Good Reasons To Book Guided Tours in Israel


Israel is a country in the Middle East that has abundant tourist destinations that anyone would enjoy. The country prides itself of wonderful architectural works in Tel Aviv, beautiful beaches that complement the several hotels it hosts and the various churches, temples and mosques that have made Muslims, Jews and Christians to regard Israel as the “Holy land”. The old city of Jerusalem has been a great destination for many religious and nonreligious people across the globe. It would be wonderful to take guided tours in Israel, a great country that hosts places that have been written about in Holy books thousands of years ago.

Discover the Architectural Beauty of Tel Aviv

The city of Tel Aviv in Israel is the home of one of the best architectural sites in the world. In this city you will see thousands of amazing buildings of the Bauhaus style of architecture and also modern styles of buildings including complexes and skyscrapers. Tel Aviv, also known as the White City, is a colorful place and the buildings provide an amazing site to get your pictures taken in the city as a souvenir. One may even borrow a leaf from the architectural styles and implement it back home.

Book Guided Tours in Israel to Know Where the Stunning Beaches Are

The beautiful country of Israel boasts of its relaxing beaches which have been for years a great destination for many tourists around the world. Beit Yannai is one such beach that is quite and not as crowded. It has restaurants where one can eat and picnic tables where you can enjoy spending time with your family and friends. The beach also host amazing wildlife that you can see with the help of the available tour guides. Another exciting this about this attraction site is that it is free to enter the beach making your guided tours in Israel very affordable. There are several other beaches in Israel that one may tour for example, Coral Reef Beach, Banana Beach, and Mineral Beach among others.

Explore the Old City of Jerusalem

You have not made the most of your guided tours in Israel unless you have toured the famous old city of Jerusalem. This city prides itself of the various sacred places it hosts. Muslims, Christians and Jews are common tourists in this city due to the many historical sites it has as is written in the various Holy books like the Quran and Bible. Some of the commonly viewed places include the Dome of the Rock shrine, Church of the Holy Sepulcher for Christians, the Western Wall for Jews and the Al Aqsa Mosque for Muslims. Not only are these just tourist destinations but are most importantly sacred places of worship and have been so for years. It is amazing to see how these areas have been set aside as worship places to a superior being by the natives.

As mentioned above, Israel is a wonderful destination to tour. The country has a lot of historical and religious sites, natural and attractive places to visit, creative architectural buildings one would not want to miss out on. It would be wonderful to find out the history behind all the amazing artifacts in its various cities. For greater convenience in terms of planning, scheduling and transport, you can opt to book guided tours in Israel.


  1. Amazing guide you shared to visit israel. old town is famous area of that country. it have so much beautiful things to get fun and it is best attraction for tourist.


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