100 Best Places to Visit in Europe Before you Die: Part Three

Moving on to Part Three of the 100 Best Places to Visit in Europe, where I list 10 more of the most incredible places to see in Europe, that deserve to be on your bucket list. If you missed Part Two, click here:

100 Best Places to Visit in Europe Before you Die: Part Two

Once again, this list of the must-see places in Europe, is categorized any no particular order, and is completely random. They are equally awesome! Parts one and two featured some amazing places to visit in Europe such as Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon in Iceland and the Island of Sardinia in Italy. If those places weren’t inspiring enough, wait until you get a load of Part Three! And once again, please leave us a comment to tell us what places you think should be included in Part Four!

100 Best Places to Visit in Europe


21. The Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

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Text from Suzanne of The Travel Bunny. The Bay of Kotor (Boka Kotorska), despite often being called the southern-most fjord in Europe, is actually a submerged river canyon and one of the most beautiful sights in Montenegro.  One of the best spots to view it from is hairpin number 25 in the road that leads to the top of the craggy mountains over-looking the bay.

It’s 850m above sea level and from this height you can see the bay in all it’s glory as it makes its way inland from the coast.  It’s as bright and sparkling as any Scandinavian fjord and with it’s pretty old town perched by the bay on the side of the mountain and city walls that are worth the climb for spectacular views it’s not surprising that it is listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites.


22. The Camino de Santiago Trail, Spain

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 Text from Andrew of the Passport Chronicals. For over a millennium, Catholics have been undertaking the Camino de Santiago to the tomb of St. James in northern Spain by foot. Ancient pilgrims historically started their journey at the doorsteps of their own house and utilized a network of trails across Europe to find the saint’s final resting place.

Today, the most popular of these ancient routes is the “French Way”, which runs 800 km from St. Jean Pied de Port on the French border to Santiago de Compostela close to the pacific coast. Today’s pilgrim will conquer the fabled Pyrenees, hike through picturesque hamlets and soak in the atmosphere of Pamplona, Leon and Burgos.

The Camino will test you physically and mentally, but will reward you with so much more. Buen Camino!


23. Riga, Latvia

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Text and photo from Kirsty from Kathmandu and Beyond. One of my favourite cities in the Baltics, there is certainly no shortage of things to do in Riga. The Old Town is perfect for exploring on foot, wandering from one magical plaza to another. The ornate House of the Blackheads is one of Riga’s most photographed building but it’s just one of many highlights.

A short walk from the Old Town, Riga’s ‘Quiet Centre’, also known as the Art Nouveau district, is another ‘must-see’. It’s easy to spend a few hours here photographing the stunning architecture of the grand buildings. Finally, don’t miss the Central Market – housed in World War II Zeppelin hangers, it’s one of Europe’s best!


24. Gozo, Malta

Best places to visit in Europe

Photo and text from the Country Hopping Couple. One of the phenomenal structure and an iconic natural monument in Malta, Azure Window is located in the Dwejra Bay on the Inland Sea in Gozo Island, the sister island of Malta. A natural limestone arch, it was created when two limestone sea caves collapsed.

The arch has also been featured in The Game of Thrones and in many other movies. Right next to the arch is the Blue Hole, a crystalline pool 10m wide, a popular diving spot. The rare geographical structure of the area coupled with diverse wildlife, pristine water & a beautiful stretch of unspoilt shore attracts people from all walks of life.

The whole area around Dwejra Bay, Inland Sea, Azure Window & Fungus Rock make a great tourist attraction. And they come free of cost.


25. The Transfagarasan Road, Romania

The Transfagarasan is one of Romania’s most exceptional roads, and it can be found in the Southern Carpathians, between the cities of Sibiu and Pitesti. The road stretches for 60 miles from north to south, and it runs through some of the highest peaks in the country, including Moldoveanu and Negoiu.
Built between 1970 and 1974 by Nicolae Ceausescu, the road was meant to provide quick and easy army access across the mountains in the event of a Soviet Union invasion. This means that the road was constructed using a military workforce, and it is estimated that its building process claimed the lives of 40 men. Definitely one of the best places to visit in Romania AND Europe!

26. Stockholm, Sweden

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Img Src: seeuptostockholm.com

Stockholm might be best known for their blonde haired bombshells, but it also happens to be one of the most clean and beautiful cities I’ve been to. When you’re here make sure to take a island tour in one of the many tour boat, and see Stockholm from the beautiful lagoons and inlet.


