Top 100 Travel Tweeters of 2014: Wanderlust in 140 Characters or Less

Twitter has been a strong influence when it come to fueling my wanderlust. My Tweet feed has a never ending lineup of interesting stories and amazing travel photos, keeping me online for much longer than I should. Here is a list of the top Twitter travel writers that I know of, starting with the ones with the most followers. I follow each and every one of these, and if you’re on Twitter, I advise you do too! So sign in to twitter, because there are a ton of great travel influencers to follower here!

Top Travel Tweeters of 2014


Travel Tweeters

@LonelyPlanet – 1.65m Followers.

Bio: Tweeting (& RT’ing) the best in travel. 1/Follow us 2/Tag your tweets with #lp 3/We read your posts 4/We re-tweet the best of them. Everywhere, all the time ·

image (1)

@adventuregirl 1.35m followers

Bio: Hi Everyone! I’m Stef Michaels- an avid lifestyles journalist, TV personality, adventurer. Founder of . Contributor to Yahoo! Travel


Travel Tweeters

@EarthPix – 1.3m followers

Bio: Amazing pictures of places, people, animals, and nature.


Travel Tweeters

@Planetepics – 754k followers

Bio: #peace l #travel l #green l #animals l #nature l #photography l #life l #earth. All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.


Travel Tweeters

@Vice – 728K followers & also @Vicenews – 163K followers

Bio: The Definitive Guide to Enlightening Information. Brooklyn, NY ·


Travel Tweeters

@FrugalTraveler – 406k followers

Bio: Roaming the world, the New York Times’ Frugal Traveler seeks out high style on a low budget (but doesn’t answer vague questions like Cambodia…any advice?)


Travel Tweeters

@luxury_Travel – 401K followers

Bio: Blogging on all things luxury travel at – please contact us via the blog


Travel Tweeters

@JoshuaGates – 212K followers

Bio: Always packed. Seldom home. Host of #ExpeditionUnknown on @TravelChannel, #DestinationTruth,#GHLive, & #Stranded on @Syfy. New adventures coming soon!


travel tweeters

@SmarterTravel – 205k followers

Bio: Discover your next vacation—and the one after that—with SmarterTravel. Our experts deliver fresh travel tips and destination features daily. Boston, MA ·


Travel Tweeters

@Huffposttravel – 181k followers

Bio: Explore the big, beautiful world with HuffPost Travel. Curated by@aulettabaum & @katelynnmullen Tips?


travel tweeter

@Traveldudes – 180k followers

Bio: Love to travel, to discover the world, to travel free & untroubled & still be informed like an insider! For Travelers, By Travelers! & founder of Traveldudes. Citizen of the world –


twitter travel

@Vagabondish – 180k followers

Bio: Offbeat world news and dubious travel advice, tips and how-to’s from travel geek @AliceNaser (^an) + founding editor/resident smartass @MikeRichard.


@earthXplorer – 155k followers

Bio: Multiple-award-winning world traveling adventure loving videographer • photographer • speaker, #GlassExplorer, <3 dogs, sharing & caring, I tweet a lot.


twitter travel

@HumansofNY – 136.6k followers

Bio: Creator of the blog and #1 NYT bestselling book, Humans of New York. I take pictures of people on the street and ask them questions.


twitter travel

@EverywhereTrip – 130k followers

Bio: SATW & NATJA Travel Photographer of the Year. I’ve been to over 105 countries and all 7 continents since 2007. A @gAdventures Wanderer in Residence. Nomadic ·


twitter travel

@DaveDTC – 130k followers

Bio: Dave’s Travel Corner – founded 1996. International travel & wine writer. Los Angeles updates. The Napa Wine Project. –

image (2)

@ThePlanetD – 88.7k followers

Bio: Award winning travel & photography bloggers. Adventure couple married 16 yrs. 80+ countries, 7 Continents & non stop fun! @Expedia Viewfinders & #AmexAmbassador.


travel tweeters

@nomadicmatt – 71k followers

Bio: Nomad, vagabond, and author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. Showing people travel can be inexpensive in hopes of inspiring them to explore their world. Around the World ·

photo 3 (2)

