Top 100 Travel Tweeters of 2015: Wanderlust in 140 Characters

I’m getting a jump start on 2015 by highlighting the top travel tweeters in the business. This massive list (which took forever to make) is sure to bring you all you need when it comes to travel inspiration and information.

My goal is to bring every single person that reads this epic list of social media wanderlust-inducing brilliance, at least a handful of brand new Profiles, travel blogs and wanderers to their attention, by scrounging the very corners of the Twitter Earth to find these travel tweeters. This list is arranged only by follower numbers, and has no bearing on the quality of the blog itself. In fact, some of the profiles listed at the very bottom are my very favorite! So open you twitter page and get ready to do some following, because there is plenty here you’ll like.

Disclaimer: The descriptions of each profile were taken directly from each one. Why? Because there’s 100 of them and I can’t be bothered to write my own!

Top 100 Travel Tweeters of 2015


Travel Tweeters

@LonelyPlanet – 1.92m Followers

– Up from 1.65m –

Bio: Tweeting (& RT’ing) the best in travel. 1/Follow us 2/Tag your tweets with #lp 3/We read your posts 4/We re-tweet the best of them. Everywhere, all the time.



image (1)

@AdventureGirl – 1.37m followers

– Up from 1.35m –

Bio: Hi Everyone! I’m Stef Michaels- an avid lifestyles journalist, TV personality, adventurer. Founder of . Contributor to Yahoo! Travel.



photo 2

@EarthPix – 1.46m followers

– Up from 1.3m –

Bio: Amazing pictures of places, people, animals, and  nature.



Travel Tweeters

@Planetepics – 1.3m followers

Up from 754k! –

Bio: #peace l #travel l #green l #animals l #nature l #photography l #life l #earth. All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.




@luxury_Travel – 440K followers

– Up from 401k –

Bio: Blogging on all things luxury travel at – please contact us via the blog.




@FrugalTraveler – 428k followers

– Up from 406k –

Bio: The New York Times’ Frugal Traveler seeks out high style on a low budget. Our current columnist: Ingrid K. Williams,@ingridkwilliams.



photo 1 (2)

@SmarterTravel – 216k followers

– Up from 205k –

Bio: Discover your next vacation—and the one after that—with SmarterTravel. Our experts deliver fresh travel tips and destination features daily. Boston, MA ·



Travel Tweeters

@Huffposttravel – 208k followers

– Up from 181k –

Bio: Explore the big, beautiful world with HuffPost Travel. Curated by@aulettabaum & @katelynnmullen Tips?



travel tweeter

@Traveldudes – 193k followers

– Up from 189k –

Bio: Love to travel, to discover the world, to travel free & untroubled & still be informed like an insider! For Travelers, By Travelers! & founder of Traveldudes. Citizen of the world



twitter travel

@Vagabondish – 193k followers

– Up from 180k –

Bio: Offbeat world news and dubious travel advice, tips and how-to’s from travel geek @AliceNaser (^an) + founding editor/resident smartass @MikeRichard.



photo 2 (2)

@HumansofNY – 190k followers

– Up from 136k –

Bio: Creator of the blog and #1 NYT bestselling book, Humans of New York. I take pictures of people on the street and ask them questions.


photo 3 (2)

@EarthXplorer – 161k followers

– Up from 155k –

Bio: Multiple-award-winning world traveling adventure loving videographer • photographer • speaker, #GlassExplorer, <3 dogs, sharing & caring, I tweet a lot.



twitter travel

@DaveDTC – 130k followers

– Up from 130k –

Bio: Dave’s Travel Corner – founded 1996. International travel & wine writer. Los Angeles updates. The Napa Wine Project. –


photo 4 (2)

@EverywhereTrip – 135k followers

– Up from 130k –

Bio: SATW & NATJA Travel Photographer of the Year. I’ve been to over 105 countries and all 7 continents since 2007. A @gAdventures Wanderer in Residence. Nomadic ·



image (2)

@ThePlanetD – 99.1k followers

– Up from 88k –

Bio: Award winning travel & photography bloggers. Adventure couple married 16 yrs. 80+ countries, 7 Continents & non stop fun! @Expedia Viewfinders & #AmexAmbassador.



photo 2 (3)

