living in Brasov (called sasi in Romanian), it has nothing to do with hungarians. Even so I don’t see what is the problem if it was built by germans, even the Statue of Liberty in NY was made by French people but I did not hear to be a French symbol, it is an American symbol so is the Black Church if it stands in Romania.

      1. VinceonReply

        You are right! But the Saxons was colonized to Transylvania by Géza II of Hungary in ~1150.
        Than the Romanian Communist State has sold them to Germany (so when they wanted to went from Transylvania back to Germany the Romanian Communist State claimed money for the Saxons from Germany) And Saxons was under the supremacy of Hungary, like other nations in Transylvania. So the “ugly truth” (for Romanians) is that they did nothing in Transylvania, just ruined Transylvania after Trianon.

        1. AdaonReply

          When they came Hungarians in Transylvania, what year exactly? Do you know that when Hungarians came as invaders, Transylvania was inhabited by Romanians?

        2. TeoonReply

          The “ugly truth” is that hungarians were only nomads, like gipsies today, and they came to Panonia fields wheer they settled their tribes, while Romanians, descendants of Thracs and Romans, have been in this region of Transylvania forever. So they should stop claiming hungarians had any contribution to build something when they didn’t do anything, they just took the gold and other resources while Transylvania was in the dark period as Hungarian territory.

          The Trianon treaty made some justice to bring Transylvania were it belongs, in Romania, but after WW2 Romania unfortunately lost other territories like Moldavia, north Bucovina and south Dobrogea.

        3. ScoriloonReply

          Referring to this time period, of great debate and interest is the so-called “Torna, Torna Fratre” episode. In Theophylactus Simocatta Histories, (c. 630), the author mentions the words “τóρνα, τóρνα”. The context of this mention is a Byzantine expedition during Maurice’s Balkan campaigns in the year 587, led by general Comentiolus, in the Haemus, against the Avars.

          Soooooooo, if that was the first record, surely it wasn’t the first words in proto-romanian. so, go and fck a horse.

    5. mirceaonReply

      It is more than 2500 years. Ezerovo ring inscription, found in 1952 south of the Danube. It is written / engraved with Greek letters, and the language is Romanian perfectly understandable.

    6. Gabi KoreanuonReply

      Nice one, Vince! 🙂
      Shall I remind you who built the Palace of Parliament in Budapest? Or Bojnice castle in Slovakia? Matei Corvin, the one you are very proud of, cause he really was the biggest “hungarian” ever. I know, you changed his name as Matthias, as you did with thousands of Romanian during hungarian ocupation

    7. IonutzonReply

      Go back to Asia..u little prick.
      You hungarian peoples have nothing to do with Europe. You..Hungaria.. were not even a state.. if I can remember clearly..for a few hundreds of years..
      And remember this: Romanians had conquered Budapest…yeah, that`s right..our army had conquered you Capital CIty. Just do a little reasearch on Google.
      So..go back to fuckn goats in Asia, u little piece of “sh”o”t “i”.
      Fac U, but have a nice day 🙂

      1. Vince FárronReply

        Yes, the Romanian army have conquered Budapest without defense and then they just destroyed lot of things and they had stolen from the national museum, than the American army expelled the Romanian army!
        And don’t forget, that the Austro-Hungaryan army conquered Bucharest to in 1916 and stayed there for 2 years, until 1918… This is not something extremely wonderful thins, lots of army’s conquered lots of capitals, not just the Romania army conquered Budapest! This is the WAR!

        But, if Transylvania was always Romania, why Romanians don’t have anything here? Why they don’t have any old building in Transylvania, any old Church’s, any old Graves?????
        Please find me only 3 old, istorical buildings and church’s which were build by Romanians, or under the Romania empire and show me just 2 important orthodox cemetery in Transylvania… I don’t think so that you can find, because DOESN’T HAVE!!!!!

        If you go to a city in Transylvania, like Targu Mures, Cluj Napoca, Timisoara, Oradea, etc, everywhere you will find old buildings and church’s built by Hungarians in Hungarian style and find lot’s of important historical cemetery’s, BUT Romanians NOT! The oldest Romanian building in Transylvania is not older than 100 years! What does it mean? Transylvania was NEVER NEVER The territory of Romania BEFORE Trianon!

        1. ClauonReply

          Dear Vince,
          I’m one of those romanians who are used to live together with people of other nationalities (hungarians, germans, gypsies, etc…) without making a big issue on how we all learned the history in different ways. Fact is that no one can deny the influences of german and hungarian cultures in Transylvania, a territory which was subject to a lot of wars during time. If Transylvania would’ve been a hungarian province today (a quite possible thing given its troubled history) no one could have been denying its romanian influences. So let’s not create a debate over a pretty relative subject. I was always admired the hungarians in Romania for their unity and for the fact that they are honest and hardworking people. On the other hand I find them a bit too passionate when it comes to history. Unfortunately things in history are so twisted that there is hard to find a universal version of it, one that everybody would be happy with. People were artificially divided in winners and losers after each war and each nation claimed it’s piece of pie according to its “earned” rank. We – romanians – were both lucky and unlucky. On one hand we’ve managed to win Transylvania, on the other hand we’ve lost quite a lot of territories in north east and south east if I’m not wrong… That’s the way that the world works it’s not about being fair… But look at the Black Church. Does it really bother you if it was built by germans, hungarians, romanians or gypsies in the first place? It’s beautiful and it deserves better than such a debate. Visit the church and you will find who built it… By the way, the Black Church is not a catholic church. But, again, does it really matter?
          PS: And no, there’s not true that “the oldest Romanian building in Transylvania is not older than 100 years”. Even my house, built by my wife’s grand-grand father (a romanian guy) is 112 years old.

        2. EugenonReply

          In my grand-grandfather village, Balda, in Mures county, the oldest crosses you can find in the cemetery have Romanian names and Romanian text on them (about 250 years old).

          The only Magyars in the village were the local nobleman and his staff.

        3. aurelianonReply

          dear vince,

          20 km of cluj, rediu, you can find church and graves older than 700 well romanians, in feleac there is a church turned into an episcopal church around 1450. romanians, gypsy were not allowed to live in the city bla bla bla te

        4. alexonReply

          A lot of inaccuracies in what you wrote. First of all Budapest was occupied by the romanian army in both wars. After ww1 romania intervined to stop the civil war that was ravaging hungary, and during ww2 the romanian army eliberated the city from the german army (helped obviously for anyone who knows a littld history by the fascists horthysts). And there a lot of things wrong with your reply and its obviously motivated more by ignorance and fact-deforming in order to reach your pre-drawn conclusion. You should really stop posting stuff like this, remember that this isthe age of the internet a d anything you say can be checked… So… Go back to school and finish 4th grade…

          1. Vinceon

            First of all, when Romanian army occupied Budapest they were helped by the Russian army!
            Second thing, Hungary has lost the ww1 and the ww2 too, so it is not so hard to occupate a country which lost the war and don’t have army!
            Third thing, I also learned in school that the Romanian Army in Budapest plundered the Museums, Houses, killed lots of civil citizen, stolen from the Budapest Museum, and routed the hole City!

            By the way, the Hungaryan army occuped Bucharest too. But I don’t know why this is matter??

            And also, Moldova and Old Romania (Muntenia) was under control by the Hungarian Kingdom for a long time and for a short period they taked the part of the Hungarian Empire. I think, it is harder to occupate 2 Country (Moldova and Muntenia) than a City! If you try to convience me that the Romanian army is hard and the Hungaryan army is a shit, you can’t convience me!

        1. Fárr VinceonReply

          Yes ,this is true
          The problem is, that now in Romania doesn’t have any good party’s, all party’s are bad, all party’s steal and all politicians today in Romania are idiots!
          The PSD is post communist, the PDL is the same shit like UDMR
          So the biggest problem that in nowadays romania doesn’t have future, doesn’t have future in political life, In culture or in financial life because we don’t have a good government. I think the last guverment which was good was the kingdom of Carol I or Romania and after that Alexandru Ioan Cuza! After that the country doesn’t have any good politicians.

    8. blue eyesonReply

      the directives about buildings, infrastructures and all other things comes from Viena not from Budapest, in the Austro-Hungarian empire.

    9. JohannaonReply

      They were built from the work and money of the local Romanian workers and taxpayers, who were oppressed at that time under Hungarian rulers who wanted to maintain their priviledges at all costs.
      The Parliament building and the bridges and the nice buildings of modern day Budapest were ALL built by Jewish, English and French architects and engineers, commissioned in these countries because the Hungarian rulers of Hungary couldnt find any good specialist at home. Also the Nobel prize winners that you brag about here were ALL of Jewish origin.

    1. EUonReply

      Question for Irina : where does the stray dogs poops ???? Do not tell me that the stray dogs have a eco-toilete and they poop in there ……..

  12. daydr3am3ronReply

    Just some additions to those facts.

    4 is very controversial. Although he did have a concept and an engine and a plane, many say the plane never took off so he’s not actually credited for this.

    16. Unfortunately, Nicolae Paulescu had some weird concepts about jews and he was never afraid to sow his antisemithism. This was the main factor that determined the scientific community to fully recognize him.

    Transylvania was under Hungarian occupation for a long time, many of what you saw there have gothic influences because of this and many of the buildings there are actually built using Hungarian architectural plans.

    5. Not sure about this or if this is what you were told but Romania has the 4th fastest Internet connection in the world and Bucharest has the fastest network in the country.

    1. CiupaonReply

      In fact Timisoara has the fastest internet conection in the world

      Timisoara, Romania

      Results were obtained by analyzing test data between Dec 12, 2013 and Jan 10, 2014. Tests from 113,394 unique IPs have been taken in this city and of 743,749 total tests, 16,940 are being used for the current Index.


  13. AntonioonReply

    So the language is definitely older than that, but the oldest fossils were found in Africa according to many specialty academic journals.Other than that nice to read some nice stuff about my country for a change
    One day we will rise again!!!

    1. OctavianonReply

      It is about oldest or earliest homo sapiens fossils not fossils attesting human evolution in general but rather about the latest episode in our evolution as species.