@wdunlap – 65.8k followers

Bio: World Traveler-100 countries, Featured speaker, Award-winning travel photojournalist blogger sharing great #travel tips, bargains, & trends to Plan Your Escape®.


twitter travel

@LandLopers – 56.9k followers

Bio: Award winning travel blogger, writer and photographer specializing in luxury adventure travel. Ex-lobbyist turned social media strategist and general gadabout.


image (3)

@WanderingTradr – 59.1k followers

Bio: Travel the world for a living, entrepreneur and stock day trader. I’ve been to 80 countries, all 7 continents.


image (27)

@MalloryonTravel – 54k followers

Bio:  Engaging with the World in 140 or less: #Traveller #Adventurer #Explorer #Writer #Photographer Wannabe #Stormchaser #Coffeeaddict #Prolifictweeter #Goodguy erm.


photo 3 (1)

@BootsnAll – 48.6K followers

Bio: One-stop indie travel guide founded in 1998. <3 RTW travel Currently: PDX, STL & AKL ·


travel tweeter

@Laurel_Robbins – 44.1k followers

Bio: Hiker, co-founder @BigSisterSummit, award-winning travel blogger, cat-loving social media time optimizer, many hats, one Canadian in Germany. Munich, Germany.


travel tweeter

@Velvetescape – 42.5k followers

Bio: Founder/Publisher of the Velvet Escape luxury travel blog. iambassador. Inspired by Travel. Nature. People. Music. Sports. Architecture. Airplanes. Photography. Amsterdam ·


image (6)

@UMarket – 38k followers

Bio: Traveling the world for 7 years, more than 80 countries. Dan & Audrey aim to connect world through people, food & adventure. Still going…and still married.


photo 5 (2)

@TrueNomads – 36.6k followers

Bio: Pfftt, you know me… now I’m just tooting tweeting my own horn. If not, read about me. Follow me!


@EyeandPen – 36.6k followers

Bio: I’m Brandon Elijah Scott – Travel #writer, #photographer, whiskey snob and book zealot. I’m dedicated to inspiring growth and happiness through #InspiredTravel. Currently on a USA road trip ·



image (5)

@OffTrackPlanet – 34.3k followers

Bio: A Travel Guide for the Young, Sexy & Broke : . Tag your tweets with #heyOTP and we’ll RT the best ones! #ttot.


photo 5 (3)

@GoSeeWrite – 32.3k followers

Bio: Permanent traveler making travel videos around the world  Follow. Or don’t. It’s all cool by me.



@Legalnomads – 31.7k followers

Bio: Food-obsessed world traveler, soup expert & former lawyer from Montreal. Contributing editor at @longreads. Author of The Food Traveler’s Handbook.



@Gypsynester – 26.4k followers

Bio: David & Veronica are experiencing the collision of baby boomer with empty nester. We grabbed life by the horns, sold the nest and are Going Gypsy! Full Time Travelers Since 2008 ·



@Nomadicchick – 25.3k followers

Bio: Traveler & Writer – former corporate cog in the wheel who broke free in 2010 to roam the world. I dish out travel, creativity & stories for the restless soul. Currently in: Costa Rica ·



photo 3 (2)

@OttsWorlds – 23.8k followers

Bio: A corporate American runaway traveling the world; sharing my life, travel experiences, & benefits of career breaks!


photo 4

@LuxTravelBible – 23.6k followers

Bio: Luxury travel. Fans of over-the-top opulence & luxury we’re here for you – Hedonists, pleasure seekers & lovers of sheer indulgence. THE place for luxe-lovers.


photo 5 (1)

@MappingMegan – 23k followers

Bio: Discover the World; Discover Yourself. Mapping personal evolution through adventure travel. Traveling & blogging since 2007 inspiring travel and change!