 @Eurapart 89.5k Followers

Bio: Travel Rules: Respect people, cultures and the environment. Go Enjoy! Google Plus



travel tweeters

@NomadicMatt – 76.8k followers

Up from 71k –

Bio: Nomad, vagabond, and author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. Showing people travel can be inexpensive in hopes of inspiring them to explore their world. Around the World ·



photo 3 (2)

@wdunlap – 72.4k followers

– Up from 65.8k –

Bio: World Traveler-100 countries, Featured speaker, Award-winning travel photojournalist blogger sharing great #travel tips, bargains, & trends to Plan Your Escape®



photo 1 (4)

@JohnnyJet – 69.5k Followers

Bio: Money saving travel expert who visits around 20 countries a year.



photo 3 (3)

@LuxTravelDiary – 69.3k Followers

Bio: Luxury Travel Diary – The most luxurious destinations, hotels, fashions and items the world has to offer. Love luxury, dream big, travel far!



twitter travel

@LandLopers – 64.4k followers

– Up from 56.9k –

Bio: Award winning travel blogger, writer and photographer specializing in luxury adventure travel. Ex-lobbyist turned social media strategist and general gadabout.



image (27)

@MalloryonTravel – 65.2k followers

– Up from 54k –

Bio:  Engaging with the World in 140 or less: #Traveller #Adventurer #Explorer #Writer #Photographer Wannabe #Stormchaser #Coffeeaddict #Prolifictweeter #Goodguy



image (3)

@WanderingTradr – 58.9k followers

– Down from 59.1k –

Bio: Travel the world for a living, entrepreneur and stock day trader. I’ve been to 80 countries, all 7



photo 3 (1)

@BootsnAll – 51.1K followers

– Up from 48.6k –

Bio: One-stop indie travel guide founded in 1998. <3 RTW travel Currently: PDX, STL & AKL ·


25. x2

photo 1 (1)

@Laurel_Robbins – 50k followers

– Up from 44.1k –

Bio: Hiker, co-founder @BigSisterSummit, award-winning travel blogger, cat-loving social media time optimizer, many hats, one Canadian in Germany. Munich, Germany.



@TrueNomads – 50k followers

– Up from 36.6 –

Bio: A permanent nomad, who ran away from the American dream. Been roaming the world for over 3 years now. Traveler. Dive master. In search of good times and freedom.



travel tweeter

@Velvetescape – 46.5k followers

– Up from 42.5k –

Bio: Founder/Publisher of the Velvet Escape luxury travel blog. iambassador. Inspired by Travel. Nature. People. Music. Sports. Architecture. Airplanes. Photography. Amsterdam ·



image (6)

@UMarket – 39.9k followers

– Up from 38k –

Bio: Traveling the world for 7 years, more than 80 countries. Dan & Audrey aim to connect world through people, food & adventure. Still going…and still married.



photo 1 (2)

@BonVoyageurs – 39k followers

Bio: Savvy world traveler and travel blogger. Former international business exec. Member National Press Club and IFWTWA @HBSAlumni @McGillAlumni. Global Wanderer ·



image (5)

@OffTrackPlanet – 34.1k followers

– Down from 34.3k –

Bio: A Travel Guide for the Young, Sexy & Broke : . Tag your tweets with #heyOTP and we’ll RT the best ones!



photo 5 (3)

@GoSeeWrite – 33.5k followers

– Up from 32.3 –

Bio: Permanent traveler making travel videos around the world  Follow. Or don’t. It’s all cool by me.




@Legalnomads – 33.7k followers

– Up from 31.7k –

Bio: Food-obsessed world traveler, soup expert & former lawyer from Montreal. Contributing editor at @longreads. Author of The Food Traveler’s Handbook.



photo 5 (1)

@MappingMegan – 29.3k followers

– Up from 23k –

Bio: Discover the World; Discover Yourself. Mapping personal evolution through adventure travel. Traveling & blogging since 2007 inspiring travel and change!




@Gypsynester – 28.2k followers

– Up from 6.4k –

Bio: David & Veronica are experiencing the collision of baby boomer with empty nester. We grabbed life by the horns, sold the nest and are Going Gypsy! Full Time Travelers Since 2008 ·



image (23)

@Just1WayTicket – 28.1k followers

– Up from 15.8 –

Bio: Travel Blogger | Screen Designer | Wannabe Photographer | Traveling as a lifestyle | I write about the things I love. Mostly.


