100 Places to See in Europe Before you Die: Part 10

We are finally done with compiling the best 100 places to see in Europe before you die! Just like the rest in the series, part ten has some awesome recommendations by travel experts. Click here if you missed part 9, or if you just started, click here to go all the way back to part one and start from the beginning! Let us know in the comments what ones we missed!

 91. Lake Balaton, Hungary


img src: travelhungary.org

Text from Adelina of packmeto.com. Lake Balaton in Hungary is the largest freshwater lake in Central Europe stretching nearly 80 km in length. Affectionately known as the Hungarian Sea, people flock to its shores in the summer.

Surrounding the lake are a number of resort towns that cater to different interests. Siófok, on the southern shore, is the center of summer parties and concerts. Hévíz is famous for its thermal bath. Keszthely, the oldest settlement the lake, with the imposing Festetic Castle is full of history.

Regardless of where you go on the lake, you’re sure to have a fun and relaxing time.

92. Vilnius, Lithuania


img src: www.skyscrapercity.com

Text from Kami of MyWanderlust.pl. Vilnius must be one of the most underrated capital cities in Europe. It’s small, cozy, adorable and just the prettiest. The city is known for its numerous churches and surely the skyline is crossed with too many towers to count.

Since Vilnius’ Old Town is a great example of the Central European architecture and development it has made it to UNESCO World Heritage List for that reason.

However the most unique and quirky thing about the Lithuanian capital is Uzupis – a self declared independent republic, located just across the river from the Old Town. Uzupis has its own currency, flag, army (11 men) and constitution that gives everyone (including cats and dogs) the right to be whoever they want to.

93. Aarhus, Denmark


img src: www.katherinebelarmino.com

Text from Kirsten of Globetrotter in a Wheelchair. Aarhus, city of smiles is the second largest city in Denmark situated by the sea in the heart of Jutland. History began as a Viking settlement founded in the 8th century.

You can experience the 2000-year old Grauballe man at Moesgaard Museum, an archaeological collection from the Stone Age to Viking days.

Aarhus is a lively university city filled with cafes, concerts, art and festivals.

The cultural capital of Jutland has an open air museum with ancient Danish village houses and a classical 70’s street with shops.

Nature is close as Aarhus is nestled in idyllic surroundings between beaches and forests.

94. Lake Lugano, Switzerland


Flicker Credit: Anderw

Text from Ben Jazzy of Road Affairs. Lake Lugano is a glacial lake located in southern Switzerland. Because of it natural beauty and Mediterranean climate, Lake Lugano is a popular destination for visitors year round, who come here for various outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking and sailing.

On the shoreline of the lake one will find a number of picturesque villages, with medieval architecture, historical museums and art galleries, as well as the vibrant city of Lugano, which offers visitors a wide variety of luxury hotels, fine dinning, and entertainment such as exciting nightlife and casinos. You can try your luck before you go on websites such as Mecca Bingo.

A visit to Switzerland would not be complete without stopping at Lake Lugano for at least a few days.

95. Bruge, Belgium


Text from Carolann & Macrae of One Modern Couple. If you’re looking for a fairy-tale land come to life, you need not look any further than the medieval town of Bruges. With its cobblestone streets, medieval buildings and stunning canals, visiting Bruges is like escaping to another time in history.

Strolling the streets of this unique city is an experience. Around the center you’ll see many lace shops, chocolate shops and bakeries. It’s also a great area to relax at one of the medieval-house-turned-cafes and watch horse-drawn carriages and tourists pass. You may even glimpse a few of the living statues that pepper the streets.

Bruges is also home to the popular landmark, the Belfort Belfry. A climb up the tower offers breathtaking views over this picturesque, must-see town.


96. L’Viv, Ukraine


Text and photo from Ivana and Gianne of Nomad is Beautiful. A kingdom of cobblestone streets, heaven for coffee lovers, eden for fans of historical buildings. That’s what Lviv, a charming city in western Ukraine, will offer you with elegance and style.

No matter which time of the year you visit Lviv, you’ll be able to attend a music, book, or film festival. In case you prefer more cozy environment, there is a plethora of small galleries, museums, artistic places, too.

Don’t miss out the chocolate factory, the rooftop of the main tower and Vysokyy Zamok (The High Castle in Ukraine) where you can get some stunning views at sunset.

97. Budva, Montenegro


Img Src: www.traveltop.net

Text from Jelena of 100 Days of Sunshine. If I had to use one word to describe Budva’s wild beauty, I would go with breathtaking. Located in the southern part of the Adriatic Sea, Budva is a small town with big charm. It’s surrounded by majestic lush mountains and pristine blue water.

The picturesque historic old town is made up of medieval stone houses with contrasting bright red tiled roofs. In the backdrop lies Sveti Nikola island, a lush green tranquil paradise which is only accessible by boat.

The Budva Riviera coastline stretches across 35km on the Adriatic coast. It is known for its beaches and there are 17 versatile beaches with incredible views and spectacular sunsets four you to explore.

Budva is a great choice for any type of traveller, whether you are seeking adventure, romance, nightlife, or simply great food and wine. The locals are also known for their welcoming hospitality. Accommodations are available to suit every traveller budget, from backpackers to luxury seekers.

Don’t miss: Sveti Stefan

98. Formentera Island, Spain


Img src: www.isoladiformentera.com

The smaller and most southerly island of the Pityusic Islands group, of Ibiza and Formentera, Formentera is Ibiza’s little, more relaxing sister island. Where Ibiza is know for bachelor parties and drunk fests, Formentera attracts more laid back, hippy types and people looking for pristine beaches and climate.

With perfect white beaches and warm weather perfect for beach-bumming, many people head here as an alternative to the party-centric nearby Ibiza. Even nude beaches are popular here, and there might not be a better place!

99. Tartu, Estonia


Wikicommons photo

Text from Katie and Geoff of Wander Tooth. Tartu, Estonia’s second-city, is a pretty inland city about 2 hours south of Tallinn, and is a worthwhile visit on its own, or as a stopover to break up the journey between Tallinn and Riga.

Home to Estonia’s most prestigious university, it has a really cool, young vibe with lots of cafes and bars. The university also has a little-known quirk: a (retired) on-site prison for students that offended public morality, committing such offences as duelling and not returning library books.

Shut down around 1900, it’s still possible to visit the student prison by asking in the University’s museum, making Tartu extra worthy of a visit!

100. Nice, France


Img Src: misadventureswithandi.com

Text from Martina of Pimp My TripNice, a pearl in the Côte d’Azur which has been described by poets as a beautiful woman dressed in a precious dress, is an elegant city, seaside resort with a fervent social life and home to major universities.

The city, a fine example of both Belle Epoque and modern lifestyle, vibrant and sensual, is divided into two parts: west, the modern city and, east, the old town, formed of winding streets that lead to lively Baroque squares, and its port.

Nice is indeed a town for everyone: for those who love flower gardens, for those who like to get lost and observe the facades of buildings, for those who enjoy the night life, for those who love shopping and high fashion boutiques and for those simply who love to take a walk on its promenade, at the gentle breeze of the Mediterranean Sea.

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