travel tweeter

@the_HoliDaze – 23k followers

Bio: Some people eat, others try therapy. I #travel. 5yrs+ Cultural enthusiast. ǝʌıʇɔǝdsɹǝd ɹǝɥʇouɐ ɯoɹɟ sƃuıɥʇ ǝǝs oʇ ǝʌol ı . Tweets Eng & Indo #TTOT #Indonesia. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Lost in Indonesia ·

photo 1 (2)

@BonVoyageurs – 20.5k followers

Bio: Savvy world traveler and travel blogger. Former international business exec. Member National Press Club and IFWTWA @HBSAlumni @McGillAlumni. Global Wanderer ·


photo 1 (2)

@TravelFish – 20.1k followers

Bio: Founder of . Travel guide to Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand & Vietnam. Based in Bali. I tweet a lot.


travel tweeter

@TravelwitBender – 20.1k followers

Bio: Join us as we #travel worldwide with our 4 & 5 yr old looking for #family adventure! Sharing our photos & blog memories as we travel the world. #familytravel – Nomad ·


travel tweeter

@WondWand  – 19.8k followers

Bio: Freelance writer, travel blogger, chocolate lover (mmm, chocolate) and dance aficionada. Helping you plan your own wonderful getaway at



@michaelturtle – 19.3 followers

Bio: With everything on his back and all the time in the world… travel writer and beer lover. Best Australian Lifestyle Blog 2014.



@NomadicNotes -19.2k followers

Bio: Travel blogger, photographer, location independent entrepreneur. Full time digital nomad, working RTW since 2003.


travel tweeter

@HeckticTravels – 18.6k followers

Bio: No possessions. No plans. Just travel. We are a Canadian couple who sold everything in 2009 to travel the world. (Most tweets by Dalene.)Currently in: France ·


image (20)

@ExpertVagabond – 18k followers

Bio: Adventure travel & photography. Explore the world with me. Currently: SOUTH AFRICA.



image (17)

@LauraExplorerUK – 17.6k followers

Bio: Budget traveller, backpacker, blogger, Fanta addict. Lover of whiskey, penguins, thunder, peanut butter, music, baking & adrenaline. 


photo 1 (3)

@Suitcases2 – 17k followers

Bio: A Luxury Travel Blog; Tips, reviews, guides and stories to inspire travel. Created by nomadic couple, 2 years full time travel. #Housesitting & #Hotel Travel.


image (4)

@TravellingKing1 – 16.2k followers

Bio: Sam from Travelling King – where you can learn more about Travelling around #Thailand and #Australia – next stop #China #Singapore & #Philippines in October.


image (15)

@HoleintheDonut – 16.k followers

Bio: Ran away from corporate life to be a travel writer & photographer Connecting the world through storytelling.


image (23)

@Just1WayTicket – 15.8k followers

Bio: Travel Blogger | Screen Designer | Wannabe Photographer | Traveling as a lifestyle | I write about the things I love. Mostly.


image (21)

@ChristaTravels – 14.9k followers

Bio: This is what happens when you’re a #nerd who made a career of being a #travel writer. #LOTR #GameofThrones #Marvel @theHotelGuide @FaeMagazine @LegendariumNews.


photo 1

@BarefootNomads – 16.9k followers

Bio: Travel, tech, family and fun. Serious lovers of ice cream. Inspiration and fun, crazy stories from on the road. Traveling together since 2003.


photo 2 (2)

@NomadicSamuel – 16.7k followers

Bio: Professional travel blogger at  and YouTuber. Partner in crime with my lovely wife Audrey at @ThatBackpacker



@everywhereist – 15.2k followers

Bio: Traveler. Blogger. Freelancer. Snack-Enthusiast. Married to the awesome @randfish.


image (35)

@GreenGlobalTrvl – 14.7k  followers

Bio: Saving the planet one story at a time, we’re adventurers w/ a passion for ecotourism, conservation & culture.


photo 5 (4)

@WanderTheMap – 14.6k followers

Bio: Discovering Nature. Embracing Culture.


travel tweeter

@Agnesstramp – 13.8k followers

Bio: Vagabond, Photography Passionate, Adventure Blogger and Life Enthusiast Travelling the World for Less Than $25 a Day – Somewhere in the World ·

photo 5

@lakshmisharath – 13.7k followers

Bio: Media professional, traveller, travel writer,blogger. Quit 15 years of corporate life to travel. My life is a Tale of Two Cities -Madras & Bangalore.