35. x2


@Nomadicchick – 27.5k followers

Up from 25.3k –

Bio: Traveler & Writer – former corporate cog in the wheel who broke free in 2010 to roam the world. I dish out travel, creativity & stories for the restless soul. Currently in: Costa Rica ·

photo 3 (2)

@OttsWorlds – 27.5k followers

Up from 23.8 –

Bio: A corporate American runaway traveling the world; sharing my life, travel experiences, & benefits of career breaks!


36. x2


@michaelturtle – 26.4k followers

Up from 19.3 –

Bio: With everything on his back and all the time in the world… travel writer and beer lover. Best Australian Lifestyle Blog 2014.


photo 4

@LuxTravelBible – 26.4k followers

Up from 23.6k –

Bio: Luxury travel. Fans of over-the-top opulence & luxury we’re here for you – Hedonists, pleasure seekers & lovers of sheer indulgence. THE place for luxe-lovers.



travel tweeter

@the_HoliDaze – 23.1k followers

Up from 23k –

Bio: Some people eat, others try therapy. I #travel. 5yrs+ Cultural enthusiast. ǝʌıʇɔǝdsɹǝd ɹǝɥʇouɐ ɯoɹɟ sƃuıɥʇ ǝǝs oʇ ǝʌol ı . Tweets Eng & Indo #TTOT #Indonesia. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Lost in Indonesia ·



travel tweeter

@WondWand  – 22.8k followers

Up from 19.8 –

Bio: Freelance writer, travel blogger, chocolate lover (mmm, chocolate) and dance aficionada. Helping you plan your own wonderful getaway at


photo 2 (1)

@TravelwitBender – 22.3k followers

Up from 20.1 –

Bio: International award-winning #familytravel writer & #travel photographer sharing their firsthand experiences as they explore the world. How lucky are those kids?



photo 2 (2)

@HeckticTravels – 21.7k followers

Up from 18.6k

Bio: No possessions. No plans. Just travel. We are a Canadian couple who sold everything in 2009 to travel the world. (Most tweets by Dalene.)Currently in: France ·



photo 1 (1)

@Suitcases2 – 21.4k followers

Up from 17k

Bio: A Luxury Travel Blog; Tips, reviews, guides and stories to inspire travel. Created by nomadic couple, 2 years full time travel. #Housesitting & #Hotel Travel.


42. x2

photo 1 (2)

@TravelFish – 20.7k followers

Up from 20.1k

Bio: Founder of . Travel guide to Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand & Vietnam. Based in Bali. I tweet a lot.


image (1)

@FlirtWithGlobe – 20.7k Followers

Bio: travel blogger, attorney, adventuress.



photo 1

@BarefootNomads – 19.7k followers

Up from 16.9k

Bio: Travel, tech, family and fun. Serious lovers of ice cream. Inspiration and fun, crazy stories from on the road. Traveling together since 2003.


44. x3


@NomadicNotes -19.5k followers

Up from 19.2k

Bio: Travel blogger, photographer, location independent entrepreneur. Full time digital nomad, working RTW since 2003.


image (4)

 @TravellingKing1 – 19.5k followers

Up from 16.2k

Bio: Sam from Travelling King – where you can learn more about Travelling around #Thailand and #Australia – next stop #China #Singapore & #Philippines in October.


photo 3 (2)

@ExpertVagabond – 19.5k followers

Up from 18k

Bio: Adventure travel & photography.



image (15)

 @HoleintheDonut – 18.6k followers

Up from 16k

Bio: Ran away from corporate life to be a travel writer & photographer Connecting the world through storytelling.



image (17)

@LauraExplorerUK – 18.3k followers

Up from 17.6k

Bio: Budget traveller, backpacker, blogger, Fanta addict. Lover of whiskey, penguins, thunder, peanut butter, music, baking & adrenaline. 



photo 4 (2)

@travelingted – 18.2k Followers

Bio: I blog at Traveling Ted about outdoor adventure travel specializing in hiking, canoeing, international backpacking, and skiing. No programmed tweets here.



photo 5 (1)

@WanderTheMap – 18.1k followers

Up from 14.6k

Bio: Discovering Nature. Embracing Culture. Always looking for adventure in every corner of the globe.


