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This month I am taking a break from diving the warm tropical waters that I am accustomed to, and making a tour of Europe (yes in the cold winter), to attend some big dive and travel shows. I hit up Istanbul, London, Paris and Madrid, meeting new partners and potential sponsors for my quest to dive the best dive sites in the world. I braved the cold and visited some nice cities.

One city that stood out the most was London, because it was my first time in the UK, making it my 80th country. People were surprised when I said I had never been to UK, but its true, so I was excited to go. I’d never been excited about the cold or expensive prices, but any self respecting traveler should be able to say they have been to London, so I went.

Although I was in London to attend the LIDS scuba diving show, it was cool to finally see the London bridge and other iconic sites. But true to my usual self, I don’t normally write about those over popular places, I write about the stuff that I really enjoy, like street art for example. Unfortunately since I was just attending the dive show the whole time, I didn’t carry around my camera, so couldn’t get any shots of great street art. I did get to see plenty though, since my London hotel was a far journey every day to the Excel Center where the show was

So instead I reached out to a few other travel blogger friends to see if they had any great street art pics from London, that I could show my readers, and this small collection is what the sent me!

These first few were taken by Paula from




This one was sent in by Brenda from

IMG_5802These next ones were sent in by Steph from shoreditch-street-art


Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of any Banksy art, but I did have the good fortune to see a couple of his pieces in Palestine, so check that out!

After a week in London, having been forced to trade in my flipflops for shoes, comb my hair, and wear a coat, not to mention having no choice but to take 2 hour long trains crammed full of people like sardines, to get ANYWHERE I wanted to go, I was quite ready to get back to my warm beaches and diving. Big cities just aren’t for me. I was seriously not looking forward to more hours on the bus or trains to get to the airport to fly to Madrid for another dive show. It wasn’t just me either, I was traveling with my PR manager as well as a famous Mexican tech diving instructor, who happens to be handicapped. So I decided to take the easy and luxurious route and ordered 2 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Chauffeur services from Blacklane Limousine company. Check them out if you want the most luxurious, fast and comfortable airport transfer or city chauffeur, ESPECIALLY if you are traveling with a handicapped person in London, because I learned that week that the subway and tubes are a nightmare in London for wheelchairs. Seriously London, get wit hthe program, someone with one leg shouldn’t have to climb 100 steps to get out of the train stations. But thanks to Blacklane for making it classy and easy.

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  1. kamionReply

    these are some really great street art pieces! It’s been ages since I was in London but I can see I need to return there, even if for the street art itself!

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