image (8)

@GlobetrotterGrls – 13.6k followers

Bio: Nomadic since 2010. Writing about Independent Travel to inform & inspire others to travel! Authors of Housesitting book:  Tweets by Dani.


image (16)

@RunawayJane – 13.6k followers

Bio: Jane Meighan – Travel blogger/writer from Scotland. Currently learning Spanish &Turkish. Studying for an OUdegree in International Studies. Also at @inhercase.


image (34)

@DangerousBiz – 13.5k followers

Bio: Traveler. Writer. Adventure-seeker. I’m just a small-town Ohio girl trying to see the world.
image (25)

@FrankaboutCro – 13.4k followers

Bio: Frank & Vera. A Canadian-Croatian couple. Travel, food & wine lovers. Blogging about #Croatia at


image (14)

@WanderlustersUK – 13.3k followers

Bio: An #AdventureTravel Writer & Photographer who #Live4Adventure. Digital Nomads, they are#ScubaDiving, #Housesitting &#RoadTripping their way around the world.



@WanderingEarl – 13.2k followers

Bio: Traveling the world non-stop since 1999…with a slight addiction to wearing sarongs.


image (11)

@AsWeSawIt – 13k followers

Bio: Globetrotters & travel gurus never far from a camera, wine bottle and forks. We blog to show you how to enjoy the world yourself.  Eat. See. Travel.


photo 5dghhgdh

@FourJandals – 12.6k followers

Bio: New Zealand’s leading travel bloggers have been wearing out their jandals (Kiwi slang for flip-flops) on their #travel adventures around the world. Currently in Europe ·

photo (2)

@Lat34Travel  – 12,5k followers

Bio: The best darn travel blog out there. Inspiration to get you off your butt and see the world. Traveled to 70 countries on 6 continents. TRAVEL LIKE YOU MEAN IT!

photo 4

@Sihpromatum – 12.5k followers

Bio: 24yr old #Canadian,100 countries,5 continents,Co-founder #TRLT,#AUTHOR of #travel #memoir. Sihpromatum-I Grew my Boobs in China.


travel tweeter

@GoatsOnTheRoad – 12.1k followers

Bio: For Adventurous & Off-The-Beaten-Path Travellers. A nomadic couple encouraging a sustainable, free lifestyle. Location independent & showing how you can be too! Where Are We?: Grenada ·


image (22)

@YoungAdventures – 11.8k followers

Bio: An American in New Zealand. Digital Storyteller. Hurricane. Adventuress. It’s all on my blog. Watch my TED talk


image (13)

@TheAussieNomad – 11.4k followers

Bio: Award winning Australian Travel Blogger looking to make travel easy for all with budget help, visa advice and travel tips.


image (32)

@WanderngEds – 10.8k followers

Bio: We’re a travel library for people curious about the world! Love food, deep culture, and meeting new friends.


image (24)

@Lozula – 10.7k followers

Bio: Photographer, Traveller, Writer. In other words, career avoider. Professional photography at:   Blog at: 


image (26)

@TrishaVelarmino – 10.6k followers

Bio: She quit her ‘prestigious’ job in fashion and lived the life she’d imagined. Are We There Yet? {Currently in South America}. 


photo dfdfd4 (1)

@OurFavAdventure  – 10.1k followers

Bio: Shouldn’t LIFE be Our Favorite Adventure!? We are Kathleen and Brock, living intentionally, traveling indefinitely, lovers of hiking, cooking, and bike touring. Sedona, AZ ·


photo 5

@TheTravelCamel – 9.7k followers

Bio: Passionately discovering the world, especially destinations many consider dangerous. 30+ years adventurer, 20+ years speaker, 10+ years blogger. Founder #TRLT. Dubai, UAE.


travel tweeters

@TravelBohemian  – 9.6k followers

Bio: Exit Rat Race. Enter Adventure. Join the #adventure of our #family of 5 as we #travel the world following our dreams and becoming global citizens! Hawaii ·