49. x2

photo 2 (2)

@BeersandBeans – 17.7k Followers

Bio: We create travel experiences. We LOVE photography. We dig Pinterest (8M followers on travel boards, Pin-Up Live creators) Wander With Us.



@ActPlanetTravel – 17.7k followers

Bio: Travel blogger, television host & food enthusiast on a mission to backpack every country in the world!


50. x3

photo 3 (1)

@FairytaleTVLR – 16.8k followers

Up from 14.9k

Bio: Not your average #Travelblog. #Fairytales #Folklore #Mythology #Norse #Celtic #Literature #Paranormal #Popculture #Entertainment #News #Art #Goodreads #Nerd


photo 1

@Heartofvagabond – 16.8 Followers

Bio: I’m Yara, an Eco travel blogger who loves cultural experiences, traditional vegan food, yoga, nature.


photo 4 (1)

@NomadicSamuel – 16.8k followers

Bio: Professional travel blogger at  and YouTuber. Partner in crime with my lovely wife Audrey at @ThatBackpacker


51. x2

photo 1 (3)

@chaseTHEdonkey – 16.4k Followers

Bip: I am an Aussie Travel blogger who lives in small village in #Croatia. Travel Croatia like a local with me. I also tweet over at @CroatiaChat.


photo 4 (1)

@GreenGlobalTrvl – 16.4k  followers

Up from 14.7k

Bio: Saving the planet one story at a time, we’re adventurers w/ a passion for ecotourism, conservation & culture.


52. x3

photo 1 (2)

@Wanderlusters – 16.3k followers

Up from 13.3k

Bio: British #divemasters #housesitters and adventure travel bloggers Charli & Ben tweeting inspiring snapshots of their nomadic existence.


photo 3 (1) @Emorata – 16.3k Followers

Bio: Photographer, writer, artist, and blogger, I’m obsessed with travel, luxury experiences,good food, wine, culture and lifestyle, sharing my visuals storytelling



@EveryWhereist – 16.3k followers

Up from 15.2k

Bio: Traveler. Blogger. Freelancer. Snack-Enthusiast. Married to the awesome @randfish.



photo 1

@DangerousBiz – 15.8k followers

Up from 13.5

Bio: Traveler. Writer. Adventure-seeker. I’m just a small-town Ohio girl trying to see the world.



travel tweeter

@Agnesstramp – 15.6k followers

Up from 13.8k

Bio: Vagabond, Photography Passionate, Adventure Blogger and Life Enthusiast Travelling the World for Less Than $25 a Day – Somewhere in the World ·



photo 4

@TheTravelCamel – 15.7k followers

Up from 9.7 !

Bio: Passionately discovering the world, especially destinations many consider dangerous. 30+ years adventurer, 20+ years speaker, 10+ years blogger. Founder #TRLT. Dubai, UAE.


56. x2

image (8)

@GlobetrotterGrls – 15k followers

Up from 13.6k

Bio: Nomadic since 2010. Writing about Independent Travel to inform & inspire others to travel! Authors of Housesitting book:  Tweets by Dani.


photo 5 @Travelocafe  – 15k Followers

Bio: Travel Bloggers & Photographers. We want to inspire you to live a fulfilled, meaningful and mindful life.



travel tweeter

@GoatsOnTheRoad – 14.9k followers

Up from 12.1

Bio: For Adventurous & Off-The-Beaten-Path Travellers. A nomadic couple encouraging a sustainable, free lifestyle. Location independent & showing how you can be too! Where Are We?: Grenada ·



image (22)

@YoungAdventures – 14.8k followers

Up from 11.8

Bio: An American in New Zealand. Digital Storyteller. Hurricane. Adventuress. It’s all on my blog. Watch my TED talk


photo 2

@AsWeSawIt – 14.7k followers

Up from 13k

Bio: Globetrotters & travel gurus never far from a camera, wine bottle and forks. We blog to show you how to enjoy the world yourself.  Eat. See. Travel.



photo 5 (1) @CrazyinTheRain – 14.6k Followers

Bio: 4 years traveling solo photographing my journey ✈ I will never stop pushing my limits. Music makes my soul smile. My faith is important to me. Say hi!



image (16)

@RunawayJane – 14.5k followers

Up from 13.6k

Bio: Jane Meighan – Travel blogger/writer from Scotland. Currently learning Spanish &Turkish. Studying for an OUdegree in International Studies. Also at @inhercase.



photo 5

@lakshmisharath – 14.4k followers

Up from 13.7k

Bio: Media professional, traveller, travel writer,blogger. Quit 15 years of corporate life to travel. My life is a Tale of Two Cities -Madras & Bangalore.




