7 Reasons Why I Love Bucharest, Romania

After ten months in the Middle East, I am very happy to have once again arrived in Europe. I knew I missed Europe, but I didn’t even realize how badly until I arrived in Bucharest and there was relative piece and order. People were actually stopping at stop lights, and no cars were honking, no one was dragging me to their trinket stand. I instantly realized how sick I was of every single vehicle in Egypt constantly honking their horn. I love you Europe.

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I am in Europe to do a big rail journey with my Eurail pass, to a lot of places I havn’t been yet. My plan is to hit as many new countries and cities as I can, and enjoy Europe by rail, which I’ve always wanted to do.

People always ask me what my favorite countries and cities are. I always tell them that it’s impossible to answer, because there isn’t one that I’ve disliked. It’s like having to name your one favorite movie. There’s just too many awesome ones!

But if I really had to nail it down, Romania would definitely be in the top 10, and more specifically Bucharest. It’s a wonderful place with something for everyone, and that’s what keeps me coming back. For even more information check out this guide to Bucharest!

Β 7 Reasons why I love Bucharest




1. It’s cheap!

I always knew it was cheap from previous visits, but this time around I flew in from a very expensive Israel, making it feel even more so. 10 euro hostels, 3 euro (great) meals, 2 euro or less for a beer. It doesn’t get much cheaper in Europe. Lots of times cheaper means worse quality, and that simply isn’t the case here. The cost of living in Rome compared to Bucharest is huge, yet things like the metro and buses and trains are the same quality or even better in Bucharest, and I stayed at an awesome place called Little Bucharest Hostel, in the very center of the beautiful Old Town, which would have costed a fortune in Berlin or Rome.

2. Active student city.

Bucharest has a large student population and is a young city. And it seems like the current generation is active in the city’s affairs. It seems like each time I go there there are nonviolent student demonstrations and protests going on. The last time I was there there were two a week: one about a new gold mining law and another about the policy on how to handle stray dogs. A large student community probably has direct effect on my next reason…

3. Beautiful women.

Another thing people ask me is where are the most beautiful women in the world. THIS question I can answer for sure. To start with, I’ve been to almost 70 countries and 6 out of 7 continents, and seen all types. But when it comes to the most beautiful, I always say Eastern Europe. And if I had to narrow it down even more, it’s a tie between Romania and Estonia. The women are amazing here, and the percent of amazingly beautiful women is huge in each. There can’t be a higher number of beautiful ladies per capita anywhere in the world. The thing Romania has over Estonia is that the population of Bucharest ALONE is more than all of Estonia. That makes it awesome.


4. Educated people.

Higher education is world-class in the universities of Romania, and Romanians go for free. So with a pretty bad economy, great universities and free tuition, many, if not most Romanians attend. They also average about 3 languages per person, since they not only have to learn at least one other language in school, but most movies and tv is in English and they hear it their whole lives. Since the economy is low, it’s not uncommon to have young people with masters degrees working at McDonald’s and other minimum wage jobs, which is different than I’m use to.


5. Tons of history.

One of the times I visited Bucharest I went on a walking tour of the areas with a dark history (it was around Halloween). There is so many layers of incredibly interesting history here, that it could keep you busy a long time. From ancient Romans to Ottomans to Vlad The Impaler (Dracula) to 2 world wars, a Cold War, communism and much more, it’s never ending. Romanians have been through a ton of hardships in their long history, and it’s a real eye opener discovering it all at ground-zero.


6. The Gothic architecture.


Lots of Bucharest was destroyed by communist rule and Comesque during a dark time. Whole blocks were razed as thousands displaced (not to mention the economy drained), to build the huge parliament building, now the second largest building in the world after the Pentagon. Soviet block style buildings were built up everywhere, but in the Old Town of Bucharest, amazing architecture survived. Cobbled stone roads, blocked to car access, marble and granite, medieval style buildings. Gargoyle and Dragon statues. Throw in some great street art and you have a beautiful place.

7. Largely overlooked and un-touristy

Bucharest doesn’t get it’s fair shack when it comes to the amount of tourists it gets each year. That’s especially apparent when you noticed how uncrowned the beautiful sites are. Bucharest rests in what I would call a closing circle of popular tourist destinations. Surrounding it are the ultra touristy Budapest, Croatia, Greece and Istanbul, Budapest being it’s direct neighbor. Once people discover that Bucharest is just as great, or maybe even greater than these others, word will spread and the crowds will come. For now it’s nice to be, at least somewhat, off the tourist track.