  14. OrjenonReply

    Wow, I’m Romanian, born and bred, and some of these things I had no idea about. Looks like you really put an effort into this. Thanks for shedding some light on our “little” corner of Europe – it’s always nice to see someone who realizes we are not all gypsies over here.

  15. MariusonReply

    Hello. I just want to thank you for showing some things just the way they are, plain and simple. There are plenty of people that are coming in Romania and give only unrealistic feedback. Thanks again for being honest and for showing things as they are. I wish you all the best

  16. ElenaonReply

    1. Actually, for accuracy purposes: The Black church is protestant (evanghelisch – as they call themselves, following the teachings of Martin Luther) not catholic, as the majority of saxons in Romania converted to protestantism.

    2. Also inaccurate: The organ of the Black Church is the largest in Eastern Europe. The largest in Europe (and in the world, as a church organ) is in Passau, Germany – more then 17000 pipes.

  17. IsaaconReply

    “23. The Romanian language is 1,700 years old.” This isn’t true, it is only 600-700 years old. In romanian education historian are teaching a lie in order to manipulate people. Although this “fact” was never demonstrated but rebut, just few romanian people researches the truth.

    1. CornelonReply

      I also doubt it’s 1700 years old because that marks it’s birth century in the 200s.
      Romanian Educations teaches us that at the time we were switching to a “vulgar” (unofficial) form of Latin language that later (few centuries after) became Romanian.
      But it’s not as young as 600 – 700 years old. At the time of the Hungarian invasion (long before the XIII century) in Transilvania, Romanian Language existed.

  18. AndreeaonReply

    History is full of surprises today my friends
    Tour Eiffel was made in Romania

    if you go at Tour Eiffel you will see written on each steel piece
    Made in Resita-Romania
    but before that there was an engineer called Eugen Pavencescu
    he got a contract to build a railroad in 5 years
    he made that railroad in 6 months using his advanced weilding techniques
    pressed with time,in 1898 Gustave Eiffel contacted Eugen and asked him to build his Eiffel Tower for him for the 1900 Paris World Exhibition
    so Pavencescu took the contract and in record time he built the tower
    all parts were melted in Resita 🙂

  19. DanionReply

    I’m Romanian, from Arad, maybe the most heterogenous citty in Romania as, beside Romanians, many Hungarians, Germans, Serbians, Bulgarians, Slovaks, et. are living there togather since years and years. I speak many of these languages, have many friends of all kind of nationalities and I’m proud to be Romanian, therefore I think that the idea of listing all these interesting things about Romania has just the objective to let the world know what they can find in Romania (just like somebody else said) and has nothing to do with the nationalities. I consider very stupid to start argueing about “who build it first” or about the origin of a population, as it doesn’t really matter: indipendently on who did what it did, if it is to be found in Romania, than it’s Romanian! It is really sad to reed some of the above written stupidities, as I can tell you that I never had such controversies with my Hungarian or German friends, and we live together very well. I guess the history is very complex and each country has it’s good and bad parts, it’s just a matter of character to be able to recognize and respect them…

    1. FlorinonReply

      Bravo! Really good point Dani.
      Unfortunately during comunist period history of Romania has been “refurbished”. The sad part is many people took this fake history for granted. Nobody came after this to fix this.
      Also, the old romanian history during the Roman conquest of Dacia and immediately after is not well known. The influence of romans and Roman empire was exagerated over time. The “Roman influence” suporters and latinists won the battle against the “old Dacia culture” supporters and all our history and culture was build on this ideea of our roman roots.

    2. VandoronReply

      Nice vision. Very good!
      If you want to build a future, let the past to rest in peace.
      Whatever, we have problems with our romanian leaders, a lot of problems. They destroy everything. We need to stop them!

    3. Vince FárronReply

      What you say is not true totally, because it matters who built that building…. It matters very very hard to the Romanian government because never tries to renew an old building, a historically building which was built under the kingdom of Hungary (and not after Treaty of Trianon) and the Romanian government tries to destroy, hide all evidences which prove that in Transylvania Romanians doesn’t have anything and all buildings, castles, churches, cities, cathedrals, fortes was built by Hungarians, Germans, Saxons, etc so under the kingdom of Hungary and Romanians was just peasants in the plow lands of Hungarian kings and they lived in villages in the south of Transylvania and just after the Treaty of Trianon so after 1920 and in the period of communism colonized all corners of Transylvania!
      What you say is right, doesn’t needed to matter who built a building, church, castle, etc BUT the lie is not allowed and the destroy is not allowed at all! So that is not normal!

  20. Gymnastics fanonReply

    If I may: The first and the last perfect 10 in the Olympic Games was given to Romanian gymnasts Nadia Comaneci (1976 – Montreal) and Lavinia Milosovici (1992 – Barcelona)

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  24. AnnionReply

    I watched a documentary about Romania and the Carpathian forest area last night. I had no idea Romania was so beautiful. (And I didn’t know that the story of Dracula was of that area.)

  25. Jessa FactoonReply

    I have had the opportunity to travel through europe several times and never really considered Romania as a fruitful option for history and sight seeing. Clearly I was wrong! Thanks for the reminder that it is a country of rich cultural significance. Going to see if I cant pay a visit on my trip this summer!

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  27. VladonReply

    I have read some of the comments, I love Romania, less and less the people…I used to hate people like myself but romanians are horribly uneducated and I’m sorry, no matter how much I love this country I can’t take this shit anymore! I’m a Romanian living here, highly educated but I find it horribly hard to shut up…. anyway…. yes, it’s no surprise this language has been here for ages. Find me one spot in the whole area of Romania where just like in south America, at least one person (and I don’t mean hungarians or gypsies) ppl speak a different language. There are no historical records… we’ve been here since recorded history, there is no doubt… The only thing I wonder is, was it a good thing? honestly? 40% of this country votes for the old communist party because it gives them like 3 eggs…. I love eggs… but really….?

    1. Farr VinceonReply

      The Romanians doesn’t have any written historical document that they were here from ages! THE FIRST written text about Transylvania is the Gesta Hungarorum, by an unknown author who describes himself as Anonymi Bele Regis Notarii and this text, historical book doesn’t say anything about the romanians in the land of Transylvania.
      By the way, the romanian history teaches that the first kingdom in this land was the Dacian Empire, which is still not true! The first kingdom, empire in the land of Transilvania, was the Roman Empire, than the Hun Empire, and only after the Hun Empire was the Dacian Empire.
      The second lie about the Romanian history is that the Dacians doesn’t have any connexion with the Romanians, so the Dacians are not the ancestors of Romanians! This is a fact!

      1. CornelonReply

        There is no such thing as “Dacian Empire”. There was a big kingdom ruled by king Burebista between 82 BC and 44 BC.
        We also know about Dromichaetes, a Getae king from around 300 BC.

        As for the statement that Romanians are not Dacians, you are contradicted by just about every historian, even Hungarian historians.

        1. Farr VinceonReply

          Yes, and Dromichaetes was not Dacian, so the fact that Romanians have right for Transylvania, because the first big kingdom was the Dacian is absolutely false!

          As for he statement that Romanians are not Dacians are true, I am not contradicted! Show me a famous, far-famed, official historical data which agree this fact! There is none! Only the Romanian history say this fact, this means that this is a big big stupidity!
          The BIG romanian historian, Lucian Boia, wrote this fact that the Romanians are not the successor of Dacians and Romanians doesn’t have rights for Transylvania. Then the Romanian government said that Lucian Boia is quisling, because he teaches lie to the teenagers! Just a question! If the Romanian History is true, if the Romanians are the successor of Dacians, why the Romanian government fears about the books of Lucian Boia, about the history of Hungarians??

          This is the unquestionable evidence that Romanian government lie about the History of Transylvania, because only the liars party!

          1. Cornelon

            Romania is a free country now. Romanians are free to learn about anything.
            If there were reliable sources that Romanians come from Mars or whatever Hungarians think, we would know about it.

            Yes, we hat to go through communism and a lot of the History we think we know was altered by the propaganda and some of it may still be in the History books.
            But if there were hard, incontestable facts that Romanians came in Transilvania after Hungarians, as Hungarian propaganda claims, we would know about it.

            Lucian Boia wrote about the known (and common sense) fact that technically Transylvania was never part of Romania or under Romanian administration for hundreds of years.
            And it wasn’t – it was under Hungarian administration until 1918.

            But he also admits that the vast majority of Transylvania is inhabited by Romanians.

            I don’t know what you mean by “the Romanian government fears about the books of Lucian Boia”. His books are not banned and I could probably find them in bookstores today.

          2. adriaticson

            Romanians are not afraid of anything to do with hungarians. If they were they would kick UDMR out. Do you know of any romanian political party in Budapest? It will never happen.

          3. Johannaon

            Lucian Boia is NOT a big Romanian historian. He is one who is educated by a Soros (Hungarian) scholarship and he has been published and supported by in fact, enemies of Romanian history. He used to write good about the Commuinst in those times and after that, he wrote with the only purpose to sell. His books that you can find in the bookshops all include the sensational factor which always makes marchandise sell better.

  28. IoanaonReply

    So I’m not so sure about fact 36! At least, the plastic money came into usage way before I’d left Romania, and that was back in 2001. There once was the 10 000 lei plastic bill – or I at least distinctively recall it. It’d be interesting to look into this!

    1. CornelonReply

      The first plastic bill was 2000 lei, celebrating the 1999 Solar eclipse.
      I remember calling it something like “Eclipse bill”.

      As other plastic bill started to roll out, we continued to call them “Eclipse money” even they didn’t include anything about the Eclipse.

      Ioana is right: at the time of switch to the new Leu (RON), the old bills were already made of polymer.

  29. Farr VinceonReply

    Yes, it is true that that the vast majority of Transylvania is inhabited by Romanians, but not all time! It was vast majority inhabited by Romanians IN 1918, but in 1600 for example not!

    Romania is not just a free country, is a country where the form of government is based on lies!

    1. CornelonReply

      @Farr Vince You are so wrong: In 1600, the vast majority of Transylvania was inhabited by Romanians.
      They were mostly peasants and this makes Hungarian theory, that Romanians came in the 12th century, ridiculous. Why would anyone come to a foreign country in such high numbers to be slaves?

