100 Best Places to Visit in Europe Before you Die: Part Two

Continuing on from part one of the 100 Best Places to Visit in Europe Before you Die, which covered ten amazing places from Iceland to Croatia and a few in between. Each place unique and worthy of being on any travelers’s bucketlist. These are all the best places to Visit in Europe, as well as some of the top cities to visit in Europe, but they are not categorized in any order. None is better than the other.  So if you missed part one, go back and check it out. If not, and without further adieu, here is part two of:

100 Best Places to Visit in Europe Before you Die

11. Cappadocia, Turkey

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Img Src: www.travelnewsdigest.in

Text by Diana of Dianamiaus. If you wish to do a balloon ride one time in your life save it for Cappadocia in Turkey, it will be a breathtaking experience. This historic region of Anatolia is well-known for its amazing scenery and its unique fairy chimneys, formed by volcanic ash. The most popular way to explore it is in a hot air balloon at sunrise, so you will get the surreal feeling that you are flying over the moonscape. I suggest you try it, you won’t regret it!

Check out more information Cappadocia on Tripadvisor


12. Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany

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This text came from Cory of Inspirational Life Adventures: Schloss (castle) Neuschwanstein opened to the public in 1886, just 7 weeks after King Ludwig the second passed away. Built as the King’s private residence and situated in foothills of the German Alps, and the heart of Bavaria, Neuschwanstein sees approximately 1.4 million visitors a year. Neuschwanstein is only a short one hour train ride from Munich, and is easily doable as a day trip. However I promise you will want more than a day in this fairy tale castle, which even Disney based the design of Cinderella Castle on. Don’t miss a chance to see the Kings palace, one of the best places to visit in Europe!

Check out more information about Neuschwanstein Castle on Tripadvisor


13. Lake Bled, Slovenia

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Text by Lyn from The Travelling Lindfields. The most beautiful place in Europe, and best place to visit in Slovenia. With its exquisite blue water, medieval castle and Baroque church standing sentinel on Slovenia’s only island, Lake Bled is spellbinding. Legend has it the island was once home to a Temple built in honor of the ancient Slavic goddess Ziva. Today, whoever rings the church bell has a wish come true. Only 40 minutes from Ljubljana, Lake Bled is a perfect day trip. Take a boat to the Church on the Island, hire bicycles to circumnavigate the lake or just sit and be mesmerized by the view. Definitely one of the best things to do in Europe!

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14. The Island of Sardinia, Italy

Best places to visit in Europe

Img Src: abeachaday.com. Best places to visit in Europe

 Cala Goloritzé is one of the most incredible beaches in Sardinia, and it definitely is one of the best places to visit in Europe. This beach isn’t the only highlight in Sardinia though, and you” be sure to run into tons of other beaches and old architecture and great food. You should definitely spend a weekend in Sardinia, and feel what life must have been like 60 year ago.

Here are more must see places in Sardinia


15. The Northern lights of Lapland, Finland

Best places to visit in europe

Best places to visit in europe

Photo and text from Joao of Travelholic Nomad. Witnessing the Northern Lights in Lapland has been, to this day,  the most remarkable experience in my life. The true beauty of this magnificent light show is that you will probably never see the Aurora Borealis the same way twice.  So if you see it more than once the light show will most likely be completely different. In Finland   the Northern Lights are called Revontuletâ, which means Fox Fire. They believe that the Aurora is produced by a fox’s tail sweeping in the snow  creating sparks that fly off into the sky. If you focus and listen closely  you can sometimes hear a clapping sound coming from the sky  that resembles a sweeping sound! This is definitely one of the best places to visit in Europe.

Here is a list of the best spots in Finland to view the northern lights


16. The Azores Archipelago, Portugal

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 Text from Sandra of Tripper. With three of the nine islands classified as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the volcanic archipelago of the Azores is the perfect ecotourism destination. A paradise for hikers, divers and Nature lovers. Each island is unique, with its own culture and traditions, and even the cuisine varies from one island to the other. I could tell you that the best islands to visit are the ones where I grew up (Flores and Corvo), but that wouldn’t be entirely fair. Besides hiking and diving, the outdoor activities that attract the most visitors are kayaking, canyoning (Flores, S. Jorge and S. Miguel are the best three islands for it), whale watching (the tours are lead by companies committed to responsible tourism), bird watching (Corvo is a popular spot), paragliding, surfing and sport fishing.