The view from my bedroom window at LBH

There you have it, those are my main 7 reason why I love Bucharest. I really love the Old Town the most, because it’s so beautiful. Little Bucharest Hostel really does reside in the very center of Old Town, and in my opinion, the best location in Bucharest. Just down the street from there, still on Smardn street, is a really cheap and good place to eat called Chicken Staff. You can get a huge chicken sandwich for 10 Lai.

Next up on my Eurail journey, I leave Eastern Europe and head to Ljubljana, Slovenia, with quick stops in Budapest and Vienna.

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22 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why I Love Bucharest, Romania

  1. CristinaonReply

    Romania has been so high on my list and I love that Bucharest it is still fairly local. I travelled Prague a few years ago when it was barely known now it’s overcrowded in summer so I want to get to Bucharest soon! I’m on the road long term starting Jan. Are winters really that unbearable in Romania?

    1. NelvinoonReply

      Pretty much cold…but ver very beautiful…bBecause of the mountains, especially around Transylvania, the cities are alluring…

  2. Yara CoelhoonReply

    Awesome article like always. I will be visiting Romania as part of my Eurorail west to East adventure. Glad to know Bucharest is such an interesting city πŸ™‚

    BTW Western European girls are also gorgeous, can’t compete with the Italians and the Spanish πŸ™‚

    1. JeorgeonReply

      CAn you stop being stupid with your “women are beautiful”…it’s ridiculous..you will only attract loosers to Romania that are only sexual frustrated people…

  3. Kirstie of Venga, Vale, VamosonReply

    I enjoyed Bucharest when I was there last year (although I enjoyed Transylvania more!), and I’m featuring it in my novel for National Novel Writing Month, so it’s good to get a reminder of how great Romania is!

  4. lyn bardenonReply

    Thankyou for the interesting pics of Bucharest. It looks and sounds fascinating, so much history. I haven’t seen that much of Europe yet, so Romania will be on my list.

  5. AdamonReply

    This would be such a cool experience to try out! Still haven’t made it to bucharest, but when I do I’ll make sure to try this out.

  6. KateonReply

    I had the opportunity to visit Bucharest last week and I didn’t take it because my travel buddy fell through. I so should have gone solo!!

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  8. NelvinoonReply

    Bucharest was my last stop when I hitchhiked around the Balkans, likewise others cities in Romania, the capital is astonishing…no doubts whatsoever but I have to disagree when u say it’s cheap. For a poor – one of the poorest in Europe. One can easily find cheap places to eat, but most of the restaurant I ate at were way more expensive than restaurants in Bosnia, Portugal, Slovenia etc…
    Anyway, love Bucharest…

  9. AlexonReply

    Uhm.. Well this is awkward… I’ll start by saying I’m Romanian; and that when the subject of your sentence is the plural of ‘woman’, you write ‘women’. (I’ve no idea what nationality you are, I just hope you’re not a native English speaker) Your grammar and overall word variation in this language aren’t really great, but yeah.

    I do want to thank you for praising my country; well, its capital, and for using the proper name for Vlad the Impaler. I’m glad foreign people appreciate our buildings, students etc.

    You should visit Sibiu and Craiova in Romania too. They’re lovely cities πŸ™‚

  10. MariusonReply

    Agree with Stefan. There is hardly any Gothic architecture in the city. What you are showing in the picture is the Brancovenesc style (the influence of Constantin Brancoveanu, one of our medieval rulers). Later on, this led to the birth of the Neo-Romanian architectural style (Romanian version of Art Nouveau).
    Also, the city boasts a lot of Art Deco architecture. In fact, it could easily be the Art Deco capital of Europe.

    But again, there is hardly any Gothic architecture in the city. (with the notable exception of a couple of Catholic churches and Caru cu Bere restaurant).

  11. OCITIESonReply

    Thank you for promoting our city.
    We work everyday with travelers in the Old City Center.
    90 % are amazed by the beauties and the travel services.
    We have lots of articles, photos and videos and we have synthesized 10 reasons to immediately visit Bucharest πŸ™‚
    ( very similar to your reasons )

  12. AysegulonReply

    I lived in Romania 3 years and I love it. πŸ™‚ I have master degree from Romania. I wanna live in Romania again. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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