100 Places to See in Europe Before you Die: Part 8

Places to see in Europe

Now for part 8! If you have been reading all the way from part one in this series, you are probably starting to build a serious case of wanderlust, just like I am from writing it! [click here if you missed part 7!]

You might also be wondering how there could possibly beeven more amazing places to see in Europe than the 70 that we already covered in this series. But don’t worry, the list goes on, and possibly even gets better! here are the next 10 amazing European locations you must visit, brought to you by travel experts.

100 Places to See in Europe Before you Die: Part 8


71. Bratislava


flickr credit: Martin Hladík

 Text from Danka of Do You Speak Travel. Visiting Bratislava should be definitely on your list. Not only because it is located in Slovakia – a beautiful country, people usually call the heart of Europe but also because it is the only place where you can stay in 5* hotels and eat fancy food and it won’t splurge your budget.

If you are heading to Vienna and your budget is pretty tight, you can stay cheap in Bratislava and do day trips to Vienna which is only an hour away.

Bratislava, Slovakia is famous for interesting national food, great beer and delicious wine! Just give it a shot!


72. Toledo, Spain


Flickr Credit: Pilar Azana

Text from Alejandro of Miviajeporelmundo.com. I lived in Spain for a year and during this time I traveled a lot around the country and I can say without a doubt that Toledo it’s one of the most amazing cities in the country.

There is an old saying that goes: Until you’ve seen Toledo, you have not seen Spain, I can tell you for sure that it’s true.

The main attractions are the Military Museum and the Cathedral, however wandering around is an experience by itself, the old city is a maze of small streets, narrow alleys, plazas, churches and in every corner a store selling medieval weapons or their culinary specialty, Toledo’s famous marzipans.

The city is less than an hour away making it a “must see” place if you are traveling to Spain.


73. Ragusa Ibla, Sicily


Photo and text by Margherita of The Crowded Planet. Very few visitors travel to south-eastern Sicily – most people only check out the island’s main sights like Palermo, Taormina and Etna. South Eastern Sicily is a wild land, with no motorways but only minor roads, snaking across the countryside. They seemingly lead nowhere – but in fact, they lead to some stunning UNESCO-listed Baroque towns, like Ragusa Ibla, Italy’s southernmost province.
Ragusa Ibla is nicknamed ‘il presepe’, the Nativity, because it clings to the side of a mountain like the villages in nativity representation. Walking around is delightful, wandering around backstreets and climbing to the highest point in town for views over the Monti Iblei, the surrounding mountains, and the dome of the Cathedral.
Better still, local food is delicious and the town is almost tourist-free!


74. Paris, France 

Interesting Facts About France

Text from Sofie of Wonderful Wanderings. Ah, Paris, a bucket list item for many. Every year, millions of travelers come to the City of Light and Love. For some it’s their first time, for others it’s like a second home.

With its countless museums and historical monuments the French capital never bores, and even those who are not that interested in high culture can spend hours roaming the streets and going from one boutique to another.

Haute Couture, vintage and chain stores; Paris has them all and those who are tired of carrying their shopping bags can easily find a café to relax and watch people stroll by.

Paris, it’s a city to see and be seen in.


75. Odessa, Ukraine

Monument to the Partisans of Odessa

Flckr Credit: John B

Text from Ben & Jazzy of Road Affair. Odessa is the third largest city in Ukraine and one of the sea’s largest port cities. Because of its location by the Black Sea and its warm temperate climate, Odessa is often referred to as the Pearl of the Black Sea. Many wealthy people come here to relax and recuperate, which resulted in the development of many spas and luxury hotels.

However, Odessa is not only a place for the rich to lay low, ordinary travelers from all over the over the world come here to enjoy the city‘s historical architecture and sandy beaches.

The most interesting thing to see here is the old town itself, which has plenty of things to see and can easily be explored on foot. Overall, Odessa is a nice place to lay low for a couple of days and should not be missed.



76. Oktoberfest in Munich


Text from Menorca of Europe Diaries. Even before I moved to Germany for my studies, the most popular comment from my friends and acquaintances was that I was going to a country ‘where beer is cheaper than water’! Everybody was familiar with the festival of Oktoberfest,which by the way, is celebrated in September.

By now, I have attended Oktoberfest for two years and have had some crazy and some frustrating experiences.Let me tell you, the atmosphere is vibrant and just crazy! It is very difficult to find a spot in a tent.. yes, there are several tents, each catering to a different brewery.

Make sure you try out the Augustiner Beer if you get a chance, and enjoy the revelry! Oh, and if you can, get dressed in the traditional attire-Drindl(girls) and Lederhosen(boys). The locals really appreciate it:)


77. Minsk, Belarus

Minsk / Мiнск (Belarus) - Socialist Art

flickr credit: Danielzolli

Text from Kamila of My Wanderlust. Even if the capital of Belarus isn’t on top of everyone’s bucket list it surely is worth a visit! Minsk was badly destroyed during the World War II and afterwards was rebuilt in the completely new style to resemble a perfect Soviet city. And even now, so many years after the Soviet Union has collapsed, Minsk kind of feels like the time has stopped there.

In the middle of the main square a big statue of Lenin proudly stands, the architecture is overwhelming, showing the best examples of the Soviet style and an observant person will find numerous sickles and hammers all over the place.

It’s probably one of the most interesting and unique places in Eastern Europe!


78. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana slovenia

Text from Gia of Mismatched Passports. The charming capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, is a city of beautiful architecture from different periods in history. Across the Ljubljanic River are two remarkable bridges – the famous Triple Bridge and the iconic Dragon Bridge, which carries the symbol of Ljubljana, the dragon.

Overlooking the city is the Ljubljana Castle, which offers stunning views of the capital.  The good thing about Ljubljana is that it is small enough that you can visit most of the city’s highlights on foot. No rush! You’ll have plenty of time to wander the Old City and even enjoy the delightful café scene along the river.


79. Monaco


Flickr Credit: Crevisio

Text by Inma and Jose of A World to TravelMonaco, usually an overseen location unless you are into fancy cars and luxury yachts, is the perfect half day stop if you are touring along the Mediterranean coast from France to Italy or viceversa.
And once you are there, we’d highly recommend you to follow the 3.3km of Montecarlo’s Grand Prix route.

This is a Formula One motor race held yearly on Monaco’s circuit. Although you will have to keep it low profile at a speed of 30 to 50km per hour, it passes most of the main sights of Monaco like Port de Fontvieille and Casino square. A must.


80. Bosa Sardinia, Italy

Not nearly as famous as its neighbor Alghero, Bosa is actually one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. It is located at about 3 kilometers from the coast, and on the north bank of the Temo river, which is the only navigable river in Sardinia.

Boats and palm trees line the riverfront, along with beautifully coloured houses. Part of the village is set on the Serravalle hill, where the Touscan family of Malaspina established their castle between the 12th and 13th century. The view of Bosa and the nearby coast from the castle is breathtaking.

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