      Romanian theory is simpler: the old Dacians/Getae adopted the Latin language. Later, as Slavic population migrated in Eastern Europe, some word were adopted by the natives to form modern day Romanian language.
      There were no massive migrations, but just a language update.

      As a Romanian, I am free to learn about anything I want. Freedom of speech is far greater than in other countries, including Hungary, where I hear Viktor Orban doesn’t give a sh’t about democracy.

      1. VinceonReply

        Dear Cornel. This is a bullshit what you say. Doesn’t have historical base! This is just the Romanian Propaganda, not anything els. If you travel around Transylvania you will see, that every cities, churches, fortresses, buildings, etc… was built by saxons, hungarians, jews or szeklersz. But you you will not find roughly anything made or built by Romanians. SO don’t tell me, that they were here, because if somewhere are a nation, it has a vestige, a historical document, a building, anything. BUT Romanians in Transylvania doesn’t have roughly anything! WHERE they was, how they was here, if they don’t have anything??
        The oldest church, the oldest building, the oldest castle, fortress, road, book, codex, historical document, etc is hungarian, german/saxon, or szekler! IF THEY WERE HERE They need to have TOO! So what you say, that in 1600 the vast majority of Transylvania was inhabited by Romanians, is just a bullshit, a Romanian propaganda!

        The second part, that Viktor Orbán doesn’t give a “shit” about democracy is really false. Hungary is much more advenced than Romania, they have a lot of expressways, they have better education and medicine, they have more than 10 million tourist in a year (without mountains, see, ski places), they have respect in the European Union, and Viktor Orbán saved a country from the edge of bankruptcy in 4 year!!, and NOW Hungary have the fastest growing industry in Europe and have the smallest inflation in Europe!
        Contrast of this Romania have the worst education and the worst medicine in the European Union, have the biggest corruption in the European Union, in nowadays too the biggest party is the PSD, which is a Post-Communist Party, Romania have the worst industry in the European Union, near the biggest inflation in the European Union, Romania doesn’t have an expressway totally completed (Romania started building the expressways in the country more than 30 years ago, and still they are not finished, contrast of this Hungary finished the expressways near 10 years ago) and ONLY Romania and Bulgaria are the non-members of the Schengen Agreement!
        So Dear Cornel, please don’t tell me which government is better, and which country have democratic government, because the Romanian Government doesn’t give the possibility to Autonomies, when the most advenced European Countries accepts (Like Germany, Switzerland or Non-European Countries like Russia), and nor AFTER the referendum (in Mures, Harghita and Covasna) too, the Romanian Government DOESN’T ACCEPT This Political Form! (When the European Union accepted the Autonomies). I can continue this story with the historical flag of Szeklersz too! So please, again, don’t tell me that Romania has a
        democratic guverment!

        Have a great day!

        1. CornelonReply

          You are so turned on against Romania and Romanians that you can’t allow any ideas that contradict Hungarian propaganda.

          I am willing to accept your theory if proven right. But I highly doubt you could do the same if Romanian theory is proven right – you are just that turned on against us.

          I just told you that at 1600, most Romanians were peasants. Romanian Noblemen from Transylvania chose Hungarian names (e.g. Iancu of Hunedoara – Hunyadi János) because Transylvania was part of the Hungarian Kingdom.
          How could peasants build churches and castles by themselves?

          I never said that the Romanian Government is perfect, but at least I can say Ponta as retarded as Basescu without getting in trouble.
          Romanian politicians, as bad as they are, they understand the benefits of being part of the EU. I’m not sure if we can say the same about Hungarian politicians.

          Apart form a retarded government, Romanians are free to access any information and any historical record they want and is accessible.
          There is no hard evidence that you are right as there is no hard evidence that I am right.
          In the absence of hard evidence, you use common sense. What makes more sense: Hungarian propaganda that says all Latin speakers moved South of Danube only to come back north after a few centuries OR Romanian “propaganda” that says only the language evolved, but the inhabitants remained?

          1. Vinceon

            What you say is not true, again!
            At first hand, under the kingdom of hungary (Before 1920) in Transylvania the Romanians had nobels! IF you read historical documents, you will see that the Hungaryan Kindgom granted the right for Romanians to have Nobels! So, this means that they could build anything in the territory of Romanian Nobels! For example in the Banat of Severin Romanians had Nobels, it follows that there are Romanian Buildings, old Romanian Buildings! BUT in the other parts of Transylvania not, which means that Romanians lived just in the South of Transylvania.

            The second part, that Hunyadi János was romanian is a big bullshit! Yesterday I have read lots of historical documents, bibliographies and everywhere I found that only Romanian historians accepts that Hunyadi or Mathias king was Romanian. THERE IS NO Documents about this fact, you can’t find documents which say that Hunyadi was Romanian, nor Mathias king! The father of Hunyadi was Vajk (which is not a Romanian name :)) ) and her mother is Morzsinai Erzsébet (which is again, not a Romanian name).

            SO, now you agreed what I said previously, the Romanian Propaganda!

        2. JohannaonReply

          In addition to what Cornel says, Romanian noblemen chose to have Hungarian names and to convert to the Catholic Church not only because the rulers were Hungarian but also because it was forbidden for a Chiristian Orthodox and for someone with a Romanian name to acquire noble titles and higher positions in society. But i guess you dont learn about these things in your so called history books nor do your teachers make you learn anything besides Hungarian propaganda that you have the historic right over part of Romania, of course you wish that, it is a beautiful and rich land, too bad for you it has been and it still is vastly inhabitated by Romanians.

        3. theoonReply

          ok, you need to calm down. This has turned from an intelligent debate(at least that is what i want to believe) to a very violent discusion, and i mean this because of the tone in your writing. I admit i haven’t read all the comments written by you but you are one stubborn person. You cannot have a nice discusion without calling the romanians names. If you were truly an educated person you would at least realize that those who are smart are not those who love the opportunity to argue in a stupid manner with everyone he encounters , but the one who accepts that things are not as you may think they are.what makes you so sure you havent lived in lies or that the history you strongly believe is not true?

  30. Farr VinceonReply

    Do you know about 1.400.000 Romanins in Hungary?? I don’t. This is why they don’t have party in the government.
    But here in Transylvania live 1.400.000 Hungarians, this is why we have Party (By the way I hate UDMR, because it is a corrupt party, and they are as crooks and idiots as romanian politicians!)
    So quietly kick the UDMR from the government, they don’t do anything for us (Hungarians) just lie, steal money (Like romanian politicians).

    1. CornelonReply

      For the record, I have to agree with you on this one: UDMR are the whores of Romanian politics (along with PC and lately UNPR) and maybe part of the reason some Romanians (Mostly ignorant assholes outside Transilvania) hate Hungarians

      1. Fárr VinceonReply

        Yes ,this is true
        The problem is, that now in Romania doesn’t have any good party’s, all party’s are bad, all party’s steal and all politicians today in Romania are idiots!
        The PSD is post communist, the PDL is the same shit like UDMR
        So the biggest problem that in nowadays romania doesn’t have future, doesn’t have future in political life, In culture or in financial life because we don’t have a good government. I think the last guverment which was good was the kingdom of Carol I or Romania and after that Alexandru Ioan Cuza! After that the country doesn’t have any good politicians.

  31. Farr VinceonReply

    Do you know about 1.400.000 Romanians in Hungary?? I don’t! This is why they don’t have party in the government! :)) But in Hungary Romanians had premayor too, in Gyula and they have a school there! And there are only 11% Romanian in that city!

  32. Fárr VinceonReply

    Just check this, this is in Hungary! Where have tolarence, where the people respect other nationalities, but here in Romania, Romanians doesn’t respect anyone! They don’t respect our flags, our history, our culture, our language!

    Before you answer to me please check the link below!

    1. CornelonReply

      Romanian law says that a no other flag other than Romania’s and the EU’s can be displayed on state buildings except for special events.
      If you want to live in Romania, you must obey Romanian law, no mater if you think it’s stupid or you see something else in your country.
      It’s like an Englishman coming here and driving on the left side just because he thinks that’s better that way.

      Personally, I wouldn’t mind to have the Hungarian flag on public buildings in cities, towns and villages where the Hungarian community is significant (say 25% or more). But it shouldn’t be a law just for Hungarians, If anything, there should be a German flag where the German community is significant, also for Turkish and others.

      And since we are talking about tolerance, shall we remember not to long ago when a girl was bitten for wearing a red-yellow-blue scarf to school?
      You will probably now search show me a story where a Hungarian was molested for wearing red-white-green. But aren’t you trying to prove that you’re the better nation?

      1. Fárr VinceonReply

        THe girl with the red-yellow-blue scarf went to school on 15 March! That was just provocation, because only in 15 March wear that scarf! We don’t go outside to the streets and go to school with Red-White-Green scarf on 1 December!
        By the way, the girl with the red-yellow-blue scarf was not bitten, she was only punished!

        And please don’t tell me that Hungarians are not molested or bitten in Romania by Romanians! In 2012 for example 3 Hungarian boys was bitten in Oradea, just because they spoken in Hungarian. Than the Romanian guys, said that they live in Romania, so they must speak in Romanian, than they was bitten again because they don’t wanted to sing the Romanian anthem!

        And about the flags! Romanian guverment doesn’t have problem is someone put outside a German flag, a Chinese flag, a French flag, they have problem only with the Székely flag and Hungarian flag! There are lots of restaurants, places where the German or the Switzerland flag is outside the building, and the guverment never, NEVER have problem with that flags. But when someone put outside a Székely flag, or a Hungarian flag all TV’s shows that “bozgori” putted a flag somewhere!
        Tolerance brother, tolerance, what this nation needs!

        1. CornelonReply

          15 March doesn’t mean anything in Romania. We are free to wear any flag and any colors we want any time of the year.
          It’s absolutely not tolerant to punish a girl for wearing the Romanian flag in Romania.
          Instead of making an example that Romanians and Hungarians can get along even on 15th or March or 1st of December, the Hungarian teachers and school board chose to perpetuate this anger.

