100 Places to Visit in Europe before you Die: Part 4

Part three in the Places to visit in Europe [click here if you missed it] featured some amazing destinations from the Faroe Islands to the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro, and some of the best things to see in Europe!

On part four I list 10 more incredible European destinations that should be on everyone’s travel bucketlist. Once again each destination is recommended by top travel bloggers and experts on the best places to see around the world. Make sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss part five, and any other updates on True Nomads!

Best Places to Visit in Europe Before you Die

31. The Dolomite Mountains, Italy

The Dolomites are a mountain range located in the North East of Italy. They are famous for skiing in the winter months, but are just as great in the other seasons for climbing, base jumping, paragliding, biking.

Not to mention, they are a hikers’ paradise: the Dolomites are packed with natural parks. The Marmolada Glacier is a fantastic must see, and the Tre Cime di Lavaredo a great peak and a tiring but exciting hike, at the end of which hikers can eat at a lovely “rifugio”. Among the most famous villages in the area there postcard pretty Cortina D’Ampezzo.


32. Hagia Sofia, Istanbul, Turkey

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img src: www.farahtour.com

Text from Bethany from Progression of Happiness. Istanbul feels worlds away from the rest of Europe, due to its primarily Muslim population and half-Asian location. One of the highlights of any Istanbul trip is the Hagia Sophia, a stunning building that has been many things throughout its long life and is now a museum.

The worn tiles, sloping floor and crowds somehow only make the site more fascinating, and the sun pouring through the windows illuminates the building beautifully. Don’t leave Istanbul without admiring the Hagia Sophia!


33. The Lake District in England

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Flickkr credit: Deirdre Gregg

The Lake District, in the Cumbria region of North West England, is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country. It is the most visited national park, as well as the second largest one in the United Kingdom.

It is famous for its lakes, forests and mountains, making it the perfect place for lovers of the outdoors and hikers. The towns of Kendal, Kenswick and Ambleside are good bases for exploration of the area, and have plenty of traditional pubs and inns, art galleries and local markets.


34. Chernobyl Ukraine


 Photo and text from Iulia of The Pink Moustache. Who would have imagined back in 1986, when tragedy stroke and Reactor Number 4 exploded killing thousands, that the area surrounding the Chernobyl factory would become a popular touristic attraction twenty-something years later?

Personally, I’ve always had an interest in the area, having been born that very year in Romania, which was deeply affected by the nuclear explosion that took place at the ex USSR factory. When I had a chance to take a tour of the Exclusion Zone (guided tours are the only way tourists are permitted inside this area!), I jumped at the opportunity despite the price which was quite steep.

I was not disappointed with the one day tour I chose and that day I got to see Prypiat, the main city, a few villages and the reactors all stuck in time at the very point of the nuclear disaster – a glimpse back in time, at a life that’s been forgotten by most, the life of industrial towns back in the soviet era.


35. Mostar, Bosnia

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Flickr Credit: Carolina

Contributed by Laura from Savored Journeys. Mostar is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Bosnia-Herzegovina and that, coupled with the fact that it was one of the most heavily bombed cities in Bosnia during the war that divided Yugoslavia, makes it a destination that captivates the world.

While you can still see evidence of its tumultuous past in the bullet holes and bombed-out buildings around the city, most of the charming and lively old town has been rebuilt, including the iconic Ottoman-style bridge, Stari Most, that crosses the Neretva River.

The historic old town center has much to offer visitors, from the Old Bazaar to the romantic views of the river and, of course, the peaceful arching bridge that can be admired from the multi-ethnic restaurants that line the riverbank.


36. Giants Causway, Ireland

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Img Credit: www.wonderfulireland.ie

Text from Rhonda from Albom Adventures. From the first glimpse of towering basalt columns I knew the Giant’s Causeway was different from anything I had seen before. Northern Ireland’s only UNESCO World Heritage site, this coastal wonder has explanations offered by science and legend.

Was it volcanic activity 60 million years ago that produced the 40,000 polygonal chimney stacks of layered basalt? Or, is it the remains of an ancient bridge built by the giant Finn MacCool to cross to Scotland, only to be destroyed by Benandonner? Either way, standing in its shadow or climbing on the rocks, Giant’s Causeway is a site worth visiting.


37. Innsbruk, Austria

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Flickr credit: Roberto Agostini

Contribution by Mona of Travelingalore.com. Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol and also the largest city in Western Austria, is a tourist magnet all year round. The city is best known for its winter sport events but has become more and more popular in the summer too.

Whether you want to ski down the Nordkette (Innsbrucks backyard mountain), watch ski jumping at Berg Isel (perfect venue for breakfast with a breathtaking view), visit Innsbrucks Hofburg to learn about Austrias history, admire a roof entirely made of Gold (Goldenes Dachl) or take a stroll at the Alpenzoo where you get to see local wildlife – its all there!

Austria is also famous for its Swarovski crystals and the Swarovski Kristallwelten, which are the second most popular tourist attraction in Austria, are only a short drive away from Innsbruck and have just been reopened to celebrate 120 years of Swarovski!


38. Tallinn, Estonia

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img cred: estonianexperience.com

Text from Charlie of JayWay Travel. Tallinn’s Old Town is a medieval gem, polished over the past few years but still with enough rough edges to provide a quirky charm. Cobblestone streets, the picture-postcard Town Hall Square, winding staircases and hidden alleyways make it a maze worth exploring.

But make sure you go beyond the walls of the Old Town to artsy Kalamaja, Tallinn’s up and coming creative district and now home to many cafés, restaurants, design centers and stores. The big surprise for many visitors to Tallinn will be the food; Modern Estonian cuisine is a far cry from the old-school meat and potatoes.


39. Lisbon, Portugal

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Img cred: ohthepeopleyoumeet.com

Text from Sim of Travel Hacks. Lisbon is the place where you can have the most from both worlds – laid-back life by the ocean as well as great city vibes. Sunny days are in abundance all year long which makes exploring the capital and popular, easily reached locations like Sintra or Cascais even more enjoyable.

Due to its hilly position, Lisbon offers some of the best city views in Europe, with the famous 25th of April bridge above the Rio Tejo in the backdrop. The city is also rich in history with Moor influences to be seen around. Once you’re there, don’t forget to indulge in famous Portuguese pastries, notably pastel de nata and pastel de Belém.


40. Island of Corsica, France

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Img Src: www.ourtravel.ro

Text from Stefania of Every Steph. Corsica Island is incredibly fascinating: in the Mediterranean Sea, close to Sardinia but officially part of France since 1769, the island doesn’t resemble neither France nor Italy. It’s not hard to understand why the Greeks called it the “Island of Beauty”: from white beaches to cobblestoned villages, from rocky cliffs to lush forests, from glamourous towns to great hiking trails such as the Grande Randonnée, there’s really something for everyone in Corsica.

The island’s rugged beauty and wilderness were touched only marginally by tourism and development, and that’s why I like it.
Any foodies there? The cuisine is a fusion of French and Italian cuisine, with olive oil, fresh fruit and vegetables and wild boar meat being the main ingredients: another good reason to get on a ferry now.

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