Travelers That Will Inspire You

Everywhere I go, I love meeting people that travel more than me. They give me inspiration and motivation to keep on the road and see this world as much as possible. Someone once asked me who I looked up to, and that lead to this list of:

Travelers That Will Inspire You:

1. Chris Guillebeau

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The guy who wrote one of my all time favorite books, The Art of Non Conformity, which can always be found in my backpack, Chris Guillebeau is one of, if not THE, first travel blogs I ever read. I got hooked, inspired, and motivated, which is exactly his mission. Chris turned his passion of travel into his lifestyle and career, and is an inspiration to all. In April of 2013 he visited the last of the 193 countries, cementing his legend even more. How many travel bloggers have their own Wikipedia page!?

2. Runaway Jane

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After her first solo travel adventure, Jane was struck with the familiar travel addiction. After several attempts to give it up she finally embraced her addiction whole-heartedly and turned it into both a lifestyle and a career. She made traveling full time and working as a blogger at Runaway Jane since 2010. People that figure out how to make their dreams a reality are the ones that inspire me!

3. Meg Jerrard

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Meg is an adventure traveler who will let nothing stop her from traveling the world. Never content with merely seeing “the sights”, her and husband Mike fully immerse themselves into each new culture to truly discover a destination. Together they have camped in Africa, hitchhiked through Australia and hit up every romantic destination in Europe. Their stories are inspiring, entertaining, and photography continually inspires an insane sense of wanderlust. Check her out at her blog Mapping Megan.

4. Graham Hughes

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This guy is hilarious. But more importantly, inspiring! What did he do? Oh not much, just set the record for being the only person to ever visit every country in the world without flying, that’s all. Yep, by using land (and water) transport only, Graham Hughes trudged overland to every country, ending his four year journey in South Sudan (which didn’t even exist when he started). If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is!

5. Gary Arndt

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Dammit Gary, I want to be you! Most of us know Gary as the top dog in the travel blogging game from Everything-Everywhere, but let’s not forget why he’s on top: He travels everywhere! And constantly! This guy just can’t get enough of travel, and I guess we have that in common. for example, in February is is do to arrive in his 150th country/territory. Just look at his travel plans for 2014. And according to him, 2014 is him ‘slowing down’.

6. Nicole and Michael Connolly

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Nicole and Michael are an Australian couple who run Suitcase Stories, and who decided to give up their conventional life for a life of travel. After selling everything they owned, they left Australia on a one way ticket live a fuller life.  After two years on the road the most important lesson they have learned is that living the life you want is the only way to find happiness and fulfillment.  “Don’t settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary”

7. Alexandra Kovacova

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Alex, who runs the travel blog called Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler, is a traveler that I have followed for a year now. She is hilarious, hot, and best of all, loves to travel the world as much as I do. She doesn’t just write about travel though, as evident in this post that made me laugh called ’55 Reasons to Date Me”. And she has some valid points! I love that she, in her own words- “spent 25 years looking for the reason of my life, and in 2009 I finally found it – TRAVEL. And now shes living that life of travel. 

8. Josh Cahill

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Josh from Germany started his travels pushed by circumstances. Growing up in an unfriendly environment, he decided traveling was the solution to the stagnate state he found himself in. Just out of the army, he packed his things and went for a trip to Eastern Europe, trip that whet his appetite for more. He describes himself as a “regular guy who one day started to do irregular things”. You can read about his many adventure, including hitchhiking to Iran, on his blog called Go Travel Your Way.


9. Anna Kate

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Anna, the author of Legendary Adventures of Anna, dreamt of travelling ever since she was a little girl, highly stimulated by her mother’s stories about her own adventures to far away European fairytail lands. She first started her trips throughout the USA and, after a summer long European adventure, she decided that travelling is something she’ll probably be doing for the rest of her life. Now she is still on the road and will visit Mexico, Belize and Iceland next. Another one of her passions is photography, which she of course combines with her travelling; you can find some of her trips documented HERE.

10. My friend Jenni

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The craziest girl I know deserves some credit. My very favorite Finnish person, Jenni is always making us travelers look bad with her crazy adventures. One day she got bored and decided to ride her bike from New York to Panama. So she did. It took her 1.5 years to get there, but she made it. Then she decided it wasn’t enough, flew to Colombia and kept going. it took her getting her bike stolen in Ecuador for her to finally give it up. It’s awesome stuff like this that makes her my hero. She’s tougher and sweeter and more fun and adventurous than anyone I know. (just try to stay in a blistering sauna longer than her or go swimming in freezing lakes in Lapland with her). Her next 2 adventures? She says she plans to ROLLERBLADE across Europe, and then ride a bike clockwise around all of Australia. Enough said.


