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I take a lot of tours, especially in Europe, and each one is Unique. I’ve taken a private tour of the Vatican, graffiti tours in Portugal and Romania, and even holy tours in Israel. But maybe the most fun was my Fiat 500 tour of Rome. I recommend all the tours I’ve done, but this one is unique and a ton of fun. I doubt very seriously if there is a better way to see the city. This visit to Rome was very special, as it is where I met my beautiful girlfriend Claudia, and the fiat tour was just the topping on the cake. photo 3

My hotel, Retrome, whom I also highly recommend, set me up on this tour, and it went something like this: Since I was the only one, the owner of the tour, Rome 500 Experience, picked me up in the morning at the hotel, in a tiny, green, 1971 Fiat Berlina 500 F.

He would be my personal tour guide around Rome, taking me to places I never even heard about, where tourists don’t do. The tour it’s self was awesome and educational, but being in a classic car that everyone stared at, made it even more memorable. For a guide to Rome, click here!

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The whole time we were driving around the city, seeing cool sites, checking out view points, visiting little coffee shops, I kept thinking to myself how I can think of 10 people right off hand that would love this tour! I think that the best option they offer, is for groups. They have many Fiats in the fleet, and they let you drive your own! Everyone gets one, and you make a caravan of little Fiats and follow the guide around the city. Now that would be a memorable experience! Check out the Rome 500 Experience, for an amazing and affordable tour of Rome. I’d even love to do it again!

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  1. Patrick SmithonReply

    I love this blog post! I have not heard of this type of tour. You are right, it sounds like it would be a blast! Thank you so much for finding these great things for us!

  2. Moti, RetromeonReply

    Hi Justin, would be so nice to add to this post our Retrome City Love short video! It combines the hotel and the vintage cars:

  3. Scott TissononReply

    This looks like a great idea to see Rome, I’ve not seen this before but well up for giving it a try!! Love to make a video doing it too 🙂

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