          They’re no different than the ignorant nationalist assholes that beat the 3 Hungarian boys in Oradea.
          BTW, I never said Hungarians are not molested by Romanians for their ethnicity. I know a lot are ignorant nationalist assholes that call themselves “patriots”, but as the law goes, you are allowed to show your flag on a restaurant, but not on a City Hall.

          My point is: both nations need tolerance

          1. Fárr Vinceon

            Yes, now I agree with you! Nor the Székely boys, nor the Romanian guys are Patriots, and I did not accept what the Székely guys made with the Romanian girl, nor the teachers don’t accept!

            But why we can’t put our flag to city halls? Why? If there the majority of population is Hungarian, the major is hungarian we can put! If the major wants to put to the city hall, in a democratic country he can do!

            For example, in Switzerland they have 4 official language, they have 4 official flags, they can put 4 different flags on the same city hall, anyone accept that!
            Or in the USA, Anyone can use any kind of flag or national symbol!
            Or in Italy, in Elzas they have 2 accepted languages and flags. In Spain they have 2 accepted flags and nations, and they have a big authonomy for Kathalans!
            In Russia have more than 30 authonomys, more than 30 accepted flags!
            But can I continue this with Sweden or with Norvegia

            I don’t know why Romani can’t do this, and why Romania can’t learn good example from big European countries!

  33. A romanianonReply

    This is for the Hungarians who keep lying about Romania, a fact which is generally true of their nation (with exceptions few and far between).

    Everyone should understand that Hungarians live in endless regret of their lost Empire, whose most prized asset (and the richest in resources !) was Transylvania, a Romanian majority territory that returned to Romania of its own will (through referendum) after the first world war, when the Habsburg empire collapsed.

    This is the reason why so many Hungarians do everything in their power to denigrate Romania and Romanians everywhere and to whomever they can. That also holds true at the highest levels of the Hungarian government, which is dominated by crypto-fascists (the Fidesz party) and by outright Fascists (the Jobbik party).

    Hungary is the only European country where outright fascism, racism and irredentism are not only tolerated but also hugely popular (they win votes !).

    It is also a country that is deeply antisemitic and anti-Gipsy and that is generally viewed by Europeans as a fascist nation (that is so even according to the opinions of the European Commission and of the European Parliament).

    Regarding those Hungarians who brag about Hungarian women (well-known to be extremely “open-minded” regarding sexuality, i.e. promiscuous and unreliable in marriage), I do not know anyone except for Hungarians who actually finds them beautiful. They are generally less fat than Western-European and American women, but the same is true of all Eastern-European women overall. Except for this, they are generally viewed as rather plain looking, nothing to be excited about. They are also well-known (besides being unfaithful and promiscuous) for their extreme feminism, which makes them rather unattractive to any sane man.

    Poor Hungarians, besides having lost their Empire (an empire that was universally hated by its non-Hungarian subjects, such as Serbs, Slovenians, Romanians, Ukrainians, Czechs, Slovaks and so on) they also have to put up with those creatures called “Hungarian women”. How sad …

  34. A romanianonReply

    About ancient Romania

    The current territory of Romania was one of the so-called “ice age refuges”, among the few places in Europe that were not completely covered by ice during the last glaciation. That is why it is one of the oldest territories in Europe that were inhabited by Homo Sapiens, as a few posters have correctly alluded to.

    Because Romania was for a long time dominated by foreign powers intent only on exploiting it (the very worst of these being Hungary, but Russia, Turkey etc also qualify) and due to the numerous wars fought by Romania, archaeology is far from having developed properly in the country. The number of archaeological explorations divided by area is one of the smallest in Europe, so naturally a huge number of things remain to be discovered about its past.

    Because of this, it is to be expected that the current picture of Romanian prehistory and early history will continue to change, as indicated by the recent discoveries of some of the oldest city-like habitations of Europe, found on the territory of Romania.

    Also, there is still quite a lot to learn about Dacians, who contributed much more to Romanian genetics than most realize (as indicated by genetic studies). Finally, the origins of the Romanian language are far from being as clear as it used to be believed, especially since it is difficult to understand how the Dacian language could have simply “vanished”, as posited by current linguistic theory (a theory that was influenced by political attempts in Transylvania to push union with the Catholic church)

    Thus, Romanians have a very old history and pre-history that largely remains to be discovered. There must be a reason why the ancient Greeks (who called the area Hyperborea) had so many reverential things to say about its ancient civilization.

    By comparison, we all know that Hungarians originated in the Urals and that they settled in Pannonia around the beginning of the second millenium AD, after an especially brutal and vicious conquest, which Romanians and other people from the area resisted successfully for many centuries). This might explain why Hungarian people have such an obvious complex of inferiority toward their neighbors, and especially toward Romanians.

    1. Farr VinceonReply

      The lie is not our property. The lie is Romanian property. Romania in the first world war lain to her allies, first they was allies with Germans, than they were allies with Russians. First day killed Russians, then they killed Germans. Fair (And yes, the war doesn’t have fair, but we stayed with the Germans until the end, and we stayed with them in the second world war too! So not we are the liars). Romanians in the first world war was fraudsters, traitors, liar. This is a fact. Another fact about lies is that the biggest political corruption in the european union is in Romania, which means that in this country every politician (yes the UDMR too) lies. And the last fact about the lie is that the Romanian Education System makes schizophrenic teenagers, lot’s of teenagers who doesn’t know anything about the place where they live. Everyday I see this thing in my city, Tirgu Mures. In our city, are lot’s of old, historical buildings, churches, but not once I met with the fact that the romanian teenagers doesn’t know anything about that buildings, or what they know is a false information. For example, here are one of the most beautiful palace of culture in the hole country, which was built in the period of Dr. Bernády György, who was the major of Tirgu Mures and is built in hungarian-secession style, and the plans was made by Komor Marcell and Jakab Dezső. And when I was in a presentation in the palace, a Romanian student spoken about the building and said that it was finalized in the period of Emil Dandea and not Komor Marcell and Jakab Dezső was the main planner, but a Romanian planner and they (Marcell and Dezső) was the co-planners. Now probably you will say that we are lying and the Romanian student said the truth, but I need to say, what he said it is impossible, because the Palace was finalized in 1913 and Emil Dandea was major in 1934-1937. Another thing which prove that the building was built in the period of Bernády, not the period of Dandea is that the building have hungarian motifs (When you enter to the mirror room, you can see Hungarian sagas, written into the windows: )

      And another thing which prove the fact that the student who spoken in the presentation doesn’t know the correct information is that my great grandmother lived when the building was finalized, and when I was little she told me the details of the building, and everything about that because he saw that.
      And do you know what I think? Not the student was defective that he doesn’t know the truth, the Romanian Education System is the defective because they teach lies for the students and makes schizophrenic identity for the students. But this is only one fact which prove that Romania is the country of lie, next to Slovakia.

      “and the richest in resources !) was Transylvania, a Romanian majority territory that returned to Romania of its own”

      This line prove what I said previously, that here the Romanian students give false informations in the schools, universities. How its theirs own territory? NEVER was their territory until 1920. Never! Neither administratively, neither economically, neither politically, neither historical. They received this territory as a gift, because they switched to the Russian side in the First World War. This is a fact, dear “A romanian”.

      Now I talk about nationalism, fascism, Anti-Semitism. Nowadays in the european union the biggest nationalism, fascism, Anti-Semitism is in Romania and in Slovakia (but in Slovakia now is on lower level than Romania). ONLY Romania have a government which makes nationalist, fascist, Anti-Semitist policy. Now in Romania the government makes Anti-Hungarian policy in addition that Romania has the biggest minority in the European Union. Here are 1.200.000 Hungarians, lot’s of Gypsies and Saxons, but the government doesn’t allow for us to use our symbols, doesn’t give for us autonomy (in addition that we SIGNED A REFERENDUM THAT WE WANT, and in Mures, Covasna and Harghita the biggest population is Hungarian), doesn’t allow for us to learn in Hungarian in the universities (like UMF in Tirgu Mures), doesn’t allow to us to build new schools, doesn’t return old building, forest, castles for the original owner (until now only 30% of the properties was returned, 70% not), doesn’t allow to restart old schools (like II. Rákóczi Ferenc in Tirgu Mures, now Unirea), doesn’t allow to write city names in Hungarian (like Cluj), etc. The Romanian government makes this despite that Romania signed in Trianon that gives equal rights for all minorities. This is another fact that Romania lies.
      You say that Hungary have Nationalist, Fascist, Anti-Semitist policy. I need to tell you, the only country which have gypsy delegate in the government is Hungary. Now the Romanian population in Hungary is only 0.3% from the hole popularity (which is 35 641 people), and in Romania lives 7% Hungarians but there is allowed to use their symbols, to use their language, to write something in Romanian in the official building, they have school, they can learn in Romania, they HAD MAJOR!!

      This is a building in Micherechi, which is a village in Hungary.

      This building is a school in Bătania in Hungary.

      Again, their live ONLY 0.3% ROMANIA! They have schools, they had major too, they can use their flag, they can write in Romanian to the buildings, they can write the city or village name in Romanian. And after this facts, you say that Hungary have nationalist, fascist, Anti-Semitist government.
      Just to know, Orbán Viktor have a really good relation with the European parliament, with Angela Merkel and with the European Union. He have prestige in the European Union, this is why the EU doesn’t punished Hungary in the last 5 years. Also Hungary have the fastest growing economy in the last 4 years in the EU, Hungary have the fastest growing industry in the last 4 years in the EU, Hungary have the tinniest inflation in the last 4 years in the EU. I don’t think that they have a bad government. And to demonstrate to you that Hungary had good relation with the minorities, had anti nationalist, anti fascist government in the past too, during the Austro-Hungarian empire too I will show you the money of the country from the period of Austro-Hungarian empire:×600/2012_10/2012_10_19/50818e1b35aa6.jpg

      6 Languages! Romanian, Slovak, German, Ukrainian, Serbian and Hungarian language!
      And this is just the money, but in the period of the Austro-Hungarian empire they had more than 6 allowed flags, more than 6 allowed languages, all minorities had delegation in the government, etc. So again, Hungary doesn’t have Nationalist, Fascist, Antisemitist government. But Romania always was Nationalist, Fascist, Antisemitism. THIS is a fact AGAIN!