11. Neil Skywalker

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The guy behind the hilarious book and blog, Around the World in 80 Girls, Neil traveled the world for nearly three years and 40 countries, slipping into the minds, hearts and beds of countless woman. His epic journey was full of danger, adventure and womanizing, and he has some awesome stories to tell. On his blog you can get the stories from his journey, as well as a how-to on becoming a backpacking Casanova.


12. Ayngelina Brogan

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Travelers that inspire me are usually ones that 1. Quite their jobs and regular lifestyles to travel and 2. Travel the world extensively alone. Ayngelina definitely qualifies on both of those. One day she quite her good job, boyfriend, friends and apartment to travel Latin America alone, in search of inspiration. I guess she found that inspiration, as she now travels full time, writing on her travel blog called Bacon is Magic, which has a heavy emphases on the foodie side of travel. Hey, she’s pretty too!

13. Marysia Maciocha

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Marysia is the crazy Polish Girl who dedicates her time and energy to unconventional exploring the world in search of amazing people, unique places and immersing stories. Wait till you read them! She’s also is a divemaster and has been diving in awesome places like Oman, and has some great photos to prove it! She is a inspiration to all solo traveling girls, Polish or not. Get to know her better at her blog My Travel Affairs.

14. Raymond Walsh

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One day Raymond decided to escape his cubical shape prison cell and travel the world, and he’s been on the road ever sine, inspiring others to do the same. Now he runs the travel blog called Man on the Lam, where he writes about his many adventures around the world. This guy is hilarious too! I definitely recommend his blog and videos. He also said one of the funniest travel quotes I’ve ever heard: Cover the Earth, before it covers you!


15. Charli Moore

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Charli Moore is a location independent freelance writer and editor. She started her working life in London facilitating exhibitions of modern art; however she was seduced by international travel in 2011 and has yet to subdue her appetite for adventure. Enforcing no restrictions on her itinerary, she has chosen to travel at a slow pace and incorporate house sitting assignments in each country she visits. With no time limit restricting her adventures, she is content to continue exploring the world as a digital nomad. Her most memorable travel experiences have been hiking the crater of an active marine volcano and exploring a vast alpine glacier. Check her out at her blog called Wander Lusters.


16. Talon Windwalker

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Talon is a single parent, author, writer, former hospice chaplain, Zen monk, ultra runner, snowshoer, endurance cyclist, certified endurance running coach, scuba instructor, photographer, and lover of travelling, languages, and cultures. A while back he adopted a son, and is determined to show him the world and raise him on the road. As they wander the planet he teaches his son languages and many worldly things that most of us wish we had the opportunity to learn at such a young age. His inspiring wanders can be read about at his blog called 1 Dad 1 Kid.

17. Savannah Grace

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Savannah Grace was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada currently living in The Netherlands. At 14 she was pulled out of school to travel the world before returning home 4 years later to graduate from high school. Now 22, shes traveled to 99 countries and completed her first book “Sihpromatum – I Grew My Boobs in China”. Hows that for awesome, and inspiring?! Check out her photos from all over the globe, along with her stories at Watkins Travel.

18. Jessica Wray


Jessica packed up to go teach in South Korea even before her college graduation ceremony. She ended up staying there for two years while saving up for more big trips. After an extended backpacking jaunt around Asia, she realized that Europe should be next. She now calls Madrid home. When she isn’t teaching English or trying new wine varieties, you can find her in the Asian supermarkets scouring the aisles for the best ingredients to make pad thai or Korean kimbap. You can read about her continuous journey as an expat via her blog, Curiosity Travels.

19. Jessica Kay

Jessica Kay is attempting to control her wanderlust all while starting a career in NYC.  Her goal, besides traveling the world as much as possible (obviously), is to show others that travel and adventure is attainable even with a full-time 9-5 job.  She believes that with desire and passion, anything is possible- you just need to save ($) a bit and really really want it. Jessica loves spending time in the water, and would become a professional snorkeler and swim with the sea turtles all day if she could.  She loves to explore in her own city of New York, and continues dreaming about her recent trips to Hawaii, Greece, and Belize. Upcoming trips include North Carolina, San Diego, Washington DC, and this summer in Bora Bora (!!!) She loves Nutella and experimenting with her new DSLR. Make sure to follow her adventures at A Passion and A Passport and on Facebook and Twitter.