@Sexyfuntraveler – 9.6k followers

Bio: Crazy Slovak girl who made traveling the reason of her life:) I live to travel, I travel to live! Also @wetravelworld and @fitwhentravel


travel tweeter

@Mytanfeet 9.1k followers

Bio: Couple in Costa Rica living up the life on the beach and exploring the world. Come and see what exciting adventures we have done today! Costa Rica ·


@gotravelyourway – 8.9k followers

Bio: Australia’s Blogger of the year 2014 finalist, hitchiked to Iran, @Newscomauhq contributor, Journalist… Next stop: Mogadischu – Read my blog.


photo 2 (2)

@HoneyTrek – 8.7k followers

Bio: Just back from a 675-day RTW honeymoon to 302 places across 33 countries & 6 continents!…and the honeymoon rolls on!!!


image (2)

@BeMyTravelMuse – 8.6k followers

Bio: I’m a 20-something girl who likes to pretend I’m deep and complex by writing about travel. Who’s with me?



@thatbackpacker – 8.8k followers

Bio: wants more stamps on her passport / owns too many suitcases / makes YouTube travel videos around the world with


photo 4 (3)

@ActPlanetTravel – 8.8k followers

Bio: I’m a world travel blogger on a mission to backpack every country in the world!


image (31)

@GordyandPaula – 8.6k followers

Bio: A little left of mainstream travel. Houseboats, tatami mats, cave houses, over water bungalows – we travel “our” way. It’s all about serendipity.



@NomadicTexan – 8.6k followers

Bio: Writer, Blogger, Foodie & Overall Travel Geek!!! #NomadicTexan.


travel tweeter

@BABackpacker – 8.2k followers

Bio: On my 2nd trip RTW with no return date home. I blog/tweet to document my adventures/thoughts. Oh & yeah I love Kelly Clarkson, Egypt, Travel & Street Art.


image (30)

@What_Boundaries – 6.7k followers

House-Sitting Our Way Round The World! 2 Long Term Travelers Who Love Seeing The World & Writing About It!


travel tweeter

@Unbravegirl – 6.7k followers

Bio: Writer, teacher, traveler, cookie enthusiast, scaredy cat. Now coming at you from the Mitten State.


photo 1 (1)

@TheTravelFool – 6.6k followers

Bio: History buff, Lover of Beer,Cigars, Tequila and Whiskey. Freelance writer and traveler off the tourist path.


travel tweeter

@CaptainandClark – 6.2k followers

Bio: A couple with severe wanderlust. Met on Kilimanjaro, engaged at the Taj Mahal. @Expedia Viewfinders, @usatoday contributors & travel fanatics. Tweets by T. Small corners of the globe. ·


image (10)

@WorldBookTravel – 6k followers

Bio: Join one family who loves to travel the world, cruise & visit National Parks. Sharing kid-tested adventures & tips to save time, money & sanity along the way.


image (9)

@1Dad1Kid – 6k followers

Bio:  Single dad traveling the world with his son while unschooling & raising a global citizen. Author, blogger, writer, photog, scuba instructor.



@MarginalBounds – 6k followers

Bio: Exploring a life of full-time travel through online entrepreneurship, social media management and advertising, blogging, and sponsored press trips.


travel tweeter

@rolfpotts – 5.4k followers

Bio: Travel writer, essayist, author of Vagabonding, and Marco Polo Didn’t Go There. Yale lecturer, director of the Paris Writing Workshop. Itinerant Kansan.



@80worldjobs – 4.9k followers

Bio: Founder of . Corporate mischief maker. Frequent YouTuber. Traveler. Hack writer. #makeitright advocate.


travel tweeter

@TheRunawayGuide – 4.9k followers

Bio: Ran away from home at 16 and haven’t stopped. Travel is my life blood, Kerouac & Grylls my role models. On The Run ·


travel tweeter

@manonthelam – 4.8k followers

Bio: A cubicle escapee with an oddity addiction. Motto: Cover the earth before it covers you. Planet Earth ·


image (28)

@WeSaidGoTravel – 4.3k followers

Bio: We Said Go Travel is a Global Community of over 1000 writers, articles from every continent. Join in


Thats it for now! I’m sure I missed a bunch, so let me know in the comments below! Check out 2015!