      About Hungarians girls:
      Just read this:

      But I think we can’t say which nation have the most beautiful girls, every nation have beautiful girls and have ugly girls.

      1. CornelonReply

        This guy’s comments are always entertaining to read once you realize he’s just an a$$hole.

        Just want to point out one quote: “Orbán Viktor have a really good relation with the European parliament”.

        This is how his Supreme Leader is seen in the Western World:

        And to clarify the “Romanian lies” in the two world wars: Romania had it’s own agenda and did what it needed to fulfill it.
        Before the WW1, We had to chose between Bassarabia, stolen by Russia in 1812, Bukovina, occupied by Austria in 1775 and Transylvania, technically never part of any Romanian state (at least, not the full part), but with the majority of population being Romanian.

        There was a treaty with Austro-Hungary so in case they were attacked, Romania will fight on their side. WW1 started with Austro-Hungary in 1914 as the attackers and Romania decided to be neutral at first to join the war against them in 1916.
        At the end of the war, The Russian Empire broke and Bassarabia joined Romania. Later, Bukovina and finally Transylvania also joined “the old Kingdom” to form “Greater Romania”.
        Joining the Allied Powers was probably the best decision ever made by this nation.

        WW2 put Romania again in a position where it had to chose: Should it recover the North-East Transylvania from Hungary (under Nazi influence) or Bassarabia and North Bukovina, occupied by USSR.
        Prime Minister Ion Antonescu, a guy with ideas close to fascism decided to join Hitler against Russia, event though he was not happy about giving up Transylvania. He did one big political mistake, in my opinion: he didn’t stop after getting back Bassarabia. He may have been forced to do so, but I still consider it a mistake. He was arrested in 1944 and Romania suddenly changed sides.

        Under the circumstances, there wasn’t much else to do. Hitler was losing and continuing the was on his side could have mean worse consequences for this country.

        So, yes, Romania will betray you for it’s own benefit

        1. VinceonReply

          What you send me about Orbán is a bullshit. If USA hate Orbán why Obama congratulates to Orbán?

          Orbán have friends in Europe, in Russia, in China, in Japan and in USA.
          Just some examples:
          If the world hates Orbán why is possible that to the Fifa World Cup only two heads of states were invited? Angela Merkel and Orbán Viktor:

          Here another examples, that Orbán have good friends from EU. He have a good relation with Angela Merkel:

          And Merkel congratulated Orbán victory too!

          Another example:
          Putin congratulates Orbán:

          China congratulates Orbán

          I have a question?
          If someone is friend with Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, and with Hszi Csin-ping why we want more? They are the 4 biggest politicians in the world, and Hungary is friend with both of them. So just trust me, now if Hungary want something, they can do, without any problem! (This is why we are the only one state in the EU who given bigger taxes to banks, bigger taxes to telecomunication companys, and Hungary is the only one state who kicked out IMF from the country!)
          Do you think, Hungary can’t continue this? I don’t think!


          Read this sites, than rethink. Is true that Orbán doesn’t have prestidge in Europe? I don’t think so!
          Than rethink, is true that Orbán doesn’t have friens, and everyone is her enemy! I don’t think so!

          Have a great day!

          1. Cornelon

            You are mostly quoting Hungarian press.

            It’s common practice in European an International diplomacy to congratulate the winners of national elections. Hungary is still part of the EU and NATO and, as you say, it’s in good relations with Russia and China. Until an official decision about Hungary still being friends with Russia even after International sanctions, Orban and whoever wins elections will be congratulated by major heads of states and political parties.

            And being a guest of the FIFA World Cup Final is probably not by invitation (Even if it was, FIFA would send invitations to all states).
            It’s probably the heads of states that express their intention to come and FIFA includes them in the HoS list for proper security.
            If the Romanian PM or President would announce FIFA that they wanted to be there, they would be included in this list.

        2. Fárr VinceonReply

          If this is common, when someone win the national election and other congratulates, please show me some links which sat that Obama congratulates Ponta, or Basascu. Or you can send me link when Angela Merkel congratulates Romaina, Ponta, Basescu, anyone….:))
          And I don’t know why they need to congratulate, because Romania in the past years doesn’t developed anything. They got money from the EU to build Highways, but they stolen that money. And the economy reduced, the export reduced, the constructions reduced, the production reduced and the prices increased. So why they congratulate for a guvernment who can’t control a country?
          When Romanian doesn’t developed in the past years, in Hungary they built one more Highway (and they had before this one a lot), they built the most advanced subway in the world, the prices reduced, the constructions, the export, the economy increased, they renovated lot’s of old buildings, they increased the Bank and Multimedia and Telecommunication taxes and they reduced the common costs, like Gas price, with 30% in 4 year. So this is why the EU congratulates to Hungary, this is why Merkel, Obama and others congratulates to Hungary, because they have a guvernment which can control a country, and can make economical growth.

          You say that Fifa don’t invited Orbán and Merkel? You think that from Europe only they wanted to be there. I don’t think so!

          1. Cornelon

            Here you go:
            This is Obama congratulating Basescu in 2009 for his victory.

            I don’t have enough time to search if Obama also congratulated Ponta or USL for their 2012 win (unlike others, we don’t get patriotic orgasms when stuff like this happens), but here is Barroso doing it:

            Yes, I think only Angela Merkel, Your Special One and Putin wanted to go to Brazil. Angela Merkel and Germany’s President had to go because Germany was in the final and football is a big deal in Germany. Others, in democratic countries, would never hear the end of it if they went. They had no reason to go other than entertaining themselves. Same goes for Argentina, a country a very bad financial situation.

            Rulers from pseudo-democratic states like Russia, Hungary, Antigua-Barbuda or Gabon could go because they don’t care about public opinion because they are supreme leaders in their countries.

            About the highways, I don’t completely disagree with you, but you are an a$$hole. Look at Romania’s Height map and then look at Hungary’s. Hungary has almost a complete flat surface, while Romania has to cross mountains. The biggest challenge is exactly joining Transylvania with Oltenia or Muntenia. Probably better politicians would have solved this a long time ago, but I’m not saying that Romanian politicians are saints.

        3. VinceonReply

          I need to reply here, because I can’t reply to your last comment, sorry.

          Nowadays everything can be built with money, so a highway in high mountains isn’t a problem if there is lot’s of money. Romania RECIEVED money from the EU to build Highways. What they did whit the money? The had stolen the money, and doesn’t built anything. (Sorry, they build 60KM between Gilāu and Câmpia Turzii)

          You think that Hungary have Highways because it is a flat country. Yes, this is true, in a flat surface is easier to build anything, but if they steal the money given by the EU to build Highways they not have highways too!
          Now Romania have the most expensive highway in the region, here only 1KM is 27,8 million Euro, why in Austria where are bigger mountains than in Romania, 1KM costs 12.87 million Euro, or there is Germany where was only 8.24 million Euro 1KM. They have high mountains, they have bigger mountains then the Carpathian. So where is the problem? Why Romania doesn’t have highways? The answer is: because Romania stolen the money given by the EU to build Highways and not the surface was the problem!
          Yes, the biggest challenge is exactly joining Transylvania with Oltenia or Muntenia, but previously they need to build the Highway from the Hungarian border until Carpathians, and then they need to start the constructions in the Carpathians. But they don’t finished the Transylvanian Highway and they don’t started the constructions in the Carpathian. Romania started Highway project 20 years ago, but they didn’t finished no one, because every Guvernment had stolen from the money for Highways.

          And you are a bigger asshole!
          If you want to swear and jeer with me, I will reciprocate!

          Hungary is not pseudo-democratic state, they are Democratic State. But you can jeer with Hungary, when Romania have bigger PIB, better standard of living, have bigger economical growing, have bigger constructions growing, have bigger payments, and after they reduce gas/water/energy prices with 30% in only 4 years. Also you can jeer with Hungary when Romania will give back the debt to the EU, and when they kick out from the state the IMF. But by the way, Russia have better standard of living then Romania, they have bigger economical growing, they have bigger payments, they have lower taxes, and theirs PIB is bigger. So yes, you can jeer with this countries, but instead of this realize how backward is Romania in the EU and try to change this. Also don’t congratulate the Romanian Government because now in the EU in Romania have the bigger corruption, in Romania have the most politicians in prison, now in the EU in Romania have the biggest theft in the government level and only Romania is where all politicians are post-communists!

          Have a nice day!

          1. Cornelon

            You always extract what you want from what I write.
            In my very last statement, I said that better politicians would have solved the “Highway over the mountains” problem. This is just another way of saying what you are describing.
            Our politicians are corrupt and don’t care about the country. But they don’t try to increase Media taxes, effectively forcing the Press to depend on other, darker, sources of income.

            The fact that Hungary is able to build infrastructure better does not make it democratic. In fact, History has shown us that dictatorships are far more efficient. Russia was never a democratic country – they went from an Empire to USSR to Putin (maybe they managed to fool us in the 90s) and they have a better standard of leaving.
            This is another important part of a successful dictatorship: make the people happy enough to prevent them from uprising. Some people will get so blind that they will even defend you and trash other countries.

        4. VinceonReply

          I’m sorry that I misunderstood what you said. Now I can agree with you about the Romanian politicians. They don’t care about the country, this is true.
          But what I can’t agree is that you think that Hungary is a totalitarian country. They are not totalitarian, dictatorial. Yes, they are not Democratic country, but Romania are not too! Hungary is a social democrat country, like Germany. Orbán follow the footstep of Angela Merkel. There was a interview too, between Merkel and Orbán, and Merkel said to Orbán: “Stay in the middle, lead your country in the Middle. And Orbán adopted the suggestion of Merkel. They lead the country in the Middle. But Romania are not Democratic too. Romania is also social democratic state, but I think now they are more socialist, than democratic. So Romania is much more left sided social democratic state, and Hungary is middle sided social democratic state.

