Top 100 Travel Tweeters of 2016: Wanderlust in 140 Characters

It’s already almost 2016!? When did that happen? I feel like I barely just finished the Twitter list for 2015! Well form all the emails from major influences in the travel Twitter world, I guess I better get on to making the list for 2016. You will notice right away that this years list will be a little different than last years. In looks, its a lot different…. I am still having nightmares from the making of the last 2 lists, and finding/editing over 100 photos, uploading them onto my server ect. So this year I am going bare-bones, and just giving you the raw information with no frilery. The other different part this year is I don’t want to list big commercial Twitter accounts like the last years, ones like Lonely Planet and Vice travel ect. Just good ole travel accounts of real people and travel experts/inspirations. In case you missed them here are the top travel Tweeters of 2014 and from 2015. When I make this list its really interesting to see how each account grows or drops, how many tweets they do in a year, things like that. Oh, and to clarify, this list is simple. The accounts are only listed by highest to lowest number of followers, and not by how interesting they are, which would be impossible to gauge. Nothing fancy. So here is ….

The Top 100 Travel Tweeters of 2016

  1. Adventure Girl – @AdventureGirl 1.35m Followers. Down from 1.37
  2. Scott Eddy – @MrScottEddy – 809k Followers. 
  3. A Luxury Travel Blog  @luxury__travel  – 561k Followers. Up from 440k
  4. The Frugal Traveler – @frugaltraveler – 491k Followers. Up from 428k
  5. Brandon Stanton – @humansofny – 367k Followers. Up from 190k
  6. SmarterTravel – @SmarterTravel263k Followers. up from 216k
  7. Dave’s Travel Corner – @DaveDTC – 252k Followers. Up from 130k
  8. Melvin – @traveldudes – 230k Followers. Up from 193k
  9. – @vagabondish 221k Followers. Up from 193k
  10. JD Andrews – @earthXplorer – 176k Followers. Up from 161k
  11. Yasmin – @LuxTravelDiary – 161k Followers. Up from 69.3
  12. Gary Arndt – @EverywhereTrip – 160k Followers. Up form 130k
  13. John Williams – @eurapart – 125k Followers. Up from 89.5k
  14. BonVoyageurs – @BonVoyageurs – 121k Followers. Up from 39k
  15. Dave & Deb Travel – @theplanetd – 114k Followers. Up from 99k
  16. Wayne Dunlap – @wdunlap – 106k Followers. Up from 72.4k
  17. Marcello Arrambide – @Wanderingtradr – 105k Followers. Up from 58.9k
  18. Nomadic Matt – @nomadicmatt – 93.5k Followers. Up from 76.8k
  19. Justin Carmack – @TrueNomads – 90.5k Followers. Up from 50k
  20. Matt Long – @LandLopers – 83k Followers. Up from 64.4k
  21. Megan Claire – @mappingmegan – 82k followers. Up from 29.3
  22. JohnnyJet – @JohnnyJet – 81.2k Followers. Up from 69.5k
  23. Iain Mallory – @MalloryOnTravel – 80.7k Followers. Up from 65.2k
  24. Laurel Robbins – @Laurel_Robbins – 71.8k Followers. Up from 50k
  25. Just One Way Ticket – @Just1WayTicket – 68.3k followers. Up from 28.1k
  26. Nellie Huang – @WildJunket – 68.1k followers
  27. Heart of a Vagabond – @Heartofvagabond – 63.9k followers. Up from 16.8k
  28. Luxe Tiffany – @LuxeTiffany – 60.1k followers.
  29. The Broke Backpacker – @wandering_will – 59.6k followers
  30. – Keith Jenkins – @velvetescape – 56.1k Followers. Up from 46.5k
  31. IndependentTravelCat – @TravelCatsBlog – 54.6k followers
  32. Brendan van Son – @Brendanvanson – 53.8k followers
  33. Brad Bernardn- @mywanderlist – 51.9k followers
  34. Divergent Travelers – @divergenttravel – 50.3k followers
  35. Anna Kate – @crazyintherain – 49.4k followers. up from 14.6k
  36. FlirtingWithTheGlobe – @FlirtWithGlobe – 44.9k followers. up from 20.7k
  37. Kate McCulley – @adventurouskate – 43.6k Followers
  38. Ben & Charli Travel✈ – @WanderlustersUK – 43.1k followers. Up from 16.3k
  39. Dan & Audrey – @umarket – 42.1k Followers – Up from 39.9k
  40. Jodi Ettenberg – @legalnomads – 41.4k Followers. Up from 33.7