@WanderingEarl – 14.3k followers

Up from 13.2

Bio: Traveling the world non-stop since 1999…with a slight addiction to wearing sarongs.



photo 4

@Sihpromatum – 14k followers

Up from 12.5

Bio: 24yr old #Canadian,100 countries,5 continents,Co-founder #TRLT,#AUTHOR of #travel #memoir. Sihpromatum-I Grew my Boobs in China.



photo 1 (1) @WheresSharon – 13.9k Followers

Bio: Join us as we explore the world with our 2 and 4 year olds -sharing the good, the bad and the (hopefully not too) ugly of family travel!!




@GirlvsGlobe – 13.8k Followers

Bio: Travel blogger, student and confused twenty-something. I like cocktails and cute animals (boys included).



photo 5dghhgdh

@FourJandals – 13.7k followers

Up from 12.6

Bio: New Zealand’s leading travel bloggers have been wearing out their jandals (Kiwi slang for flip-flops) on their #travel adventures around the world. Currently in Europe ·



photo (2)

@Lat34Travel  – 13.4k followers

Up from 12.5

Bio: The best darn travel blog out there. Inspiration to get you off your butt and see the world. Traveled to 70 countries on 6 continents. TRAVEL LIKE YOU MEAN IT!



travel tweeters

@TravelBohemian  – 12.6k followers

Up from 9.6k

Bio: Exit Rat Race. Enter Adventure. Join the #adventure of our #family of 5 as we #travel the world following our dreams and becoming global citizens! Hawaii ·


70. photo 4

@jettingaround – 12.4k Followers

Bio: City travel blog ✈ Edited by Chicago-based, Krakow-native Pola, founder of #JAchat (Fridays 1pm ET), #JACafé events & @JAmedia_.



image (13)

@TheAussieNomad 11.9k followers

Up from 11.4

Bio: Award winning Australian Travel Blogger looking to make travel easy for all with budget help, visa advice and travel tips.



image (32)

@WanderingEds – 11.8k followers

Up from 10.8k

Bio: We’re a travel library for people curious about the world! Love food, deep culture, and meeting new friends.


73. x2

photo 5 (3)

@Pointsandtravel – 11.7k Followers

Bio: A value-luxury adventure traveler who has traveled every 6 weeks of her life for 20years. She shares her experiences about world travel #storyteller.


photo 1 @TravelinFools – 11.7k Followers

Bio: Travel randomly, move frequently. We are travel bloggers on a mission to show you how to live anywhere you want with little planning and even less money.



photo 3 (2)

@L_e_a_h  – 11.3k Followers

Bio: Traveler. Eater. Shoe Glutton. Word slinger for @TheDailyMeal, @ForbesInspector, @TheDailyBasics, etc. @LuxeBeatMag Editor-at-Large. Texan.


75. x2

image (24)

@Lozula – 11.1k followers

Up from 10.7

Bio: Photographer, Traveller, Writer. In other words, career avoider. Professional photography at:   Blog at: 


travel tweeter

@Mytanfeet – 11.1k followers

Up from 9.1k

Bio: Couple in Costa Rica living up the life on the beach and exploring the world. Come and see what exciting adventures we have done today! Costa Rica ·


76. x2


@Sexyfuntraveler – 10.9k followers

Up from 9.6

Bio: Crazy Slovak girl who made traveling the reason of her life:) I live to travel, I travel to live! Also @wetravelworld and @fitwhentravel


photo 2 (2)

@HoneyTrek – 10.9k followers

Up from 8.7k

Bio: Just back from a 675-day RTW honeymoon to 302 places across 33 countries & 6 continents!…and the honeymoon rolls on!!!


photo 3

@psimonmyway – 10.8k followers

Up from 10.6

Bio: She quit her ‘prestigious’ job in fashion and lived the life she’d imagined. Are We There Yet? {Currently in South America}. 



photo 4 (2)

@JDomb  – 10.6k Followers

Bio: Adventure travel with a glass of wine. Award-winning travel writer, wine & polar bear lover, hiker, skier, social media strategist. American living in Italy.