          But if you think, that Hungary is a dictatorial state, please explain me why?
          Because Orbán was voted in democratic ways, he doesn’t made any dictatorial steps. In Hungary is freedom of speech, the private property is sacred, is freedom of the press, etc. (Probably you heard something about that Hungary have censored the press, yes they made a change in the press. But they don’t make censorship, they just modified the rules about the press. Orbán said, if someone write something to the newspaper or say something in the TV, he can’t do that anonymously, he need to assume her name, because if someone don’t like what he said, he need to have the possibility to answer to the writer. And another change in the rules was that Orbán said that the press can’t write false informations, or if they write or say something false, they need to be responsible for that information. I think this will need to be introduced here in Romania, too! Because the Romanian presses writes lot’s of false informations, and there are many topics that “Ponta is an idiot, or Basescu is an idiot” but this topics are written anonymously and Ponta or Basescu can’t reply for that, or can’t ask, why they are idiots. Another example is, that the Romanian press many times falsify the information about number of participants in a gathering, festival, or in protest. For example, when in March 10 in this year in Tirgu Mures was the Secler Authonomy protest we was there more than 10.000 (yes, more than 10.000, I was there and I saw how many people was there) and expired without any conflicts, melee. Than at night the TVR 1 said that it was a protest in Tirgu Mures, where was 1000 people and they made conflicts between Hungarians and Romanians, and the protest was not allowed. But this wasn’t the only one example.
          And I think what Hungary made with the Media Companies that they made bigger taxes for them was correct. The Romanian government needs to make that step too, I think!
          For example, there was the biggest Television Company, the RTL Club (which is not Hungarian Company), and they don’t payed ANYTHING to the Hungarian government. And they are not the only one big company who did this. And there are big companies in Romania too, which companies doesn’t pay anything to the government. For example, there was the Nokia, near Cluj. They got tax exemption from the government for 10 years. They don’t paid anything to the country for 10 years. Than after 10 years, they closed the factory, landed more than 3000 people to the street (so they became unemployed) than went from the Country. Now Hungary doesn’t allow this. They give bigger taxes to multinational companies and doesn’t allow for them to be some kind of parasites in the Country. Instead of making tax-free contracts with big, multinational companies, they support much more the Hungarian companies. This is another thing which the Romanian government need to do, in my opinion, because now in Romania the Romanian companies aren’t supported by the government.

          Taxes for the banks:
          Yes, this step made the biggest conflict in the EU. But I agree with this step too! Orbán seen the people who got loan from the banks, big loans from the banks, than they doubled, or tripled the interest rate and the people can’t pay back. Than the banks took many cars, houses, lands, etc. Than Orbán said, they don’t allow this, and made a law which said that banks can’t change the interest rate after they made a contract and he increased the taxes for banks (because he said, what they got from the people they need to pay back). Than all banks said that they don’t accept this, they don’t pay anything and they don’t accept the rule about the contracts. Than Orbán said, no problem, but they need to go out from the Country. And what happened? All banks accepted the new rules, they don’t went from the country, and now they pay the bigger taxes. This is the third rule what Romania needs to do, in my opinion, because nowadays in Romania people and companies are clutched by banks. Many people from Romania was forced to sell their house, car, goods, because the banks increased the interest rate.

          So, these are the steps which Orbán made. I don’t think that this steps was dictatorial steps, or anti-democratic steps. This steps was needed. And why don’t made this steps Germany, or England, or France? Because the banks and the big companies are theirs. Romania and Hungary (and other Eastern-European countries) was “invited” to the EU just for economical reasons. Romania and Hungary are the bitches of the EU. They give huge loans to these countries, than increase the interest rate and calls back all the money. In the past years Romanian payed back huge amount of money to the EU, but there is a lot more.
          Another thing what EU made whit this countries, why they invited this countries to the EU was the bigger economical market. Just look to the factories in the country. Now we don’t have to much, and what we have are bought by foreign companies. All beer factories, car factories are bought by foreign countries. And if someone doesn’t sell, the EU make some restrictions and he need to close that factory. This is the thing also with the agriculture. When Romania makes 1.000.000 tones potato, come the EU and say that this potato is infected, and only the German potato is good.
          Hungary just occurred again this exploitations. They are not anti-democratics, totalitarians, dictatorial. They are just a small country in Europe, which was bruised, depleted by the EU. They don’t like this, because now Hungary doesn’t follow the expectations of the EU, and now they say that Hungary is communist, anti-democratic, etc.
          But if Romania want economical growth, they also need to make this steps, like Hungary. They need to follow the footsteps of Hungary.
          My opinion is, the EU is not bad, but they have bad points. This is the economy. I think they made lot’s of cool thinks for the peace, for the multinational culture, for the truism, but they ruined the economy of many countries. This countries need to fight with EU, they don’t need to allow to the EU ruin their economy. But they also need to work hard, to become much more European countries.

          Have a nice day!

  35. JohannaonReply

    Vince dude, you have a problem. You are so full of hate and so stupid that I will only bother to tell you this: Romania is given as an example by the officers and in the documents of the European Union for the way the monirities are treated. This would not happen if what you say was true. Anyone who comes to Romania will see that there are places where the name of the place is in Romanian and in Hungarian (where more than 20% of the population is Hungarian speaking). Even in public hospitals and institutions one can read the things of interest in Romanian and Hungarian (where the Hungarian population exceeds 20%). This can be verified anytime. In Romania, Hungarian-speaking people can get fully FREE education from the Romanian state from kindergarden to Phd. Hungarian can be spoken anywhere anytime, without limitations. Hungarians have ethnic parties, represented in the Parliament and Government. Not any other monirity (Germans, Serbs, Ukrainians, etc) from Romania does ever complain about how they are treated in Romania in this regard, except for Hungarians who always complain and are always playing the victims, only because they simply DON t want to live in Romania, they would like part of Romania to become Hungarian land, which will never happen.

    1. VinceonReply

      This thing theoretically works, but practically not. For example, in Tirgu Mures the Hungarian population takes 46% from the population of the city, but the Major don’t want to place the Street names in Hungaryan. Also here in Tirgu Mures, the major don’t want to enable a Hungaryan school, the II. Rákoczi György. (Now he accepted, but only after he lose the lawsuit in the court of justice).
      Another thing is where the names are placed in Hungarian always someone paints them with red-yellow-blue:

      And I am so sorry to tell you that Romania didn’t gived any good example to the EU. What you said that the city names and all what you said is general in other countrys in the EU. In Hungary where the Romanian population is only 0.3% WHERE THEY LIVE! (not where they exceeds 20%) is written in Romanian.
      But we can find Multilangual boars, we can find in Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, etc.

      But Romania didn’t gived any good example too the EU. I accept that the Romanian Government treated the minorities better than Slovakia, but this is not the proper too, this is not the best. Romania will give a good example to the EU when they give Autonomy for Seclerland, and for all other teritorys which want Autonomy! (I bet that not only Seclers want Autonomy in Romania, but only they dare to assume).

      1. JohannaonReply

        No. Romania IS given as an example in the European Union for the way the minorities are treated, whether you like it or not. In Targu Mures there are also bilingual boards with the name of the city and FREE PUBLIC education in Hungarian on all the levels. You speak as if in Targu Mures not even a school was allowed in Hungarian, whereas there are more schools in Hungarian than in Hungary itself. In Hungary, Romanians are treated miserably, they cannot study in their own language beyond a very basic level and they are taught by the Hungarian propaganda that their ancestors were sheperds arriving there from Albania!!!!! Shame on the Hungarian state and they will pay for it. Their names are magyarized all the time. You will never get any authonomy from Romania, we will never give up any part of our land that our ancestors gave their blood for to defend.

        1. VinceonReply

          Show me please Bilingual Boars in Tirgu Mures! I want to SEE!

          “You speak as if in Targu Mures not even a school was allowed in Hungarian, whereas there are more schools in Hungarian than in Hungary itself.”

          Which schools we have here only Hungarian? Only the Bolyai, while only Romanian Schools have more! (While then hungarian population is near half)

          “In Hungary, Romanians are treated miserably, they cannot study in their own language beyond a very basic level and they are taught by the Hungarian propaganda that their ancestors were shepherds arriving there from Albania”

          They can learn in Romanian from the first grade until the 8th grade. What do you want more? They are only 0.3%, 35.000 people.
          And what they learn is true :))
          Here we learn the same, and yes it is true that the Romanian nation arrived from Albania as the shepherds of the Romans. I don’t know why do you think that this is not true :)). Just reed Gesta Hungarorum, or Gesta Hunnorum et Hungarorum, or the book of Constantine VII, or another old Historical codexes. This books speaks about the Romanian nation. Also this books says that when Hungarian troops arrived to Transilvania, they met with lot’s of nations, including Romanians (who were just peasant and shepherds. So what they learn in Hungary is true, and we learn the same here.

          “You will never get any authonomy from Romania, we will never give up any part of our land that our ancestors gave their blood for to defend.”

          Never say never, we will have Autonomy in the next 2 years, if you like it or not. But yes, probably we wouldn’t get from Romania, we will get from Putin, who can give for us, or from Orbán or from Vona.
          What kind of defend do you speaks about? Your ancestors never defended Transylvania, also they don’t gave their blood for the land of Transylvania. Transylvania always was defended by the Hungaryan, Secler and Austro-Hungaryan troops. But if you know any battle which defended Transylvania and where Romanian soldiers died in the land of Transylvania, please tell me. But I can tell you that Stefan cel Mare, Mircea cel Batran, Vlad Tepes, or other Romanian prevailing defended their land by the help of Hungaryans, or Seclers or other troops. Just learn more, please, and don’t tell me idiot things:


          “A păstrat relații strânse cu Sigismund de Luxemburg, regele Ungariei, bazate pe interesul reciproc în lupta împotriva extinderii Imperiului Otoman. Trebuie menționat faptul că Mircea a fost vasalul regelui ungar…”


          “Totuși nimeni nu a trimis ajutor, nici în bani și nici în oameni, cu excepția a aproximativ 5.000 de secui, 1.800 de unguri (de la Matia Corvinul) și 2.000 poloni (trimiși de Cazimir sub conducerea lui Buciațchii).”