  41. Caz Craig Makepeace – @yTravelBlog – 40.4k followers. 
  42. Michael Hodson – @GoSeeWrite – 40.0k followers. Up from 33.5
  43. SuitcaseStories Blog – @Suitcases2 – 39.8k followers. Up from 21.4k
  44. Escaping Abroad ✈ – @EscapingAbroad – 38.2k Followers
  45. Savannah Grace – @Sihpromatum – 37.8k followers/ up from 14k
  46. Luxury Travel Bible – @LuxTravelBible – 37.4k followers. Up from 26.4k
  47. Kristin Addis – @BeMyTravelMuse – 37.1k followers. up from 8.6k
  48. Time Travel Turtle – @michaelturtle – 36.9k fllowers. Up from 26.4k
  49. Brandon Elijah Scott –@eyeandpen – 35.1k followers
  50. Shane Dallas – @TheTravelCamel – 34.4k followers. up from 15.7k
  51. Ayngelina – @Ayngelina – 34.4k followers
  52. Sabina @GirlVsGlobe – @girlvsglobe – 34k followers. up from 13.8k
  53. Sherry Ott – @ottsworld – 33.6k followers. Up from 27.5k
  54. Jeannie Mark – @nomadicchick – 33.4k followers. Up from 27.5k
  55. The GypsyNesters – @gypsynester – 33.2k followers – Up from 28.2k
  56. Off Track Planet – @OffTrackPlanet – 32.9k Followers. Down from 34k
  57. Mochileros – @mochileros_org – 32k followers
  58. Will – @GoAwesomePlaces – 31.9k followers
  59. Cam & Nicole – @travelcanucks – 31.8k followers
  60. Beth Williams – @TranslateTravel – 31.2k followers
  61. Inspiring Travellers – @InspirngTrvlrs – 31.1k followers
  62. Nick & Dariece – @GoatsOnTheRoad – 30.1k followers. up from 14.9k
  63. Sam -Travelling King – @TravellingKing1 – 29.7k followers. Up  from 19.5
  64. Monica Stott – @TheTravelHack – 20k followers
  65. Dalene & Pete Heck – @HeckticTravels – 28.3k followers. Up from 21.7k
  66. WonderfulWanderings – @WondWand – 27.7k followers. Up from 22.8k
  67. Ronald Robbins – @ActPlanetTravel – 27.5k followers. Up from 1.7k
  68. Wander The Map – @WanderTheMap – 26.9k followers. Up from 18.1k
  69. Travel With Bender – @TravelwitBender – 26.1k followers.. up from 22.3k
  70. Micki & Charles – @BarefootNomads – 25.7k followers. Up from 19.7k
  71. Julia Dimon – @juliadimon – 25.6k followers
  72. Stuart McDonald – @travelfish – 25.4k followers. up from 20.7
  73. Chasing the Donkey – @chaseTHEdonkey – 25.1k follower. Up from 16.4k
  74. Surfing the Planet – @surfingplanet – 24.8k followers
  75. Nomadic Samuel – @NomadicSamuel – 24.6k followers. Up from 16.8k
  76. Dave Lee – @rtwdave – 24.4k followers. 
  77. Fairytale Traveler ™ – @FairytaleTVLR – 23.9k followers. up from 16.8k
  78. ⌠ Derek4Real ⌡ – @the_HoliDaze – 23.4k followers. Up from 23.1k
  79. Christina Gmyr – @fleeting_life – 22.9k followers. up from 9.4k
  80. Noel Morata – @emorata – 22.8k followers. Up from 16.3k
  81. Matthew Karsten – @ExpertVagabond – 22.4k followers. Up from 19.5k
  82. Barbara Weibel – @holeinthedonut – 22.3k followers. up from 18.6k
  83. Travelin’ Fools – @TravelinFools – 21.3k followers – up from 11.7k
  84. Traveling Ted – @travelingted – 21.3k followers. Up from 15.2k
  85. Contented Traveller – @gordyandpaula – 21.6k followers. up from 8.6k
  86. Sarah & Terry – @LiveShareTravel – 21.1k followers
  87. Liz Carlson – @YoungAdventures – 20.7k followers , up from 14.8k
  88. BeersAndBeans – @BeersandBeans – 20.8k followes. Up from 17.7k
  89. Amanda Williams – @DangerousBiz – 20.5k followers. up from 15.8k
  90. James Clark – @nomadicnotes – 20.4k followers. up from 19.5k
  91. Laura The Explorer – @LauraExplorerUk – 20.3k followers. Up from 18.3k
  92. PointsandTravel ✈ – @Pointsandtravel – 20k followers. up from
  93. Green Global Travel – @GreenGlobalTrvl – 19.8k followers. Up from 16.4k
  94. As We Saw It – @AsWeSawIt – 19.6k Followers. up from 14.7k
  95. Agness – @Agnesstramp – 18.9k followers. up from 15.6k
  96. Laura Iancu – @MariaLauraIancu 18.9k followers. —
  97. Samantha and Yeison – @Mytanfeet – 18.9k followers. up form 11.1k
  98. Derek Earl Baron – @WanderingEarl – 18.9k follwoers. up from 14.3k
  99. Geraldine – @everywhereist – 18.8k followers. up from 16.3k
  100. Lillie Marshall – @WorldLillie 18.2k followers

