100 Places to Visit in Europe Before you Die: Part 6

Hopefully you enjoyed part 1 through 5 of the 100 best places to visit in Europe before you die, because I certainly loved making it! Thanks to all your sharing, parts 4 and 5 in the series have over 50k shares together on Stumbleupon! There are a lot of travel lovers out there! [Click here if you missed part 5] or [click here to go all the way back to part 1]

Now on to part 6! Here are 10 more amazing places to visit in Europe, all recommended by top travel bloggers and experts, that everyone should put on their (probably rapidly growing) travel bucket lists for Europe. This list could really be the best 1000 places, instead of 100, as there are so many awesome things to see in Europe! Don’t forget to share it with your friends on Pinterest and Instagram and Facebook and here are the next 10 of:

100 Places to See in Europe Before you Die


51. Cologne Cathedral, Germany

Fliickr credit: Jason Mrachina

Text from Cory of The Inspirational Life Adventures. The Cologne Cathedral is a historically significant building, located along the Rhine river in Germany. Dating back to Medieval times, but never finished. The construction restarted in 1842 and was finally finished in 1880, hundreds of years after it was started.

The Cologne Cathedral has the largest Facade of any other church in the world, with its twin spires that for a time were the tallest in Europe. In 1996 the Cathedral became a UNESCO World heritage site.

The detail of this church is unbelievable, and the views of the Rhine from the top of the 509 stone spiral steps is breath-taking. Making the Cologne Cathedral a perfect stop on a trip to Rhineland, Germany.


52. Copenhagen, Denmark

best places to visit i europe

flickr credi: Ingrid0804

Text from Aleah Taboclaon of Solitary WandererWhen people think of Copenhagen, they immediately think of its high cost of living. While it is indeed expensive to visit this Danish capital, it’s an absolute must to visit when you’re already in the region.

There are so many things to see in Copenhagen that spending a few days there just isn’t enough. History lovers would enjoy its centuries-old castles and royal residences that give a glimpse of how the monarchy lived. The colorful New Harbor, on the other hand, would be perfect for those who just want to have a cup of coffee outdoors and people-watch.

Best of all, Copenhagen also has Christiania, a small autonomous community that serves as the green lung of the city. You can find wonderful street art there, uniquely-designed houses, the aptly-named Green Light District, and of course, freethinkers of all ages.


53. Mallorca, Spain

best places to visit i europe

flickr credit: Valentin Barko

Text from Nadeen of The Sofisticated Life. Last fall while on a cruise of the Mediterranean Sea, we docked in Mallorca Spain. Prior to my visit I did not know much about Mallorca so I would like to share with you all the reasons to visit this beautiful island!

Mallorca is a popular tourist destination, especially for Europeans, due to its history, culture, weather, beaches and the food. There are many resorts to choose from on the island including in the capital of Palma de Mallorca.

Mallorca not only has numerous beautiful beaches but it is mountainous as well. Visit “Serra de Tramuntana” for breathtaking views.

There are numerous museums and castles to explore on the island including the “Castell de Belver”. Some other well-known landmarks include an Arabic bath in Palma and a nature reserve located on the south-west end of the island.


54. Helsinki, Finland

Img src: Wikipedia Commons

Text from Ben and Jazzy of Road Affair. Helsinki the capital and largest city in Finland, located on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland, is an absolute must visit – in the summer. Helsinki is one of the most northern capitals in the world and experiences harsh winters from November to March, with temperatures reaching below -20 C.

However, during the summertime Finns remove their winter coats and spent their time in outside bars and cafes enjoying the sun. Summer is also the ideal time to take a stroll around town and enjoy the gorgeous art-nouveau buildings and the remarkable museums preserving Finnish heritage.


55. Andorra

flickr cred: Joan Garcia Ferre

Text from Viktoria of Chronic Wanderlust. One of the smallest country, that is actually a little principality is found in the middle of the Pyrenees. To be brutal honest, there is not much to see in the capital Andorra la Vella, a nice stroll through the city center and you’ll see everything there is to see in less than an hour.

Malls and way too many shops are found throughout the country as taxes are lower than in France and Spain. Still famous is the skiing in Andorra and many tourists come to enjoy the amazing mountains and views!


56. Gibraltar

flickr credit: Shaun

Text from Carole of Berkeley and Beyond. You can do Gibraltar in half a day, but a full day is nicer.  I visited on the way to Seville as part of a very long day.  Entry usually begins with a long car line through passport control, then driving right onto and across the airport runway to get to town!

The town is one long street lined with pubs and shops, and English is the official language.  The famous monkeys–they are actually Barbary apes, the only apes native to Europe–are up on The Rock.  The apes steal purses, glasses, and cameras, so be alert.


57. Prizren, Kosovo

Flickr credit: Piotr Gaborek

Text from Kirsty of Kathmandu and Beyond. Prizren was our first stop in Kosovo and our first taste of local hospitality when, whilst photographing the backstreets, we were invited into a local family home at nine in the morning for coffee and schnapps!

It wasn’t just that encounter that sealed Prizren’s place as one of our favourites places in the Balkans: Prizren is an enchanting town with a lot of character and it’s hard not to be taken in by its charms.

It has a landmark stone bridge, ancient mosques, Ottoman buildings, Orthodox churches and a medieval fortress. These sights, combined with plenty of cafes in which to slowly sip a local espresso makes Prizren the perfect place to while away a couple of days.


58. Stonehenge, UK

flickr credit: Qalinx

Text from Jon of Jon Is Travelling. Some say Stonehenge is overrated, that it’s just a bunch of rocks in a field. Well, It is just rocks in a field, but the history behind those rocks, and the fact that it’s one of the most recognizable ancient sites on Earth, means it’s a must visit when in England.

Experts believe the site, which may be over 5000 years old, was used as a place to bury the elite. There are other, more out there theories as well, one of which concludes that the stones were in fact landing pads for alien space ships. Whatever their original purpose, a trip to Stonehenge is sure to get you thinking!


59. Wroclaw, Poland

flickr credit: Rosmarie Wirz

Text from Kami of My Wanderlust. Wrocław must be one of the most interesting Polish (or even European) cities to visit. While it is still fairly underrated, the Old Town is just crazy beautiful and extremely picturesque, looking like from a fairy tale.

It also must be one of the quirkiest destinations in Europe! You see, Wrocław is full of little gnomes located all over the city and searching for them is the best way to explore the place. You can download the map or just randomly look for the small figures around.

Each gnome has a different personality: there’s one sleeping and one partying, one taking money from ATM and another one robbing it. Located close to the German and Czech border, Wrocław makes a perfect stop in the Central European travels and is a truly enjoyable place.


60. Skopelos, Greece

flckr credit: Moja Grčka Sajt

Text from Claudia from My Adventures Across the World. Skopelos is one of the Sporades, a group of Greek islands in the West Aegean sea. It is one of the best islands of Greece, yet untouched by mass tourism but a favourite of the locals.

Reached via ferry mainly from the nearby Skiatos, only 3000 people live in Skopelos on a permanent basis. What makes the island so beautiful is that it is very green: the pine tree forests are very thick here.

Skopelos is also a great place for birdwatchers, with more than 60 species living here; and it is a breeding area for the Mediterranean monk seal.

The island is very mountainous, so most of the coastline is not accessible. Yet, here are some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. Finally, did you know that the movie Mamma Mia! was filmed here?

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    I totally disagree with such a top 100. There are so many beautiful places in Spain, France, Italy, Czech Republic, that are not mentioned in the list, but there are quite boring places like Tartu, Minsk and many more.

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