Malta’s Coast: The Best Beaches And Where To Find Them



The Archipelago of Malta is a veritable paradise of sand, sea and sunshine.  With endless bays, caves and beautiful blue waters, any visit to this Mediterranean paradise is sure to include a day at the beach. However, with so many great beaches to chose from, it can be hard to know just where to go to make the best of your vacation. These five shorelines showcase Malta at the top of its game, and each provide its own unique set of charms.

1. Golden Bay

This tourist hotspot was the first beach on the island to earn Blue Flag status, ensuring visitors a top-notch standard of water quality, safety, provision services and shining environmental management. Because of this, it is definitely one of the country’s most popular.

Located on the Northwest coast of Malta, it’s easy to reach by public transport, and with a good offering of amenities, it’s perfect for families or anyone looking for a convenient and enjoyable day at the beach. In the summer time, the stretch of sand is scattered with barbecues and evening revelers, making it a great place to enjoy the cooler twilight temperatures after a hot day in the sun.

2. Mellieha Bay

Located at the North of Malta, close to the village of the same name, there are many buses that service this coastline and even ferries to and from neighboring island of Gozo. One of the greatest advantages of this spot is the gentle incline of the beach, meaning the water remains shallow for a long distance and there is not a great deal of surf.

Because of this, it’s an ideal spot for families with young children, as they can play in the water without worrying too much about safety.


  1. Blue LagoonKnown worldwide for its clear azure waters, the Blue Lagoon is by far the archipelago’s top hotspot for swimmers. The clarity of the vast pool makes it a perfect stop for snorkelers, and the surrounding caves offer even more opportunity to explore the beautiful waters. Located between the islands of Comino and Cominotto just off the north coast of Malta, it’s an ideal location for a daytrip away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland.

However, one drawback of the lagoon is that, whilst there is plenty of space for swimmers, the shoreline is notably small, comparatively. This means that it very quickly becomes overcrowded, so be sure to arrive early to guarantee yourself a good spot.


  1. Ghar LapsiOften the best spots can be found by following the locals, and this South Coast bay is most definitely a favourite with Maltese natives. It’s conveniently situated near the Mnajdra and Hagar Qim temples, alongside natural landmark, the Dingli Cliffs and the famed prehistoric site, Ghar il-Kbir. This makes it ideal for a quick cool-off and chill-out during site seeing, or just for those looking to get away from the majority of the tourists.

    With two nearby restaurants, there are plenty of available amenities if you want to spend a full day here. However, it is worth noting that the swell on this coast can become quite rough, making this area dangerous for swimming if the weather is not calm.


  1. Dwejra Bay


For nature lovers, this bay is home to Malta’s most spectacular natural landmarks.  World-famous rock formations – the Azure Window and Fungus Rock – lay side by side with the stunning, and naturally formed Inland sea. This tiny section of coastline, located on Gozo island, provides some of the most photographed areas of the whole country, and is a truly spectacular spot that all should visit at least once.
The area was formed millions of years ago, when the surrounding limestone cliffs collapsed and left this wondrous geological phenomenon. As well as providing spectacular views, above ground, the area is also a favoured spot by divers, and can be enjoyed all year round.

These are just a few of the best spots to enjoy the tropical temperatures and beautiful views of the Maltese summertime, however there are many more to choose from.  If your personal favorite has been left out, be sure to leave a comment below and let us know!

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