The Cozumel Palace. All-Inclusive Paradise


What can I say about the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in? A LOT! First of all, as we walked it to reception, people took our bags and handed us cold towels and colder pina coladas. Being prrimarily scuba travelers, we stay in high end resorts a lot, but we also wear board short and lip flops, so we don’t always fit in with the “suit” and “business” crowd, but reception treated us great anyways!, and carried our bags to our room.

I say room, but what I really mean is a gigantic space of luxury. Two king beds, separated by a gigantic Jacuzzi, a slide out bar next to the t.v, a stocked (and free) mini bar, and a bathroom the size of my last apartment. We asked ourselves if this was the right room.


It took us about 8 seconds to jump in the Jacuzzi with the complimentary wine and chocolate strawberries. I didn’t even take off my clothes, and just dove in the bubbles. How can there be a Jacuzzi the size of a slug-bug in our room!? DON”T pinch me.

We had no idea how much bubbles to use, and on our second Jacuzzi session, after many many free (ahem) “beverages”, we somehow thought it was a good idea to just use the whole bottle. pretty soon the bubbles were over our drunk heads, but we didn’t mind. Well apparently the hotel man who was bringing our mid-night snack of hamburgers and chicken nuggets minded, and called the maids…. We hadn’t noticed, but the whole room was full of bubbles!


So we ate our chicken nuggets like naughty little children, now washed down with Finlandia on the rocks, while our room was squeeged out at 1 in the morning. oops.

ANYWAYS, I have only even mentioned our room! Did I mention the hotel was all-inclusive? And for someone doing 3+ dives a day, the relaxation at night was welcome. A few margeritas in, and I decided this was my favorite place ever.


Our first day at the Palace, the winds kicked up and diving was canceled, which is why we were there in the first place. But if I had to not dive, that was the best place possible to not dive at! We had no remorse, and sat by the pool, determined to try every drink in the menu.

Untitled design
Who put these chairs in the pool? I’m sitting there! And I’ll have one of every drink please

In the morning we had to drag our lazy butts out of our giant beds, kick off about 20 pillows, and leave early for diving. So we figured we would try the free breakfast. True to everything else at the Palace, the breakfast was the greatest spread I’ve seen in my life! This Brekky deserves its own post.

As we walked in they said we were too early and all they had was the buffet ready. “We will manage”, we assured them. then got a view of the best hotel brekky of all time.

Best breakfast you can ask for. Everything you can think of, including fixings for Bloody Marys
Best breakfast you can ask for. Everything you can think of, including fixings for Bloody Marys


Ok I have to stop talking about this place, it just makes me sad I left. (did I mention they offer guests 2 free dives a day??). If luxury is your thing, get yourself here and experience it at its finest. If its not, and you’re a budget minded wanderer…… do yourself a favor and treat yourself once in a while and try this out. It will definitely stay in the “win” column of your memories!


  1. Haha I remember when my husband and I stayed at an all-inclusive and it was his first time at one. He was very concerned since nothing had prices so that must mean it was expensive.

    I love all-inclusive resorts. I know a lot of people don’t but what’s not to like? You can eat and drink and play as much as you want and there’s no extra costs.

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