Do you know of any more great inspiring travelers? Or people that have made great journeys? Let me know in the comments and maybe I’ll add them to the list!  Also check out my pick for the best beaches in Costa Rica!

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24 thoughts on “Travelers That Will Inspire You

  1. Jessica | A Passion and A PassportonReply

    Awesome pick of travelers! Already follow most of them, but your list gave me a few new ones to check out! I agree, in that those people who quit their jobs and “lives” back at home to travel full time are those who inspire me the most. However, I also find people who continue to live their dream with full time jobs and a home life rather inspiring too!

  2. Marysia @ My Travel AffairsonReply

    Great list I must admit. Some of you I know very well but I can see some new faces, already excited about checking those new blogs! Thanks Justin, it is a big big pleasure to be featured!

  3. Crazy sexy fun traveleronReply

    LOVE the list. Many thanks, Justin, for including me with so many other great travelers 🙂 Cool to find out more about all these lovely people!

  4. Christine OsborneonReply

    May I mention my new book Travels with My Hat: A lifetime on the road.

    Forty years, in fact, when travel was a far cry from what it is today. No internet, Apps, often no maps, no tourist offices and in some of the countries I visited, no hotels.

    “..It brings back the spirit of adventures that first lured many on their travels” says Gaythorne Silvester, former editor of Thomas Cook Magazine.

    Good luck to the exceptional people mentioned.

    Thank you.

    ps. e-book version of TWMH out February.

  5. Rachel A DavisonReply

    Wow, what an inspiring bunch of people! And every country in the world without flying, I am in awe of you Graham Hughes!

  6. ChristyonReply

    It’s nice to see a few new people on one of these lists. I’m a big fan of Chris Guillebeau — he’s definitely an inspiration.

  7. Raymond @ Man On The LamonReply

    Thanks for including me Justin! Love the little photo montage you included — brought back some great memories!

  8. yara coelhoonReply

    What a wonderful group of travellers, thank you for sharing. I have the greatest respect for Graham Hughes, I love travelling by land, so he represents everything I love while on the road.

  9. Best holiday destinationsonReply

    Awesome pick of travelers! its seems like a lots of fun and great experiencing. Already follow most of them, but your list gave me a few new ones to check out! SO much appreciated… thanks for the sharing your best views. all are so much nice…

  10. HeatheronReply

    Inspiring indeed! I already follow most of these awesome travelers, but there are a few previously unknown that I will definitely be checking out. Thanks!

  11. Oscar CastanedaonReply

    Anna Kate am not sure if you have made it to Belize yet but if not you can contact me to show you around. I am an entrepreneur and Blogger and have been a Naturalist Guide in Belize for over 18 years. Contact me at for my blogs go to, my website is

  12. CarmenonReply

    Great list. I follow most of them already. Your friend Jenny sounds like the best though – does she even have a blog? She should if she doesnt!

  13. Jamie GaultonReply

    Great list! It’s awesome to see so many people taking up this lifestyle and making the most of every moment, truly inspiring.

  14. TravelGenesonReply

    I am really impressed by your article on inspiration. You have written perfect post for average user who can get inspired to walk away from the comforts of home to wander on the roads… Keep the magic going… 🙂

  15. VeronicaonReply

    It’s so great to discover more travel addicts like me! I’ll be checking out there adventures, thanks for a great post!

  16. NicoleonReply

    Fantastic list of travelers. Your friend Jenni (#10) should go on a motorcycle tour with us since she likes to travel on two wheels. Take a look at our tours around the globe at

  17. JarydonReply

    Everybody I too meet on the road whether they have travelled a little or a lot still inspire me to see as much as possible too. However when you travel as much as these above 20, thats when you can say at any age you have had an amazing life and many a story to share from it. Love it cheers

  18. chrisonReply

    i’d like to nominate scarlet jones ( i have known her for quite a while and she has always had a dream to travel and write. i know she won’t mind me saying but she has had a rough time of it and has managed to come thru it to achieve her dreams. she’s now travelling around south america teaching english and writing about her experiences. you can read them on her blog here –

  19. TurenneonReply

    Thanks for sharing those great stories! Truly inspiring! So much that I am telling you right now that it will be MY inspiring travels that I will be sharing with you? Mark it as World Dance Travel…

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