Travel Vlog Episode Three: Tokyo and Seoul


A new week, a new vlog! This one was hard to make, and I realized that I am an absolute novice at vlogging, as half the time I forgot the mic, half the time I just forgot to record, and sometimes I just lost all the footage I did record! On top of that there was no diving this week, so I was left high and dry to fend for myself on terra cotta!

So with so little footage I had to come up with this complicated sequence with my luggage, through the hotel and through airports, just to make it look cool! So I hope you enjoy it, and I will see you next week from Philippines!


Thanks for watching guys! Hopefully over time I will get better at this vlogging thing, and one day produce a real scuba travel show fro you all. Until then, thanks for your support! If you enjoy watching my travels each week, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notifications each week when I upload new vlogs and videos! Thanks all!


  1. I’ve been wanting to go to Tokyo for years! Congrats on your 82nd country! A friend from Japan said that Tokyo is very crowded. How did you find it?

    • Thanks! I think its pretty crowded, but not much more than other big cities. Although there are lots of Chinese, who have different views about personal space.


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