          “În 1459 Țepeș refuză să mai plătească tribut turcilor (10.000 galbeni anual). Se pare că această răzvrătire s-a datorat existenței unui proiect de cruciadă impotriva otomanilor, cruciadă susținută de Papă și în care regele Ungariei, Matia Corvin, ar fi urmat să joace rolul principal ( acesta chiar primește de la Papă suma de 40.000 galbeni, suficientă pentru a echipa 12.000 de oameni și 10 nave de război). În acest context politic, Vlad Țepeș încheie o alianță cu Matei Corvin…”

          P.S. I think you can understand this in Romanian too, I wanted to write you in Romanian, to see from the original source, and not a translated form.

          So, you can see that there was lot’s of battles where the Hungaryan and other troops helped to the Romanian prevailing to defend their land (Moldova or Wallachia). And you can see that in the past times the relation between Hungary and Moldova or between Hungary and Wallachia was better than today. In that period Romanians doesn’t falsified the History, and they were much more fair and smarter than the leaders of today. So yes, I think that in that period was better for all nations, Romania and Hungary had a good relation, they don’t had conflicts between them and Romania doesn’t falsified the History (how they do today) and Hungary helped to Romania when they was in trouble.

  36. JohannaonReply

    -The board that you posted from Oradea is a fake because I live in Oradea and know for sure that it never happened unfortunately to see the Romanian flag drawn on the Hungarian name of the city.
    -I will come to Targu Mures and show you bilingual boards.
    -Romanians in Hungary can have Romanian language like a foreign language in school from the 1st to the 8th grade. That s way different than having ALL EDUCATION FREE in Hungarian like you can have in Romania.
    -The wiki sources you bring are totally irrelevant and out of the context. Romanians did shed their blood for the Romanian land, be it Transylvania or any other part.
    -Anonymous and your other sources clearly specify that when Hungarians came from Asia where they came to, they met Romanians and other populations and there is not any single proof written or archaeological that Romanians come anywhere from south of the Carpathians to what we call today Transylvania.
    -You will never get any authonomy from Putin because even if he is strong, NATO is stronger.
    -Even mentioning Orban and Vona shows you are just living in your own world and you dont realize how ridiculous it is.

    1. VinceonReply

      – The board posted from Oradea is true, I saw that in the previous year. Hopefully the Police Department always take down. But Oradea is not the only one place with this thing….
      – This is a board from the streets of Tirgu Mures:

      This is not bilingual. This is bilingual:

      Now is a big fight for bilingual boars, bot now only three streets have!

      -Romanians in Hungary can learn anything in Romanian in Romanian schools. If they are to Hungaryan school (because they went there), they have the possibility to learn the Romanian Language like a foreign language. But here if a Hungaryan student goes to Romanian school he can’t learn Hungaryan language!

      -Anonymous and other sources (except Romanian sources, and not all Romanian sources) clearly specify that Romanians arrived to Romania (the territory of Romania nowadays) from south, are some sources which say Albania, are another sources which say Bulgaria, but all sources say that the Romanian nation came from South. But I don’t know why you think that this is not true. All nations have formed in South. All cavemen’s lived in Africa, not in Germany or everywhere in North. We came from East (are sources which say that from Mongolia, are sources which say that from Xinjiang, but all sources say that we arrived from East) and sources about Romanians say that the Romanian nation arrived from South.
      And this was normal in the middle ages, because in that period all nations was wanderer. Just see the Huns, they arrived to Transylvania in 400, but the Hungarians arrived only in the IX century, after 890. Anonymous even say that when Hungarians arrived to Transylvania, this territory was occupied with Eurasian Avars and with Slavs, but they were few. `But the point is, the Romanian nation was a wanderer nation too, they don’t live here from 3000 years! They were wanderers like other nations, and they came here too, like Hungaryans. This have a reason, why they came here: because Transylvania and Pannonia and this area had a good climate and had lot’s of good infield’s. Transylvania was always occupied, but always was a gateway, always lived here nations, but not the same nations. Here was Eurasian Avars, Slavs, Rome’s, Gepids, Huns, Tatars, Turks, Mongols, etc.

      – Putin is harder than the hole EU. This is why EU watched how Putin mapped Krim peninsula to Russia. This is why EU watched how Putin invade Ukraine.

      – This with Orbá!!!n (not Orban) and Vona was a joke!

      I don’t know why you are so against with the Autonomy, because with Autonomy will be better for all Transylvanian residents. The Autonomy is not just for Seclers, the Autonomy is for Transylvanians. I’m sure that Seclers will got Autonomy in the next 2 years, but I hope that hole Transylvania will have Autonomy. Just imagine, that your money will never go to Bucharest, will go to Oradea. And not Bucharest say what we can do here, what we can build (now I speak about Hungarians, Seclers, Romanians, Saxons, so all Transylvanians), where our money go, but we choose this. Now 100% from the money from Transylvania goes to Bucharest, but only 10% came back and 90% go to Walachia and Moldova. Why? Why our money goes to Moldova? Why we need to work hard and Moldova and Walachia got our money? Why Walachia have highways and we don’t have? Why Bucharest need to say what we can learn, and how we can learn?
      A big Transylvanian Autonomy will be good for Romanians, for Hungarians, for Seclers, for Saxons and for all nations. The Secler Autonomy plan is the first step to a big Transylvanian Autonomy. Seclers just want to show the way to the future, to a great, rich, advanced Transylvania. Transylvania can become as advanced as Switzerland, because we have this possibilities, but until Bucharest steal and sold our goods, we can’t develop. Just imagine, what can we do if Bucharest doesn’t sell the Silver and the Gold from Transylvania to a Canadian company. Just imagine, what we can have if the state doesn’t cut all forrest from Seclerland and sell to Germany. Just imagine what we can do if the state doesn’t damage Rosia Montana. I like Western Europe, but I don’t like that they invited Romania to the European Union just for our goods. Just look to Switzerland, there are lot’s of Autonomies, Cantons (how they say) and all territories develop, all territories have money and all territories have their own nationality, culture, symbols, history, art. And doesn’t have war, conflict between them? WHY? Because there all nations have the same rights and the state doesn’t make conflict between them. Sometimes I saw a video, made in Sepsiszentgyörgy (Sfântu Gheorghe) and there was made a report with 10 Romanian citizens. The question was: Is true, that they don’t live in peace near seclers? The answer from 9 citizen was: No, this is not true. They live in peace near the seclers, they never had conflict. The conflict come from Bucharest, but they don’t want to fight. An old man said that they have only Secler neighbors, but they had never conflict, and they are friends. This is another reason why Transylvania need Autonomy. We don’t want to fight, we don’t need conflict. Transylvania have lot’s of beautiful places, buildings, cultures. We need to save that, not to destroy that. But until we are controlled from Bucharest, this wonders will be destroyed, because the policy in Bucharest encourages us to fight, to destroy, to hate each other. This is why WE NEED AUTONOMY. And the only one solution is the AUTONOMY!
      Imagine a Transylvania where Romanians can have anything, without Bucharest accept that or not, where Hungarians can have anything, without Bucharest want that or not. Imagine a Transylvania where the people chose what they want, and not Bucharest say what we want, what we can. If 80% of the population from Harghita, Mures and Covasna want Autonomy, why we can’t have? How I know, Romania is a Democratic Country. But don’t think that only we are prevented by Bucharest. Romanians are prevented too! Do you think, is correct that Romanians from Bucharest can travel to the Black-See in Highway, but Romanians from Transylvania can’t travel to West-Europe in highway, because we don’t have?? Do you know why we don’t have highway? Because Bucharest steal the money from Transylvania. Do you think, is correct that politicians from Bucharest steal the money from Transylvania, just because they are politicians. Do you think, is correct when we enter to Bucharest everywhere we see cranes, constructions, development, but when we enter to Oradea, or everywhere in Transylvania we see buildings, streets which were not renovated 200 years? Why they have bigger possibilities, when we work harder?
      And the last question? Do you think, is correct that Walachia and Moldova worsens the prestige of Transylvanians, worsens our educational statistic (Why? Because the graduation failure rate in Moldova and Wallachia is 60-70%, but in Transylvania is only 20-30%). Is correct that we learn hard to become good doctors, than the Moldavians got work in the Hospitals of Transylvania, and we need to go to abroad? WHY? WHY?
      Is correct that when UNESCO make a statistic with illiterate people in Transylvania and UNESCO say that Romania have 50% of illiterate people. But if you see only Transylvania, without Moldova and Walachia this number is 5%! Is this correct? Or is that correct that people from Moldova and Walachia go to abroad, steal and make criminals than the world say that Romania is a country where everyone steal and make criminals? NO! Transylvanians doesn’t steal, and doesn’t make criminals!
      So, please understand, we don’t want national autonomy, we want cultural and economical Autonomy, and we want Autonomy for hole Transylvania. Here is a petition for this, to see that I not just say, I think so too: (and lot’s of Romanians signed this petition!)

      Have a nice day!

      1. JohannaonReply

        You really have no idea how money are collected in Romania and how they are distributed from Bucharest to the rest of the country. You are only brainwashed by Hungarian propaganda. Bucharest contributes 70% to the PIB of Romania and the region you speak about contributes the least to the PIB, Harghita and Covasna would be dead without the help of Bucharest.The local authorities ARE AUTHORIZED to take local decisions and they have liberty in chosing how they spend the money. What you say it s SF and it is absolutely not true. I dont have time to explain to you here how it works, but you can get alone to the information if you want.

        1. VinceonReply

          Okey, if Harghita and Covasna would be dead without the “help” of Bucharest, just leave us, to become dead. BUCHAREST DOESN’T GIVE ANYTHING TO SECLERLAND! ANYTHING! IF YOU ever was there, you seen that everywhere EU boars are, not “Romanian Government” boards. Only one thing what I see there by the Romanian Government was the Ortodox Churches, in locations where doesn’t live Romanians!

          1. @Vinceon

            Seclerland? What the fuck is this, idiot? It is Szekelyland. You dont know even what are you talking about.

    2. acrilykonReply

      What I love about this history war is that Hungarian people are the only ones questioning the Romanian history, proving sources made by Hungarians. These things sound weird, considering we came on these lands first.