79. x2

photo 3

@AspiringNomads– 10.5k Followers

Bio: Official aspiringnomad; 100+ countries, 5000+ days on the road. Tourism Anthropologist, teaching IBDP Geo/Biz in Shanghai. Quarter million blog views counting.


photo 4 (1)

@Turnipseeds – 10.5k Followers

Bio: Myanmar, Malawi, Manly, Monmartre, & the Maritimes are a few of my favourite things. Travel blogger, freelance writer, social media content creator .


80. x2

photo dfdfd4 (1)

@OurFavAdventure  – 10.1k followers

Bio: Shouldn’t LIFE be Our Favorite Adventure!? We are Kathleen and Brock, living intentionally, traveling indefinitely, lovers of hiking, cooking, and bike touring. Sedona, AZ ·


photo 3 (1)

@KeepCalmkle – 10.1k followers

New to the list!

Bio- Hey I’m Cle! An Italian (Sardinian) Travel Blogger with an insane passion for life! In 2012 I quit my job to travel the world, follow my crazy adventures 😉



photo 5 (2)

@JacknJillTravel – 10k Followers

Bio: World travelers. Climbers. Van dwellers. The outdoor is our playground. Sharing our adventures since 2009 on:



photo 2

@ConstantRamble – 9.6k Followers

Bio: Travel Bloggers, Road Trippers, Dog Travel, & Coffee Addict. Freelance Writer Blog & SM Consultant – Will answer any ? for Beer #Rambleon.



photo 2 (4)

@Fleeting_Life – 9.4k Followers

Bio: Travel-crazed goofball, writer, and dancer. I believe growing up is a myth. Always seeking culture, enlightenment and silliness. #Travel #HumanRights.


84. x2


@gotravelyourway – 9.2k followers

Up from 8.9k

Bio: Australia’s Blogger of the year 2014 finalist, hitchiked to Iran, @Newscomauhq contributor, Journalist… Next stop: Kabul- Read my blog.


photo 1 (5)

@MindfulTravel_ – 9.2k Followers

Bio: Passionate about travel and social media! Entrepreneur & Founder of @Kaleidoskope_ and @WTravelinStyle *Brand Ambassador @HudsonBleecker * #eco #luxury #life.




@thatbackpacker – 8.8k followers

Bio: wants more stamps on her passport / owns too many suitcases / makes YouTube travel videos around the world with @NomadicSamuel.


86. x3

image (31)

@GordyandPaula – 8.6k followers

Bio: A little left of mainstream travel. Houseboats, tatami mats, cave houses, over water bungalows – we travel “our” way. It’s all about serendipity.


image (2)

@BeMyTravelMuse – 8.6k followers

Bio: I’m a 20-something girl who likes to pretend I’m deep and complex by writing about travel. Who’s with me?



@NomadicTexan – 8.6k followers

Bio: Writer, Blogger, Foodie & Overall Travel Geek!!! #NomadicTexan.


87. x2

travel tweeter

@BABackpacker – 8.2k followers

Bio: On my 2nd trip RTW with no return date home. I blog/tweet to document my adventures/thoughts. Oh & yeah I love Kelly Clarkson, Egypt, Travel & Street Art.


photo 4 (3)

@MeganoTravels – 8.2k Followers

Bio: Tales of a traveler gallivanting around the globe. On a mission to experience, photograph, and write about the world. Follow along!



photo 1 (2) @HotPinkPassport  – 7.5k Followers

Bio: Tales of an American girl out to see the world! Glampacker with dreams of fun & fabulous travel in every exotic corner of the world.



photo 3 (4)

@FlashpackerFam – 7.2k Followers

Bio: Flashpacker Family Travel Blog Sharing tales from the road and tips on smart family travel #familytravel #travel #RTW.