Those are the top 100 travel tweeters by follower numbers, but here are a few up and coming profiles that I love, that are just as inspirational in the travel world: ~ Capt Liz – @moxieandepoxy  ~ Travelstache – @Travelstache Leif Harum – @TheRunawayGuide ~ Karina & April – @Wisdom_Trails  ~ Finding the Universe – @Lozula ~ TeacakeTravels – @teacaketravels  WorldAdventureDivers – @WorldAdvDivers ~ Sarah Hughes – @livedreamdiscov  ~ Claudia Tavani – @Claudioula  Jub @tikitouringkiwi ~ Jeremy Scott Foster – @travelfreak_ ~ Anna @AnnaEverywhere – @AnnaEverywhere_  ~ Ivana & Gianni – @NomadBeautiful  ~ Venturists – @venturists ~Food Fun Travel – @foodfuntravel [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row]

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39 thoughts on “Top 100 Travel Tweeters of 2016: Wanderlust in 140 Characters

  1. Hannah LukaszewiczonReply

    Great list Justin! We have been working on growing our Twitter this year too, Twitter has been great for us. Love follow you too, make sure to check us out @GettingStamped

  2. Chris EnglertonReply

    My goal for 2015 was to get 1000 twitter followers. For 2016, it’s to make lists like these! Cross my fingers…I’m working hard to post great walking content curated from around the world. Join me, or the next time you’re in Denver, come for a walk with me~! @eatwalklearn

  3. Jayne GormanonReply

    What an awesome resource – thanks for putting it together. I’m at @jayneytravels 18.5k) so would love to be considered for next years list 🙂

  4. Kay DoughertyonReply

    Recount demanded! 🙂 I have over 32,000 Twitter followers and am a damned good tweeter if I do say so myself! @BlBrTravel