  37. JohannaonReply

    You say that only Orban Viktor and Merkel were invited by FIFA to the final but on the link you gave me I see a lot of other names of polictians.
    If you think that those articles are relevant to how important Orban is to international politics it s your problem, I wont argue with that, it just shows again that you don t have the sense of reality.
    I am asking you to support your assertion and show me only one proof or send me any paragraph from any of the sources you believe to be true, that says that Romanians come from the south of the Danube and the arguments of it. I want you to show me ONE argument that Romanians were wanderers and that they came from the south. I do not accept Hungarian writers and also no Habsburg sources from the time when Transylvania belonged to the Habsburg Empire, the reasons are easy to understand.By the way, you mentioned Anonymus, but he says very clearly that Hungarians met Romanians here when they came, no way that Romanians came from the South.Actually you can even give me Hungarian sources but I want to see the arguments.

    1. VinceonReply

      I said that only Merkel and Orbán was invited from Europe, who was politicians. But show me any Romanian politician there :)) (I wouldn’t think that you can show me, because everyone hates Romanian politicians)
      Just one more thing about Orbán. Don’t be angry when he take care for our Autonomy in the European parliament. And he will do!

      I said you more arguments, sources. I don’t need to say another arguments. You need to give me arguments which confirms that Romanian nation has formed in Transylvania :))
      But you can’t say me, because doesn’t have. The historians doesn’t find any Dacian ancient artifacts because doesn’t have, the historians doesn’t know the Dacian language, because only approximately 90 words remained, they don’t know Dacian names, because only some names remained, they don’t found Dacian graves because doesn’t exist. And the last thing about Romanian history. Romanians doesn’t have history. They have only 3 different theories, but only one is most likely, the others not. But no one from the theories doesn’t have evidence!

        1. VinceonReply

          What I think about our neighbors. Moldova is poorer than Romania, Ukraine is poorer and Bulgaria is poorer.
          But I have bigger respect to Bulgaria and Moldova, because they have their own history and don’t falsify another history. Ukraine is worse than Romania, because theirs country is a completely stolen country. They got territories from Romania, from Hungary, from Poland, from Russia and from Belarus but they fight for an independent country and they are much more nationalist than Romania and they falsify the history much more than Romania. So if I need to add score to this countries in my point of view ( in ten scale) Ukraine is 2, Romania is 6, Moldova is 7 and Bulgaria is 8. This is my opinion about the neighbors of Romania.

  38. AmandaonReply

    I’m glad I stumbled across this, I’m trying to convince some friends to come with me to Romania in October, so this might just do the trick! We’re going over Halloween, which I’ve heard can be interesting, and given point number 10 I can certainly see why! 😉

  39. best 3d tv comparisononReply

    An outstanding share! I have just forwarded this onto a colleague who
    was doing a little research on this. And he in fact
    ordered me dinner due to the fact that I found it for him…
    lol. So let me reword this…. Thank YOU for
    the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending some time to talk about
    this matter here on your site.

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  41. jb30onReply

    The annoying thing in most of these PR-scented articles is when the author fails to clarify Transylvania is NOT Romania, and never it was – it has been merely under occupation for almost a century now.

    Lies become truths if they are pushed in your face often enough, but let’s make this clear: “Timisoara” is called Temesvár, and nothing, repeat: NOTHING of the aforementioned technological advancements or other breakthroughs there or in entire Transylvania were invented or built by Romanians.

    Romanians sure were great looting Eastern Hungary after WW I., they sure massacred thousands of innocent Hungarians after the peace treaty, they sure terminated more Jews during the holocaust the so-called anti-semitic Hungarians and they sure knew how to populate an entire country while Hungarian idiots couldn’t realize that if they allowed this fertile people to settle their ancient land they will spread and in the end Hungarians will be forced out themselves.

    Transylvania is part of a country that is founded on the eon-long work, creativity and scientific genius of the Hungarian people. Romania is a big, prospering country now, thanks to achievements its people have stolen from native Hungarians through their cowardly and trimmer ways – both at war and diplomacy – not to mention the still ongoing “theft” of great Hungarian people and cultural heritage already or soon to be “converted” to Romanian.

    Jus’ saying in case someone would like to peek behind the blatant third-rate lies that Romania feeds the world everyday. Take some time to learn history fellas because Romania very existence on stolen land, its total oppression of its remaining Hungarian community and the false history its citizens believe to be true MUST be a deterrent example to all thinking people of the world where constant lying and paddling primitive propaganda can get you.

    All the best.

  42. VictoronReply

    At 37 there is a mistake. I am from Sibiu and the museum you wrote about is not called Astra Museum, it is called The Village Museum 🙂

  43. SølvionReply

    Now I understand why hungarians envy romanians!
    In my country, Norway, hungarian citizens or other nationalites did not have so many rights but still can not talk so bad about country living,if they want to stay here !
    I have carefully read all the comments and I searched the internet more information about Romania.
    It seems that poor Vince is very jealous, and liar …
    I hope that in the summer to visit several cities romanian!
    But until then: Vince, my man, try doing more research from neutral sources, not just those that agree with one side or the other!
    I’m sorry for you, but it seems that romanians commentators were right in what you have written here …
    God Jul alle sammen !
    Gjøre fred, ikke krig!

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  47. Cantec despre oastea lui IgoronReply

    For all the Hungarians that answered and debated on this blog, I wiil say that you are bad informed.

    As Solvi said, you are just jealous. The Hungarians arrived as nomads and the were baptised as Christians later than Romanians, who were Christians starting with the IV-V century AD. Many of the inventors and “great” people that Hungarians gave to the world were not Hungarians but jews, or even born in Romania and the moved to Hungary or Europe or USA. The great Corvin rulers of Hungary were of Romanian Origin.
    Also in the WWII, way before Romanians occupied Budapest, the Hungarians killed many innocent peasants (just try ans search google about Ip, Moisei and Ludus villages).
    So Hungarians, like many other nomad tribes that invaded Europe, didn’t civilize but destroyed. After they conquered all they they could conquer, they received the Christianity just to get “legal” in the territories that occupied. And the Catholic Church was to be blamed in this situation.

    I myself belong to an ethnic community from Romania but I do not try to sustain the fact that a part of Romania should go to another country just because a stupid treaty said that. The slavic language in which all documents were written was used because of the Orthodox cult and because of the relations with the Byzantium and Russian Kingdom. Those were the only connections based on religion in the area. But this was the legal documents and written language. The people spoke Romanian.

    To conclude as long as the History is written by the conquerors or by the parties that want to get legal with their story and with fabricated proofs, we’ll always get to fight one another.
    Sorry if my English is a bit rusty.

  48. RaduonReply

    This guy Vince or Vince Farr,or these guys,they think are hungarians but Hungary dont want them anymore,that why guys like Vince are people with no country,with no place to go.This people are called BOZGOR,somekind a trash of hungarians.
    This kind of people,bozgor try to claim everything,look for facts,sometimes they go in dreamworld…
    This article is about Ro but he write here his “Facts” like a pain in the ass,like a hemoroid.Also when a romanian give him a reply he says “That true”.
    My lost friend Vince,you can stay in Romania.We let you to live here,be happy with that.A lot of imigrants have a happy life here.Go to McDonalds,get a girlfriend,get a life…stop jerking off…

  49. AlecuonReply

    You all need to do your research …. ! the empire of Romans were first founded by Trojans …they were conquered … And if you look better in ancient history , and notice that Dacian , Trojans are a region of Thrace ….. So Romania was Romanized ? As Vatican said ? just study the real history!!!

  50. MarcusonReply

    Hey anyone else got any other facts????
    I need some by the end of the week please…I am studying on
    Romania, Thank you.

  51. stefanonReply

    12. Timisoara was also the first European city to introduce horse-drawn trams, also in 1869.

    See source:
    The first tram in France was opened in 1839 between Montbrison and Montrond, on the streets inside the towns, and on the roadside outside town. It had permission for steam traction, but was entirely run with horse traction. In 1848, it was closed down after repeated economic failure. The first street trams in Britain were built in 1860 in Birkenhead by the eccentric American entrepreneur George Train, who later introduced street trams to London. If Africa’s first tram service in Alexandria started on 8 January 1863.

  52. stefanonReply

    25. Bucharest is known for being home to thousands of stray dogs.

    This is no longer true after the recent measures taken by the mayor of Bucharest the city is now clean of stray dogs.

  53. An ConstantinescuonReply

    Here I have noticed a long series of misinformation coming from different persons, mostly from Jobbik chauv‌inistic Hungarians, that have not received a proper answer. I will present them itemized:
    1. The Jobbik guy said that “Hunyady Janos was not a Romanian”. Fact: the Hungarian historian Lendvai Pal say clearly that he came from Wallachia (then called “The Romanian country” by its inhabitants). His name was in fact Voicu, which is transliterated as Vajk in the Hungarian chronicles. I recommend the Romanian guys to read the works of Hungarian historians (like Lendvai) in order to answer properly to the idiocies written by Hungarian chauvinists.

    2. Another Hungarian chauvinist said that “the Romanians have looted Hungary”. Fact: Yeah, they have dismantled the Kun Bela regime. They have “stolen” the Communist future of the so-called “The Soviet Republic of Hungary”.
    I beg to believe that a Hungarian state under Stalin’s rule wouldn’t have been exactly the best thing for the Hungarians at large, unless they also regret the fact that because of the intervention of the Romanian army in Budapest they did not have communist concentration camps like the Soviet Union under Stalin.

  54. Anton ConstantinescuonReply

    The fact that “Huniady Janos” was a Romanian was stressed out not only by the present-day Hungarian historians, but also by his contemporary Hungarian and…Italian historians (like Bonfini). Nevertheless the most spectacular testimony is that of Pope Pius II who said “Hunyadi did not increase so much the glory of the Hungarians, but especially the glory of the Romanians among whom he was born.[217][218][219][22]”.
    This is something so well known that it even appears on …Wikipedia. See the quotations! My question still remains: why do the Hungarian chauvinists try to falsify the history? This is shameful but it is common practice for the Jobbik liars!

  55. TruEonReply

    Oh really, yes. The places are beatifull, since I’m romanian. But let me remind you about all the idiot and thieves that live there. It called ”tigani”. Steal from you, injure you and other things. Just the faun is a good thing at Romania in 2000-2017

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