90. x2

image (30)

@What_Boundaries – 6.7k followers

Bio: House-Sitting Our Way Round The World! 2 Long Term Travelers Who Love Seeing The World & Writing About It!


travel tweeter

@Unbravegirl – 6.7k followers

Bio: Writer, teacher, traveler, cookie enthusiast, scaredy cat. Now coming at you from the Mitten State.



photo 1 (1)

@TheTravelFool – 6.6k followers

Bio: History buff, Lover of Beer,Cigars, Tequila and Whiskey. Freelance writer and traveler off the tourist path.



travel tweeter

@CaptainandClark – 6.2k followers

Bio: A couple with severe wanderlust. Met on Kilimanjaro, engaged at the Taj Mahal. @Expedia Viewfinders, @usatoday contributors & travel fanatics. Tweets by T. Small corners of the globe. ·



image (10)

@WorldBookTravel – 6.1k followers

Bio: Join one family who loves to travel the world, cruise & visit National Parks. Sharing kid-tested adventures & tips to save time, money & sanity along the way.



image (9)

@1Dad1Kid – 6k followers

Bio:  Single dad traveling the world with his son while unschooling & raising a global citizen. Author, blogger, writer, photog, scuba instructor.



photo 2 (1)

@DrifterJournals – 5.7k Followers

Bio: A Hawaiian Drifter Living Abroad | Sharing Inspirational Travel Tweets on Language, Food, History & Culture, From a Unique Perspective.



travel tweeter

@rolfpotts – 5.4k followers

Bio: Travel writer, essayist, author of Vagabonding, and Marco Polo Didn’t Go There. Yale lecturer, director of the Paris Writing Workshop. Itinerant Kansan.




@80worldjobs – 5k followers

Bio: Founder of . Corporate mischief maker. Frequent YouTuber. Traveler. Hack writer. #makeitright advocate.



travel tweeter

@TheRunawayGuide – 4.9k followers

Bio: Ran away from home at 16 and haven’t stopped. Travel is my life blood, Kerouac & Grylls my role models. On The Run ·



travel tweeter

@Manonthelam – 4.8k followers

Bio: A cubicle escapee with an oddity addiction. Motto: Cover the earth before it covers you. Planet Earth ·



image (28)

@WeSaidGoTravel – 4.3k followers

Bio: We Said Go Travel is a Global Community of over 1000 writers, articles from every continent. Join in

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    Great list – must have taken ages to put together!! Next time I hope @globalmouse1 might make it with 12,000 followers 🙂

  3. Brad BernardonReply

    Great List, Justin. I have 2 that are a crazy good time if you’re into that sort of stuff (I totally understand if you’d rather avoid those things)

    @mywanderlist (33,000) 89 Countries: Danced with Corpses in Africa, Hitchhiked Saudi Arabia, Lived with Sea Gypsies, Tattoos Hammered-in by Headhunters… Unapologetically Curious

    @thebestintravel (27,400) Purveyor of the World’s Finest Travel Experiences. Tweeting the best in travel from the world’s best travel blogs at the perfect time.

    1. True NomadsonReply

      Cool man, I’m not avoiding anyone, its just that there are so many out there that I couldn’t know them all. And its way too late to add them now. Next time

  4. HowardonReply

    Epic list, Justin! I know you couldn’t catch everyone, but @backroad_planet with 7.2K followers would love to make the list next time. Cheers!

  5. Gabor KovacsonReply

    You missed @surfingplanet with almost 15k followers. actually i already asked you to include us when you published your last list, maybe next time….

  6. Shane Dallas (The Travel Camel)onReply

    Sincere thanks to you Justin for including me on your Top 100 again. I really appreciate your enormous work in compiling this list.

  7. Eric @ Trans-Americas JourneyonReply

    You missed us – @TransAmericas with 5,281 followers.

    However, I have to say the number of followers is a pretty irrelevant number when not looked at in light of the ratio of followers to following. For example if I had followed back every person who has followed us since we’ve been on Twitter since 2009 we’d probably have well over 20K followers…and then there are auto-follow programs. However, we’re very selective in who we follow only following 591 to our 5,281.