Here are a list of more things to do and see in the Azores


17. The White Cliffs of Eastbourn, England

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Img Src: http://milesformankind.blogspot.it. Beachy Head Eastbourn. Of the top places to visit in UK

Text by Clelia of Keep Calm and Travel. This is definitely one of the best places to visit in UK and when visiting Eastbourne. Beachy Head is the highest chalk cliff in the whole of Britain, an astonishing 531 feet. Being so high, it offers absolutely stunning views of the south east coast. Looking west you can see Selsey Bill, and in the east Dungeness. One of my best memories of England so far, I couldn’t believe what my eyes were witnessing! Not a surprise it’s the N.1 Attraction by Tripadvisor! Definitely one of the best places to visit in Europe!


18. Buda Castle of Budapest, Hungary

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Img Src: www.lonelyplanet.com.One of the best cities to visit in Europe

 Text from Menorca of Europe Diaries. The majestic Buda castle on the Castle Hill offers a great view of the city and the Danube. You can choose to walk up to the castle or take a bus, but make sure you have some time in hand to walk around the complex and enjoy the sights. If interested, you can also visit the Budapest History Museum and the National Gallery which are located in the same complex. I personally enjoyed spending time walking around the castle, visiting the Matthias Church, and was very excited to walk through ‘Dracula’s Chamber’ – a labyrinthe of tunnels which are a part of the Buda Castle.You will also find a lot of coffee shops, restaurants and souvenir shops in that area. So, if you happen to visit Budapest, one of the best cities to visit in Europe, do pay a visit to the historical Buda Castle.

Here is a list of more amazing places to visit in Budapest


19. Preikestolen, Norway (Preacher’s Pulpit)

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Img Src: www.wallpaperhere.com. Best Places to see in Europe

Text  from Vicky of These Vagabond Shoes. The angular granite edifice of Preikestolen, or Pulpit Rock as it’s better known in English, rises sheer above the cold waters of Lysefjord, over 600 metres below. The ice-hewn edge overhangs, emphasising the void beyond the precipice. Preikestolen can only be reached on foot, on a trail from Preikestolhytta, a short distance by road and ferry from Stavanger. The route is easy to navigate and, depending on experience and fitness, takes 2 to 4 hours to complete. More leisurely travellers can cruise the fjord for views. Hikers make two distinct groups: those who relish the thrill of standing on the brink, even making a starjump or a handstand for the camera, sitting on the edge and swinging their legs into space; and others more cautious, mentally chiding others as fools, before creeping slowly to the edge. This is Norway’s travel icon; the bare ice-carved rock, the hike to the top, and the vast views of ever-changing light that capture the essence of the country in one experience.

Here is a list of more amazing places to visit in Norway


20. Prague Old Town, Czech Republic

Top Cities to visit in Europe

Prague: Top Cities to visit in Europe

Photo and text from Irina of Are You Happy Travel. There’s a kind of magic around the Old Town (Staré Město) of Prague that you just can’t escape. The Old Town dates back to the 12th century and gathered inside historical events, various architectural styles and stories of wealthy merchants and political intrigue. It’s one of the top cities to visit in Europe, and the highlights of the Old Town are the Astronomical Clock, the Tyn Church and the Old Town Hall Tower. Historic buildings, small charming stone streets, terraces and restaurants of all sorts looking forward to serve you traditional Czech food and Czech beer, all waiting to be explored, discovered. Make sure you don’t miss the view from the top of the Old Town Hall and since you are there ask about the legend of Master Hanuš and the Astronomical Clock. If you are the art lover type don’t miss the Mucha Museum right in the old town square – promise it’s worth it.


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    I’m not long back from the island of Faial in the Azores, and it was such a beautiful place. I must go back and visit the rest of the archipelago soon.

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    Beautiful photos! I’ve always wanted to tour Neuschwanstein castle – probably because I’ve always been obsessed with Disney princesses, but it also looks beautiful and historic. Thanks for sharing all these locations! Will have to keep this in mind next time I visit Europe.

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    The photo you have of Preikestolen is actually of Trolltunga (Trolls tongue) in another region of Norway. Both beautiful, but very different areas and VERY different hikes!

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    would just like to inform you that the picture from the Preachers pulpit in Norway is wrong..the picture on your page is from Trolltunga… also in Norway, also a beautiful place.

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    The picture from Norway is of Trolltunga, not Preikestolen. Both are truly beautiful, but don’t even think about hiking up to Trolltunga if you don’t hike regularly. It’s quite the endeavor.

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    Definitely, Madeira should be included in this list. First of all because it is the oldest European resort. Google it and see the marvelous images of that magic island!

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