Episode one: My first Vlog


Finally the wait is over and I can upload my very first vlog, right in time for my big trip. I have been wanting to get into making videos and vlogs, because I love doing it, especially underwater, but when I started making this one, I quickly realized that my big fear is being on video. I am determined to keep this series going for a long time, but it is going to be a huge learning curve. I find it really unnerving talking to a camera, especially in public. I don’t know how many times I started recording, saw some hot girl, and quickly put the camera down and acted like nothing happened. I didn’t want to look like that typical selfie taking tourist you see everywhere. Whatever. I am getting better, or I will be, I just have to get it in my head that it doesn’t really matter what the fuck people think when they see me talking to my camera on the street. Because in reality, I’m actually talking to all of you.

So after a hellish 30 hour bus ride to Cancun, I took 9 hours of flights and arrived in Montana. I think a lot of people are complaining that I didn’t show much of anything in Montana, but the fact is that I hadn’t seen my mom in 6 years, and didn’t feel like spending that time with a camera. So I took a few shots, and enjoyed seeing the mountains by ATV and shooting some cool guns. Its been so long. I felt proper ‘mercan again.

Now I am in LA, about to leave on this big trip with Star Alliance and Marriott International, and its time to upload my first vlog. I’m pretty nervous, as you could see throughout the ¬†video….I couldn’t even catch my breath. But fuck it, some people will hate, some will watch. I’ll ignore the first, and bring more for the rest. This first episode might be ¬†little slow and boring, but I wanted to explain why I’m doing this, and what to expect. I wanted to also let you know my itinerary for the coming months, so that you know what will be in each vlog. Lots of travel and fun diving coming up.

So guys I know this is my first vlog, and I hate to ask for anything, but if you enjoyed it, please let me know, and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I can use tons of tips on how to be better on camera, and about what you would like to see, and will answer every comment, either here or on the video comments. You guys are awesome, you’re the reasons I can live my dreams, and I will never stop appreciating that. Here is Episode One, and stay tuned every Tuesday morning NY time for another episode.


  1. Oh yeah! That’s awesome! I really enjoyed the video. I hope we cross path. We missed each others by one day in LA. Enjoy your crazy cool trip!


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