  5. KarinaonReply

    Couldn’t ask for a better start to Wisdom Trails, being surrounded (and named) by such an amazing group of inspiring and awesome people. Thanks Justin <3

  6. Robson CadoreonReply

    Great list Justin!
    It takes a lot of effort to increase the number of followers and keep the quality.
    This year we are getting a good amount of traffic from Twitter. (way better than FB)
    I’m in the 5000 comments list 😉 pls include us on the next edition

  7. Shane Dallas (The Travel Camel)onReply

    Great work again Justin. I know you work hard at this and yes there is always going to be people missing from the list – but nobody else compiles such a comprehensive list of travel tweeters.

    1. Justin CarmackonReply

      ya its tough to get them all man, I even read all the comments from the other 2 posts, to see who I missed haha. But I missed more again… The lowest this year is even 17k, where it was 5k last year. SO many

      1. Kelsey LoveonReply

        Thanks so much for including us again this year! Radical list, and much appreciated for sharing the love. Happy travels!

  8. JeanaonReply

    Great list to be following – thanks for taking the time to curate 🙂 I’d love to be considered for next year! @surfnsunshine

  9. Karyn LockeonReply

    What a fun read! As a travel writer,I’ve definitely been hustling to increase my Twitter following this year and, happily, it’s paid off. I remember thinking that 2000 followers was so amazing and now at 18.7K I’m really working to double it next year. Fingers crossed. 🙂

  10. JessicaonReply

    Awesome, a new list of travel twitters (?). I’m always on the lookout for new people to follow. And don’t worry, I won’t whine and ask why I didn’t make your list (of course I wouldn’t, I only have 1,800 followers), but I will say that one day in a few years I hope to!

  11. Jeanne @soultravelers3onReply

    Great list!! We’ve been traveling the world non-stop as a family for the last decade ( 48 countries, 5 continents) so came early to Twitter. We’ve got 35.6 followers so would love to be considered for your list. We’re pioneers in the digital nomad travel realm ( case studies in both Tim Ferriss’s 4Hour WorkWeek & Chris Guillebeau’s Art of Non-Conformity book & featured in NY times, Guardian, many viral youtube travel videos etc).

    Even our daughter Mozart ( fluent/literate in Mandarin/Spanish/English & one of the world’s most traveled kids, who now has 2 songs in 2 movies at 14 & already in college) has 23.4K followers.

    We’ve managed to travel & educate her superbly, plus travel with her violin, piano, guitar and didgeridoo on a teeny budget! 😉

  12. PeteronReply

    So many incredible travellers together on one list. I have placed them all (2014-2016 – now 174) on a list. Feel free to subscribe to easily follow their tweets.

    I’ve been to 110 countries but so far only 4,744 followers 🙁

    Peter @Globerovers

  13. Chris EnglertonReply

    What a great list! Thanks for compiling it. I was so glad to see I’m already following a good portion of these. I hope you’ll all follow me back. I’m the Walking Traveler, sharing tidbits about good food, great walks, and fun facts I gather while traveling the world.
    @eatwalklearn on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter

  14. Suze - Luxury ColumnistonReply

    This is a really handy list, I follow many of these already but there are some that I’m definitely going to add. Would love it if you could consider me for future inclusion

  15. Telma @ Blank Canvas VoyageonReply

    What a list! Thank you for sharing it (sorry I know it was posted ages ago, but I just stumbled across your page today! OMG where have I been…I know!)

    It is actually great to see how well bloggers can do no matter their background or where they come from. It is quite inspiring to be honest.
    For us, it is a long way to go, but it can be done.

    Happy Dives!

  16. MikeonReply

    What a killer list Justin! If you are doing the roundup again this year, we’d love to throw @HoneyTrek in the ring. We are just about to celebrate 50 countries across 5 years of continuous nomadic travel.

    Enjoying following your scuba adventures on your Star Alliance RTW!,
    Mike & Anne

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