Street Art of Tel Aviv, Israel

street art of tel aviv

Tel Aviv is an interesting melting pot of cultures, religions and customs. It is so interesting in many ways, but one thing that blew me away was all the cool street art. A lot of it has a real political feel, some of it makes no sense at all, but all of it is done skillfully. Here is the highlights of the street art that I saw in a week in Israel’s capital. Up next I go to the Holy City to see what there is to see during my stay in Jerusalem. Think there’s any good graffiti there?



  1. It’s amazing to see so many art works around the world, you can see the attitudes of each country to the idea of graffiti art, and the network of established and emerging artists across the region. Definitely worth checking out when in Tel Aviv, it would seems like a bargain when I tour in this place. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Very interesting! I enjoy this type of art (even though some do not consider it an art form). My favorite is the one featuring a Ninja Turtle.

  3. Some great photos you got there, I love the telephone one, looks so real.

    I have been visiting the first edition of World street painting festival in Arnhem, Holland yesterday. The theme was freedom with the 70th anniversary of Operation Market garden (1944) in mind. Will put the photos on my website soon.

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