Diani Beach: A Photo Essay of The Jewel of Kenya

diani beach kenya

Until my recent trip to Kenya, all I had ever heard about it was regarding the Serengeti, safaris, and Mount Kilimanjaro. Those were the highlights of the country apparently. Then I laid eyes on Diani Beach, and thought; surely it doesn’t get better than this!

I was completely shocked when I stepped to the back of my hotel, Flamboyant Resort, and discovered the nicest, whitest, softest beach  had ever laid toes on. A few palm trees were all that separated my room and the most beautiful beach of my life: Diani Beach.

diani beach kenyadiani beach kenya

Surely Diani beach and the magnificent diving just off shore are the highlights of Kenya. They are definitely up there with the famous safaris. In fact, I heard it said that it is maybe the only place in the world where you can dive with the biggest fish in the seas, the whale shark, and then see the biggest land animal, the elephant, all in one day. What more can you want!?

diani beach kenyadiani beach kenya Maybe the world hasn’t got out yet, or maybe it’s off season, but I had this world class beach all to myself. I didn’t know how that could even be possible! If people see Diani beach just once, they will agree that it MUST be the nicest beach in all of Africa! This sounds like a promotional, but its not…. Its just showing how incredible shocked I was at how amazing this place is! And lets not forget, I am a beach bum whose been to 74 countries and seen a lot of incredible beaches. Sorry Sardinia, Mexico and Florida….Diani has you beat in every way.  diani beach kenya

diani beach kenya

Theres a little adventure sports shop right on the beach who arrange scuba diving (of course I partook), snorkeling, kayaking and more. One of the things they offer is skydiving over Diani beach. I didn’t have time, but it looked like tons of fun, and they must have the best view possible of the beach. Since its deserted, the just lay out a giant red X on the beach, and land as close to it as possible. So cool! Hit up Sand and Sea on Diani when you arrive, and arrange pretty much anything that has to do with water sports. 


Diani beachDiani beach

The scuba diving off of Diani beach was incredible too, but I’ll get into that in my next post, because I was so blown away by the flower-white beach, that it deserves its own post!

So the next time your in Kenya to climb Kilimanjaro or take a big game safari, take a few days extra and relax on possibly the best beach you will ever see: Diani Beach. You will be surprised, but not disappointing.

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7 thoughts on “Diani Beach: A Photo Essay of The Jewel of Kenya

  1. Patrick SmithonReply

    OMG! These photos are amazing! I have never heard of this place Justin! Everything I have read about Kenya was about the safaris! No travel book I have read ever talked about these beaches! We spent a few weeks in Mauritius this spring because of the beaches, and are talking about another safari- went on one in Tanzania last year- but I am now thinking we need to go here. Once again, thank you!!!!

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  3. Katie FeatherstoneonReply

    Wow, what an incredible spot, I had no idea Kenya had beaches like this. That second photo you have of the wave on the sand is magical! 🙂

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