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  1. Kathrin - Dreams of FreedomonReply

    Thank you for sharing! I found some people I wasn’t following yet. Twitter is full of interesting and inspiring travelers. Love it!

  2. Denis GagnononReply

    Hi Justin, BonVoyageurs, which is certainly a travel blog, has more than 20,000 followers on its Twitter account, so I am wondering why we did not qualify for your listing of travel tweeters. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

    1. True NomadsonReply

      No offense intended at all. I just wasn’t aware of your twitter profile. I know there are a lot that I didn’t add that could be on here. So people, if you havn’t checked it out already, heres another-

  3. Tip Our TriponReply

    Check us out, we’re brand new and have a fair amount of excited followers already, we travel the world next year and we want to hear your tips!

  4. Ron | Active Planet TravelsonReply

    What a great list…many substantial people that I follow and even a few that I’ve yet to have heard about. Will be sure to check them all out! 😀

  5. Contented TravelleronReply

    Thanks for including us, we are rapt. Found a few who we will now follow too. That’s a great and a big job that you have done.

  6. CyraonReply

    A great list! I found some great people that I wasn’t following before so I am looking forward to checking their blogs out. Thanks!

  7. Manfred @ Renegade TravelsonReply

    This saves me having to find them all on my own. Always looking to add more places to our ever-expanding list of places we’d like to visit.

  8. NanceonReply

    Great list! You just saved me heaps of time! May all the good you just unleashed to the travel tweeting world come back to you.

  9. Nancie LeeonReply

    Awesome list! Have some new people to follow and learn from. Setting my sights on being on this list one day! 😉 Great post!

  10. Dave ColeonReply

    Great list, Justin! Lots of fantastic travel tweeters on here I already know and will be following the rest shortly. I’m about to hit 4.6K followers (@cooksipgo), so would love to be considered if/when you update the list. Many thanks and safe travels!

  11. Ryan BiddulphonReply

    Hi Justin,

    This is an awesome, awesome post, and perfectly timed at that.

    I’m huge on twitter, loving that network, and am wanting to meet a bunch of new travel bloggers because the themed vibes so well with my blogging tips blog, Blogging from Paradise.

    I’ll tweet this one through Triberr.

    Thanks so much for sharing this awesome resource.

    Bookmarked. Have a great week Justin 🙂


  12. LaurenonReply

    Awesome list! I follow many of these awesome tweeps! Perhaps someday we will make the list – we have about 2200 followers now 🙂 @JustinLaurenXO

  13. Erin (Travel With Bender)onReply

    I found some I hadn’t followed. Thanks for the list and of course for featuring us. It’s a great list of relevant and useful travel tweeters.

    1. True NomadsonReply

      No, these are mostly travel bloggers and travel journalists that dedicate their lives to traveling and most do it professionally. These arent just your run of the mill weekend Cancun-ers. These people are badass.

  14. Sue ReddelonReply

    This is a terrific list. Great to see so many of our travel friends on the list and so many still to add to our follow list. We’d love it if you’d also consider checking out we cover travel and food. Thanks!

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    Ooooh, I am close to cracking this list. Check me out for your top 100 list (@CharlesMcCool). I have more followers than a few at the end. Some new faces I will surely follow.

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    Wow. Great list. But I can’t believe the Dave and Deb from The Planet D are not on here. They inspire me every day on Twitter.

  17. Mike & Anne - HoneyTrek.comonReply

    A HUGE congrats to everyone on this list, for rocking awesome travel content!

    Also I’d like to throw our hat in the ring for inclusion on this amazing list (if you decide to update it Justin) – . Currently at 8,700 followers, and tweeting from the road since 2012 about our 6 continent, 33 country, 2-year RTW.