    As an example to take a semi-random selection #18 @wdunlap – 72.4k followers…, oops now 74.7k followers (gee, I wonder if he uses an auto-follow program) to 72.8k following is an unimpressive ratio of 0.95 follows to followers.
    Whereas someone like lowly #96 @rolfpotts – 6.56k followers – 947 following is certainly more impressive and relevant with a ratio of 0.14 follows to followers. Something close to our 0.17 ;).
    Anyone who has been on twitter for more than a few years can easily rank in the top half of this list based on followers. I bet the vast majority of the list has a ratio of more than 0.8 follows to followers which make someone like #17 @NomadicMatt – 76.8k followers and a ratio of 0.027 particularly impressive.

    1. True NomadsonReply

      Well like I said at the beginning, the list is sorted by follower numbers, but that doesnt make the top ones more interesting then the bottom. But if you have it all figured out, let me know whats a better way to categorize over 100 twitter profiles. I’m all ears.

    2. Brad BernardonReply

      That’s a better measure of ego, Eric. If you’re more impressed by your ratio than your engagement, I’d say good luck to you my friend.

  8. BethonReply

    Great list! I’ve got to go and make sure I’m following everyone now! Hopefully I’ll make the cut next year, I’ve got 26k (@translatetravel) 😉

  9. Mariellen WardonReply

    Hiya, great list, and I will make sure I am following them all. You could of course easily do another list as you missed lots of great travel tweeters 🙂 I have 15K followers and founded #WEGOOLO, the twitter community for female solo travellers. I’m living in India and there are some great travel bloggers/tweeters here too… so maybe one day you may have to do several lists, cheers.

  10. Nelson MochileroonReply

    Is a very extensive list, congrats for the hard work. But I didn’t find my travel account @mochileros_org

    I’m in twitter since 2010 and have 9.7k followers. Maybe it can be on the list?

  11. Kelsey LoveonReply

    Mahalo for including Travelin’ Fools! Stoked to be a part of such a killer list of travelers. Cheers and Happy (almost) New Year from Maui!

  12. NicoleonReply

    This is a great list of interesting people – would never have considered HONY a wanderlust/travel tweeter but thinking about it I guess he is, especially with his stint with the UN.

    You missed plenty of great travel tweeters – any one of the #TTOT co-hosts, @BordersofAdv, @WildJunket, @livesharetravel, @TheTravelHack, @OneikaTraveller, @DTravelsRound, @thisgirlloves_, @yTravelBlog…. the list goes on! (Oh, and me… @NicoleTravelBug!)

  13. Lisa @ Happy Holidays GuidesonReply

    Thanks for compiling a scannable, easy-to-skim list. There are so many travel tweeters out there it’s refreshing to see familiar faces all on one page. Cheers and Happy New Year! ~Lisa @ HHG

  14. Geert @ Inspiring TravellersonReply

    Great list Justin, like the one before.. I’ll make sure to tweet it out!
    But it would be great if you could include ( @InspirngTrvlrs ) next time!


  15. BeckionReply

    Great list although soooo many travel greats missed off. Maybe next time you wi have to make it a Top 200! Or more…

    You are missing mine – @bordersofadv with over 12K 😉

  16. Karisa @ Flirting with the GlobeonReply

    I imagine that took quite a bit of time! Great list – I’m excited to be included and can’t wait to check out the other bloggers that I don’t already follow! 🙂

  17. Rishabh & Nirali @ gypsycoupleonReply

    Would love to be a part of this list by next year. we’ve just started and have a very modest following of us 2.1K but hope to be up there with the best with hopefully good content to share, a devoted following and some luck:)

    Hope some of the commenters here take out the time to visit our blog at 🙂

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  20. Eric @ Poplar TravelsonReply

    Lists like these are great! Thank you for opening my eyes to many bloggers I had not heard of yet. Good luck in the new year! 🙂

  21. ChrisonReply

    I’m a little late to the party but I’ll put that down to too much fun over the festive break. Thanks for the mention and more so for all the time it would have taken to create the list.

  22. Michela of Rocky Travel BlogonReply

    What a great list! You missed Rocky Travel blog though, with 8320 followers! Maybe you can consider it with your next update! Thanks 🙂

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  26. PeteronReply

    Such awesome travellers! I have taken the liberty to place them on my list of INCREDIBLE TRAVELERS which I’ll keep updated. Subscribe at:


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