My Most Shocking Discoveries about Transnistria. The Wanna-be Country



Guest post by the lovely Iulia Iuga

Transnistria: Europe’s communist non-country

I recently came back from a trip to Moldova and Ukraine, and one of the stops was Tiraspol. Tiraspol is the capital of the disputed territory of Transnistria (or Trans-Dniester), land now located officially in Moldova.

To explain the situation shortly, “the land after the Dniester river” (which is what the name literally means) has been, along with the rest of Moldova, part of the USSR, but as opposed to Moldavians, the Transnistrians did not want to split from the union and they do not consider themselves to be part of the nation of Moldova.

Transnistria was such an intriguing place, and definitely the most alien-like place I’ve visited so far. The entire experience prompted me to list just a few of the shocking things I encountered on my trip.


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  1. Great post! You find some of the most interesting things and places. I have never heard of this place, but now I really want ot go check it out. Thanks Justin!

  2. […] in the Ukrainian-Moldavian eastern European area is the self proclaimed independent Republic of Transnistria. Crossing the border over to the territory located on the eastern part of Moldova is like stepping […]


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