    See you all on the road!
    Mike & Anne

    1. True NomadsonReply

      I added you to the list. I obviously missed some great blogs and needed to add some, and now you there. Thanks for following!

  18. Wayne DunlaponReply

    Thank you, Justin, for this list. We very active travel twitterers and have been traveling the world for the past 3 years visiting 100 countries and 44 U.S. states in our lifetime. We are active travel photojournalists and bloggers with over 65,400 interested social media followers, featured travel speakers at large travel shows, author of 5-star travel book Plan Your Escape®, travel TV hosts (Plan Your Escape® TV) aired on the CW network and travel columnist for the Huffington Post. Our popular world travel adventures blog has been listed on Top Travel Blogs and chosen Best Boomer Travel Bloggers to Follow!

    Check out our travel blog at:

    Twitter: @wdunlap

    Thanks again,
    Wayne & Pat Dunlap
    Plan Your Escape®

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    Great list!!! Definitely going to make sure I’m following all these great travellers. But why not make it top 100??? And add me in 🙂 with 12.4K followers and 66 Klout I’m waving my hands over here, pick me pick me!
    Thanks for putting together this super list.
    PS. Every time I think about you, I imagine you in an Egyptian prison cell,…. why is that? 🙂

    1. True NomadsonReply

      I picked you! You’re on now Savannah, and check it out… its no longer 90..more like 101. Sorry I forgot you the first time haha! Oh ya, and you probably think about me that way, because its recent history haha. I might need to write about that soon. Talk later!

  20. Barbara WeibelonReply

    Thanks so much for compiling this list, and for including me! Just shouted it out through ALL my social media accounts.

  21. Derek FrealonReply

    Wow I know / follow everyone on this except for the author…oopsie! That’s especially embarrassing because I’ve read and shared several of your prior posts. Going to rectify that right this second before I forget. Oh and keep up the great work Justin! 🙂

  22. Jeff JohnsonReply

    Wow, thanks for including us with some of our favorite travel twitter’ers! There is plenty of inspiration here to go around the world a couple times!

  23. Shane Dallas (The Travel Camel)onReply

    I’m active on social media because I love to connecting with others. I tweet about travel because I love inspiring others to do the same. Being on a list like this is such a surprise – thank you so much for including me. I’ve just gone through this entire list and followed everyone who I was not already following!

  24. KavithaonReply

    Some great people that I already follow (and know) here. Can’t wait to check out the rest. Great list. Love it 🙂

  25. The GypsyNestersonReply

    Wow – what an honor! There are certainly some heavy hitters on this list and to be among them is amazing – thanks so much for making our obsession with Twitter so much fun!

    David & Veronica, The GypsyNesters

  26. Nancy D. BrownonReply

    Great list, Justin. I’m a travel writer & blogger from San Francisco. I specialize in equestrian travel and publish Writing Horseback & What a trip!
    Twitter @Nancydbrown

  27. RossonReply

    Well done on compiling the list. I have some of them but some of the others I missed and have just followed to see their words of wisdom. thanks

  28. RyanonReply

    Excellent round-up, Justin! I think my Twitter stream is almost identical to your list here 🙂 Would love to be considered next time around: @Treksplorer. 8.2K+

  29. Jessica FestaonReply

    Awesome list. I think I follow almost all of these people. If you decide to update it again I’m @jessonajourney (7204+ followers). Either way, loved it! 🙂

  30. Andi FisheronReply

    So thrilled to see so many of the great folks I follow on this list. What an undertaking for you! Would love to get on the list as well. I’m @andi_fisher and currently have around 12,250 followers. I am going to use this as a reference to follow new folks I have missed! Thanks for making it easy!

  31. Denis GagnononReply

    Thanks Justin for including BonVoyageurs in your listing. Hope to meet you somewhere around the world some day! Safe travels! Denis

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    Thank you! This is brilliant! I’m a Public Relations Coordinator for The Travel Corporation ( and I work with Arnelle Kendall, Vice President of Public Relations. We’re always looking for travel writers/ bloggers who have a strong influence on Twitter to experience our many different travel brands. Please follow me @Susan_TravCorp. Cheers!

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