27. The Faroe Islands

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Img Src: vikinginvest.org

 Text from Kirsten from Globetrotter in a Wheelchair. In the heart of the Gulf Stream, sandwiched in between Norway and Iceland you will find 18 islands; the Faroe Islands. These green almost fairytale islands, most of them connected with road-tunnels, have been a self-governing country within the Danish Realm since 1948.

Even in summer the weather is quite changeable. Going from one island to another can change the weather from sunny and warm to chilly and grey. It is quiet, almost as times stands still. Small villages appear in the fog revealing wooden houses under the heavy grass-roofs. Behind them you will find the dramatic bays.

The razor sharp coastlines are a paradise for ornithologist. It’s well worth the effort to bring your binoculars to study the colorful puffins. In Danish, the name translates as “the islands of sheep” and sheep you will find anywhere. Some even believe they were there before the people.


28. Ghent, Belgium

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Text and photo from Geert of Inspiring Travelers. Ghent is a picturesque gem in the Flanders region of Belgium. Lonely Planet calls it one of Europe’s greatest discoveries. Most people visit Ghent for it’s architectural beauty, like Bruges it has fabulous canal-side medieval buildings and boat rides, but above all it’s just a great city to live in with a great vibe and atmosphere.
It’s also famous for the “Gentse Feesten”, a 10-day music and theatre festival that starts on the Saturday before July 21, and attracts almost 2 million visitors every year, making it one of the biggest cultural and popular festivals in Europe.

29. Meteora, Greece

Text and photo from Margherita of The Crowded Planet. The first time I glanced upon Meteora, I couldn’t believe my eyes. A valley with stone pillars topped by monasteries, overlooking the great expanse below, as if they were protecting it and its people, with the backdrop of the setting sun.

Meteora in the Thessaly region of Northern Greece, about 3 hours north of Athens; its gateway is the village of Kalambaka. The stunning monasteries were built by Orthodox monks fleeing Turkish attacks on the coast, in the 14th century – all equipment and materials to build the monasteries were carried up the pillars by monks rock climbing.

Nowadays, there’s plenty to do in Meteora besides touring the monasteries. Activities on offer include hiking, rock climbing and via ferrata.


30. Lake Geneva, Switzerland

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Img Src: www.wallpaperseek.com. Best places to visit in europe

You don’t need to work hard to enjoy Lake Geneva (also called Lac Leman), in the Swiss Canton of Vaud. If you are travelling around Europe, you may be glad to know that you can just hop on a train from Geneva to Milan, and this will ride along the coast and stop on the lovely villages.
You will be easily enchanted by the breathtaking views of the Alps and the countryside, parks and even some medieval castles. If this is not enough for you, just stop along the way and embark in one or more of the many activities that make this region so special: lovely walks, hikes, mountain biking, and even taking a cruise on the lake. Also check out Most Awesome Things to do in Zurich!

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    I’ve been traveling all over Europe, and lived there for years. I’ve never been to any of these sites. It’s definitely the road less traveled.

  2. GonionReply

    thanks for putting this list together with all the beautiful pictures! I plan to go exploring Eastern Europe soon and already found some places in the list(s) I need to visit… It’s long overdue as being European I’ve only been to Czech Republic and Hungary.

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      Oh you’ll love Eastern Europe. Wait for the rest of the list of places to see in Europe, there will be lost more in the East!

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    Great inspiration. Thanks for sharing but now my bucket list got even longer. Wanna visit all of that places. Fortunately I can tick off the list Chateau Chillon at Lake Geneva. I’ve visited last December and loved it. Definitely a place to see before you die.

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      Thanks man! And I might have to agree! But I need to see them all, thats for sure. Wait till yu see the next parts!

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    Great list Justin and thanks for including me. The Transfagarasan Road, Romania is a new one for me. On the list it goes (this list is getting ridiculously long).

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      Thanks man! And I feel you on the list thing… mine just grows, even as I cross things off. there are tooo many sweet places to see in Europe!

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    Just back from Kotor. Amazing city with some of the most spectacular geography in Europe. Much preferred Kotor to Dubrovnik.
    Frank (bbqboy)

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    I really love these articles, great photos! Just a small remark: the first picture is not the bay of Kotor but the bay of Risan and the place you see in the front is not Kotor but Perast. Will there be a printable list at the end so we can pin it to our walls at home to remind ourselves of all the places we still have to visit? 🙂

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